Food Shenanigans

Well, this post was going to be about how I made all these awesome meals for my husband to have while I was away.  But I realized, the man will get home around 11 PM each night, except the night I come home, and he's not going to want to screw around with defrosting or more likely, not having defrosted anything for dinner.

So I went the easy route and got him Hungry Man dinners, and some chicken pot pies from Marie Callendar's.

He'll be happy, and he'll be so happy he makes something marvelous for dinner on Sunday to welcome his beautiful loving wife home.

That said, I thought instead I'd share a recipe that helped me out tremendously.  Being Latina, tortillas were of course something that we ate.  My problem was that, growing up, we ate the store bought variety.  Mission Tortillas all around.  We never were taught how to MAKE our own tortillas.

Fast Forward to me married and having trouble making ends meet, and of course wanting to have some damn tortillas.  I went searching on the interwebs and ended up finding a great recipe that included things I already had on hand in my pantry (The pantry, something else I never knew about growing up!).

It's from the Hillbilly Housewife website.  I especially love this website because they had emergency lists where it gave you a few things to buy, spending either $45 or $70, and recipes to make meals to feed your family three meals a day for like a week!  This was extremely helpful to me more than a few times.

Now, the recipe.  I won't copy it here, but here's the link for the recipe itself.  While you're there, take a look around, there are a LOT of other great recipes on the website, and convenience food hacks to make healthier snacks for your family!


Lots of exciting stuff going on around my house today.

I got the battery I ordered for my Android phone!  I am SO glad it came today, so I can charge it up and have my phone set up just the way I like it before my trip and for other stuff, like...

Also, today was my son's last day of junior high school!  He graduates tonight and will be a freshman starting this Fall.  Or, rather, this summer, since their year round calendar has them start in July.  Yes, July.  Believe me, it floored me when I learned a few days after we moved into this house that school was starting in about 5 weeks.  Wowsers!

I am almost finished with my c2c blanket!  I started the decrease last night, and today I only got distracted a few times working on it.  I mean, there was a show about barbecue on, it's easy to get distracted!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before my trip, and I know that she'll let me go early, just so I can come home and relax a LOT before having to drive as much as I am driving on Thursday.

As much as I hate the fact that I'm having to do all the damn driving on Thursday, I am pretty excited about it, and hope you won't mind me when I post a bazillion photos on here of my nephews! In fact, maybe I'll just post them up on my Instagram Page instead!  That way it'll save you all from the cuteness!

Anyways, I have to get dinner ready so we're all ready to go in a few hours.  I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday night!


Welcome back!

I have had a blogger blog for awhile, but deleted all of them thinking I didn't have anything to say and blah, blah, blah.

But I do have somethings to say, and I need a place to say them, most especially now, because my kids will be out of town for a few weeks, and my husband certainly doesn't want to hear me not shut up the entire time the kids are gone!

So here's the deal.  This blog will be to showcase my crafts, where I find inspiration for crafts, my completed crochet and knit projects, and whatever sort of shenanigans might be gotten up to around my house.  After all, the kids won't be gone forever.

We have a lot of stuff going on here, and it all starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow my oldest boy will graduate from Junior High!  It's going to be great and I solemnly vow to try to not slobber cry all over anyone that sits near me when he walks across whatever stage they're putting up.

Then, Thursday, the kids and I are heading up to California!  We've done this before, last year in fact, but in reverse...I drove up to my mom's house to pick the kids up to bring them home.  I cried for DAYS before leaving, because that was my biggest solo road trip ever.  I promised myself I'd never do it again, and here I am, doing it again!  This time will be better.  We're leaving on Thursday and I'm staying up there until Sunday, so I'm not turning right around and not having any sleep.  Hopefully, there won't be any thinking about stopping and throwing myself in traffic a mere hour from home like last time.  That was crazy!

I'm also finishing up some baby blankets to give to my nephews that were born a few months ago, and a special birthday present from my other nephew who turned one.  This all happened in January of this year...Which solidifies the idea that we're all family- all of our first born kids were born in January.  Very, very odd.  Sure, I did it first and set the bar, and the younger kids are following in my awesome footsteps.

So those will show up next on the blog, as I'm almost halfway done with the last blanket.  For now, here's this awesome blanket I sort of finished yesterday.  Or maybe the day before.  I say sort of finished it because I still have to weave in the ends.  It's made with Lion Brand Home Town USA, which is a super bulky yarn.   A Number 6 on the weight scale thingy.  I used A LOT of yarn for this, and ended up with most of one skein of Color A (Los Angeles Tan), almost nothing of the last ball of Color B (Cincinnati Red), and an entire ball of Color C (Syracuse Orange) left over.  It's very nice and so far measures around 53" square.  I got the pattern from Issue 11 of Crochet 1-2-3, and it's by Marilyn Losee. The magazine is available at Wal-Marts for $3.99.  The pattern calls for 16 balls of Bernat Softee Chunky (8 balls color A, 4 each of colors B and C).  I chose Hometown USA because each ball weighed more, which was sort of dumb, because while it weighs more, there's more yardage in the Bernat Softee Chunky skeins (Does that even make sense?)  Anyways, here it is,