Lots of exciting stuff going on around my house today.

I got the battery I ordered for my Android phone!  I am SO glad it came today, so I can charge it up and have my phone set up just the way I like it before my trip and for other stuff, like...

Also, today was my son's last day of junior high school!  He graduates tonight and will be a freshman starting this Fall.  Or, rather, this summer, since their year round calendar has them start in July.  Yes, July.  Believe me, it floored me when I learned a few days after we moved into this house that school was starting in about 5 weeks.  Wowsers!

I am almost finished with my c2c blanket!  I started the decrease last night, and today I only got distracted a few times working on it.  I mean, there was a show about barbecue on, it's easy to get distracted!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before my trip, and I know that she'll let me go early, just so I can come home and relax a LOT before having to drive as much as I am driving on Thursday.

As much as I hate the fact that I'm having to do all the damn driving on Thursday, I am pretty excited about it, and hope you won't mind me when I post a bazillion photos on here of my nephews! In fact, maybe I'll just post them up on my Instagram Page instead!  That way it'll save you all from the cuteness!

Anyways, I have to get dinner ready so we're all ready to go in a few hours.  I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday night!

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