I have a problem.

My problem is that there are all these amazing things that I've found that I want to do that'll get me out of the house on my days off, so that there's less of a chance of me becoming only Berger's wife, or so-and so's mom. For instance, all I've been doing is waiting for the time to wake up my husband or the time for the kids to get home from school, and just sitting here watching TV and cleaning things.

I'm tired of it.  I realized the other day I don't have any REAL friends, outside of David.  There's no one that I call (or calls me) to go do things.  I wait for the days David says we'll go for a ride (which more than likely isn't going to happen any time soon).

So far, I've done one thing, and this is the second week of school.  I have plans for tomorrow.  I'm looking for classes I can take that'll not be online (I already spend way too much time online).  Sadly, a lot of the classes I WANT to take have already happened and won't happen for a while.  OR I get freaked out by the price!  But I NEED to do something!  I can only watch Frozen so many times... ( Just kidding.  I watched it last week, and only watched it today so I could hear Anna say, "The sky is awake, so I'm awake."  Because that's awesome).

Today, I shopped for food, which isn't as fun as I'd like for it to sound.  I actually woke up with a raging migraine, and feeling on the verge of getting a charley horse...a telltale sign that I'm super dehydrated, which I KNEW but I chose beer and coffee last night instead of water, even though I knew better.

So I'm nursing myself, and trying to do things that I need to do to be ready for the kids to get home and do homework.-because there's YARN and a yarn winder and yarn swift on their homework table-I had planned to wind yarn skeins that I have left unwound, but ended up having to fix my yarn winder.

I actually think I'm going to clean and start watching my Craftsy mini classes or try getting into another class.  I keep getting distracted by my crochet and knitting projects that are laid out across my couch. Really it's only 3 projects, and one of them I haven't started yet.  And yet again I am procrastinating by blogging about all the stuff I want and should be doing.

I'm off! I hope everyone has a great week!  Be prepared for some great projects coming up this week!

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