Found It!

I finally went and actually looked around for my camera.  And I found it!

I'm so excited, because it's full of pictures of my new nephews and some in progress pictures of projects.

Now tomorrow I'll post pictures of the newest projects and a done photo of my dad's blanket, today is for family so here they are.

Me and Dominic!

Me and my baby sister!

Some of my favorite people!

The babies are looking at their parents, my kids are staring at the T.V.

There they are, the newest additions to my family.  They are all so cute and gorgeous and amazing.  They also make me want to have more babies! Mostly that's because I can't see them a lot.

School starts for my kids on Monday!  I'm very excited about it, and not only because I can run around the house in my underwear more often.  My oldest is starting high school, and he'll get his first taste of it tomorrow.  Sadly, it's a student only day, and I have to work anyway.  Otherwise, I'd have to embarrass my son by taking a lot of pictures of him and his friends.  

Today, however, we get to troll the hallways of the elementary/middle school for the two younger ones.  The oldest is super excited because he doesn't have to go.  This weekend, we'll buy backpacks and stuff for lunches, then we'll be set until NEXT weekend, when we do our school shopping, which we sadly have to postpone until then.

I am also glad about school starting because STRUCTURE!  I won't have to worry about the kids sitting at home playing XBOX all day long while I'm at work and their dad is asleep upstairs, which they've done, I'm sure.  They'll be gone at school, I'll be at work, and I'll be home before them.  Also we fixed up the front room, where they do homework.  We moved things around and vacuumed (OMG did it need vacuuming!). Now I just need some extra chairs so that everyone is nice and comfy and has access to electrical outlets.

With three days a week all to myself, there'll be a lot of crafting going on, so I hope you're ready!

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