Monday Monday

For most of you, it's Monday morning.

For me, it's Saturday morning.

Yeah, things are that crazy around here.

Today's also the day we pay all our high schoolers freshman year fees and get his schedule.

Last night, I worked for the first time with Red Heart Yarns Stellar Yarn.  Honestly, it's not my favorite yarn to work with.  In fact, the last time I worked with a similar yarn, I vowed I would only work with it in a capacity that I didn't have to try to actually crochet or knit into stitches.  I did a V-Stitch and it was easy, since you're crocheting into chain spaces.  Trying to find a stitch to work into is one of the biggest pains in my rear end.

However, this project is for a woman who has been a part of our lives as long as since before we were born.  She stood up with our mom at our baptism (my sister and I were baptized together), and IS family.  Now, she babysits my sister's son when she can, and helps out just about everyone.  So that makes working with the yarn that I dislike better.

The yarns all have spacey names.  There's Galaxy, and Nova, Comet...things like that.

The color we chose (and it was chosen because it was available at the store I was shopping at after having been narrowed down to two shades) is Nova, which is working up very nicely.  It really does look like pictures of space. I think it'll be gorgeous when it's done.  I am doing the Serene Comfort Shawl from Lion Brand Yarns pattern.So far it looks like a very clear night sky.  My sister said it looked "beautiful".  I have very high hopes for the project.

Now, breakfast is ready, so I'll bid you adieu!

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