The Giver

There's this book.  It's called The Giver.  I had never heard of it until a few years ago.

The cover looked interesting, and I thought that someday I'd maybe read it.

At the end of the school year (May around here), we heard about the movie version of the book.  My middle child, who is in the 8th grade now, became very excited.  He said he really liked the book.

First of all, this was the first I was hearing that he read a book.  No, I'm kidding.  The child does not like to read books.  He prefers comics.  Truly.  He does.  It makes me crazy.  I am a book reader.  I have e-versions and paperbacks of the same books.  That is how much I love to read.  I will read on my Kindle, then continue on with the regular book if I run out of battery.  I am obsessed with books.

For me to hear that he really liked this book was probably one of the greatest things I have ever heard uttered from his mouth.  I instantly became obsessed with having to read this book.  Alas, I am a cheapskate, and will wait and wait to buy a book, even if it is only $5.64 at Walmart.

See, there are only two books in the entire world that this boy has been excited about.  One is The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, of which he now owns two versions of, (and White Fang, because mom said so) and the other is The Giver. Two books in the 14 years he has been alive that he'll read over and over.  I'm sure he'll find more in the years to come, but the fact that he gets this excited over these two books is heartwarming for me.

Anyway, I finally found it at the thrift store yesterday afternoon.  $1.99 is a price that I can live with.  I would have gotten the 99 cent copy, but the man on the cover had had his eyes scratched out in such a way that I was scared of him, so I put it back on the shelf to scare other unsuspecting individuals.

When he got home, yesterday, I could see he was pretty happy I had gotten the book.  That means that I'll read it, and take him to see the movie, which he keeps asking about (He is currently grounded until report cards come out).  So he teased me relentlessly about giving away secrets in the book and especially the ending.  Oh, torture!

He's a clown, this kid.  In his boredom from being grounded, he's taken to pulling shenanigans, such as hiding the remote control (He isn't allowed to watch TV, and hid the remote so his sister wouldn't turn on the television, since then he couldn't sit in the living room).   I can't wait to start the book!

The thrift store, for me, is a place of magic.  Used to be when I was a kid, my grandfather would take us to the Salvation Army store.  I thought that was the greatest place in the world.  He'd find some stuff and then take it home and 'tinker' with it, just because.

When I grew up, I found OTHER thrift stores:  Goodwill, Savers, Value Village.  Now, at least once a month, I make the rounds of the stores to check stuff out.  I love walking through the aisles and seeing all the treasures waiting to be discovered!


My husband and I have been trying to have a date night at home once a week.  We'll watch a movie or a show, complete with the fixings of a movie date-popcorn, candy, drinks (what kind of drinks depends on what's going on the next day and to an extent what happened during the day already).

Last night, it was Duck Dynasty and the season finale of Penny Dreadful (how we didn't watch it when we'd watched all the other episodes is beyond me), Crunch 'n Munch Buttery Toffee, Charleston Chew minis, and water.

Turns out this was a bad idea.  First of all, despite MY insistence that we do this, I wanted to go to bed at around 9 PM.  Which was when we had to pick up our two youngest from church youth group.

All I wanted was for them to go to bed so I could eat that Buttery Toffee Crunch 'n Munch.  Seriously, my husband is LUCKY I didn't eat that whole box on the way home.  Of course, they had to come home and eat dinner.  The nerve, really!

So they went to bed, and it was time to wait for the oldest to go to bed.  That never happened, because we both fell asleep or started to.  We went to bed.

And I woke up around 2 hours later, with terrible heartburn.  But it was the kind that is mostly gas, which I know, TMI.

Anyways, I read somewhere once that if you have heartburn, you should lay on your left side.  I tried that, and my sleeping husband decided that was my sign for him to become super sleepy amorous.

I ran away to the living room.  A good thing to because I was crying my stomach hurt so much.

I am one of the strange people that even though I'm sick, I can't sit still.  So, I cleaned the kitchen, moved stuff around in the living room and swept and mopped the kitchen and the bathroom.  Then I looked through my craft stuff, and found my fat quarters so I don't have to buy more for my sewing class next month.

Now, I just need to vacuum the living room, which I didn't think would be the coolest thing to do at like 12:30 in the morning.  I HAVE done it though, when the husband wasn't here and while the children were in bed asleep.  I figure there's a better chance for him to hear the vacuum since the bedroom is right over the living room.  So I wait.  And I plan.

Dinner that is!

I finished the project I was working on, whatever that was, I cannot remember without looking, so I decided that I would go through my box and start finishing my UFOs that I hid.  So yesterday, I finished the Summer Squares Beach Tote that I started sometime last year.  I put it aside because it was looking like I'd need another ball of yarn to finish it and the yarn was (still is) insanely expensive (to my cheapskate mind).  I finally bought some more of the yarn and here we are months later and I'm done!

I am working along on Rain Drops by Yumiko Alexander.  It's a great knitting pattern that uses 100% wool yarn and I get to felt it!  I'm very excited about felting the bag, as I've seen some of the others that were done and they look great.  Mine will too!

Well, the kids are getting up and leaving for school, so I will bid you all adieu.  I hope your Thursday is filled with love and many blessings.

Tribute Tuesday

Hello again, Friends!

I've been pretty busy here around the house, mostly with trying to knit socks, finish a project to send to my sister and searching for books at the discount book shops.  Also, finishing up other projects (most of which I haven't weaved in the ends of yet), and trying to learn how to do stuff.  It all culminated in me discovering that my set of size 5 dpns are MISSING!  I have ONE in the package.  That led to me believing that I HAD to look for them in my stash closet.

Well, I've cleaned out the closet, and boy does it look nice.  Still haven't found the dpns, though.

On to more important things:  My Tribute for today!

I'm very excited about this one.

My tribute today is for The Fiber Factory at 216 W Main Street in Mesa, AZ.  They're on the corner of Country Club and Main, with the big pink chair being the giveaway for where to find the store!  Right now, the street is under construction for the light rail to be brought farther out, so it'll be even easier to get there!  There is more than ample parking in the back of the store, though.

For all the years that I was doing needlework, I had NO idea about yarn shops!  I got my yarn at WalMart and JoAnns or Michaels. Even speaking with a woman who was a knitting teacher (she was 96 years old when I met her, and she was thrilled to find I was doing crochet and trying to learn knitting. I believe if her eyes had been better, she'd have given me lots of pointers and tips), and having her refer to everything as wool, I still didn't even consider all the options of what a person could work with.

When I discovered yarn shops, I figured that they were just stores that charged way too much for what I could get for a lot less.  I finally took a trip out to Mesa, no small feat since we live almost an hour away from the shop and I hate driving.  What I discovered was like a fairtale land.  There was sock yarn, sport yarn, worsted yarn, bulky yarns.  And the colors and different fibers!  I was in heaven!  I found that yes, the yarn there was more expensive,but for a lot of projects, this would be the best place to start.

Not only that, I don't remember how it came about, but one day one of the ladies there just stopped what she was doing and taught me how to do a Russian join for yarn.  She explained it and got a ball of yarn and cut it to show me.

I also learned about yarn winders and yarn swifts, which of course were like magical objects to me.  And they offered to wind my yarn skeins for me!  I was amazed.  I've never loved shopping in a store as much as I love shopping in an actual yarn shop.  You're supporting the local economy, not some huge corporation, and there is always someone who is willing to help you out with what you've got going on.

While I don't go in as often as I would like, I know that there are yarny things that I can only get there and always look forward to visiting the store.