Tribute Tuesday

Hello again, Friends!

I've been pretty busy here around the house, mostly with trying to knit socks, finish a project to send to my sister and searching for books at the discount book shops.  Also, finishing up other projects (most of which I haven't weaved in the ends of yet), and trying to learn how to do stuff.  It all culminated in me discovering that my set of size 5 dpns are MISSING!  I have ONE in the package.  That led to me believing that I HAD to look for them in my stash closet.

Well, I've cleaned out the closet, and boy does it look nice.  Still haven't found the dpns, though.

On to more important things:  My Tribute for today!

I'm very excited about this one.

My tribute today is for The Fiber Factory at 216 W Main Street in Mesa, AZ.  They're on the corner of Country Club and Main, with the big pink chair being the giveaway for where to find the store!  Right now, the street is under construction for the light rail to be brought farther out, so it'll be even easier to get there!  There is more than ample parking in the back of the store, though.

For all the years that I was doing needlework, I had NO idea about yarn shops!  I got my yarn at WalMart and JoAnns or Michaels. Even speaking with a woman who was a knitting teacher (she was 96 years old when I met her, and she was thrilled to find I was doing crochet and trying to learn knitting. I believe if her eyes had been better, she'd have given me lots of pointers and tips), and having her refer to everything as wool, I still didn't even consider all the options of what a person could work with.

When I discovered yarn shops, I figured that they were just stores that charged way too much for what I could get for a lot less.  I finally took a trip out to Mesa, no small feat since we live almost an hour away from the shop and I hate driving.  What I discovered was like a fairtale land.  There was sock yarn, sport yarn, worsted yarn, bulky yarns.  And the colors and different fibers!  I was in heaven!  I found that yes, the yarn there was more expensive,but for a lot of projects, this would be the best place to start.

Not only that, I don't remember how it came about, but one day one of the ladies there just stopped what she was doing and taught me how to do a Russian join for yarn.  She explained it and got a ball of yarn and cut it to show me.

I also learned about yarn winders and yarn swifts, which of course were like magical objects to me.  And they offered to wind my yarn skeins for me!  I was amazed.  I've never loved shopping in a store as much as I love shopping in an actual yarn shop.  You're supporting the local economy, not some huge corporation, and there is always someone who is willing to help you out with what you've got going on.

While I don't go in as often as I would like, I know that there are yarny things that I can only get there and always look forward to visiting the store.

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