Ah, Sunday

Yesterday was Sunday.  Sundays in this house mean football!

THE game was the Bears vs. Packers game, which my husband was so excited about, he kept waking himself up calling plays.  He said he was hearing outside noise in his sleep and thinking, "OK well, X just happened" kind of stuff.  So, he slept around 3 hours, instead of his usual seven hours.

I came home from work and he sheepishly hugged me when I walked in, explaining what had happened.  I already knew the score of the game, and he was almost halfway through and it looked bad already.

I sat quietly, making a game plan about all the hats I'm making for the holidays, and trying to sort out whether or not I was going to participate in Jimmy Beans Wool's newest Mystery Knit-a-Long.  It's a Once Upon A Time knit, and only $3.50 for the pattern.  There are just a few things I need, and I'll probably get those today on my way home from work.

I picked up an extra day today, as sort of support because of a doctor's appointment.  I'm thinking of myself as the getaway driver, even though I'm not really driving.  The extra day gives us a little cushion and makes it possible for me to get the few things I need, like DPNs.  I realized today that I don't have a size 6 set of DPNs, OR a size 6 circular (16" size).  I also don't have the size 7 circular that's large enough, though I'm considering using a size 8 circular just so I dont' HAVE to buy a size 7.  But let's be honest, I am going to buy the size 7.  I am going to try and work on this project on Sundays while I watch with the kiddies.

That way I can work on the other stuff like hats.  I started my Arizona Yarn & Fiber KAL project yesterday.  Twice.  I wasn't paying attention and went and skipped the first six rows.  I felt silly, because that's a 100 stitch cast on and I screwed it up.

My hat count keeps changing and thinking about making one hat in particular makes me sad, but I think I have to do it.  It's like a message from beyond.  I'll explain later.  Tomorrow I'll post pictures of stuff I've been working on the last few days and tell you some funny stories about my brain acting weird.

Enjoy the start of your week!


In my house, we're behind on everything, except the bills!

Naturally, I'm starting this blog LATE today!

The entirety of my world has been topsy turvy, ever since the kids went on Fall Break last week,

School dances, doctors appointments, work.  It's all been nuts.

To add to all the fun, on Wednesday, when I got out of the car to go to work, I didn't perform my usual checks, which include making sure I have my keys somewhere on my person or in my bag about 5 times.  This started 20 years ago when I locked my keys in the car despite my car trying to keep me from closing the door.  So at 1:30, when I went to leave, I discovered that the keys were not in my bag.  They were still in the ignition.

30 minutes later AAA arrived and unlocked my car for me.  The keys sat in the sun for 4 hours and burned my hands.

Everything was cool, or so I thought.  Yesterday, upon starting the car to get to work, the car started showing signs that the battery was dying.  It started, but it didn't sound good when it started.  It was late, so I went to work, praying my socks off the entire way that the car didn't just up and die on me.

I did the same on the way home, especially when I got stuck at stoplights.  So instead of taking Joseph in for his eye appointment (contact lenses, God help me!), we went and got the battery tested...because of course, me saying that the battery is dying can't be trusted.  I know in my head that we had to test it because it could have been the alternator that was going, but still it sort of irked me that he had them test the battery.  Turns out, the battery was rated at 550, and was reading at 174, so yes, the battery was dying.  I so badly wanted to bust out and do the "I was right! I told you so!" Dance, but that would have looked really silly in front of a lot of people.

When we got home, things seemed tense between the hubs and I so I stayed in the kitchen, which is sort of moot, because we're basically in the same room.  I got dinner ready like my life depended on it and then realized it was only 3:30 pm.  I also realized that in my rush to get the car fixed ASAP, I neglected to kiss my husband hello.  At first I was miffed because I had come home from work so he should have come to kiss me, but then I realized he had, and I never gave him the chance.  I had to apologize, which is probably the worst thing EVER to me.  If I go to Hell, I'll be stuck apologizing for my jackass behavior for all of eternity.

Hopefully the insanity will settle down to it's regular levels.

Craft-wise, I have finished two Regular Guy Beanies from Yarnman Knits on Ravelry.  I used a circular needle for both, one in a size 7 the other on an 8.  Super fast knit.  I have started on an Exeter hat for my second son. Stupidly, I started it on a size 7 circular, meaning to use the 8, so I could use the 7 for the Knotted Rib Hat for a knit a-long on Monday.  Hopefully I'll be done soon.  It's in Cobalt Heather Cascade 220 Superwash, which is fast becoming a favorite yarn.

The time has come now, for me to start getting ready for work and pack my bag of projects and other stuff.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


I have found, over the years, with my needlework, that you don't just learn.  It is a continual process of finding new techniques.

In crochet, the stitches get taller.  In knitting, it's all the same, just working the stitches differently.

My biggest learning deficiency in knitting has been continental knitting.  I am left-handed.  It's part of the reason I ended up teaching myself to crochet, then knit.  My grandmother couldn't figure out HOW to teach me when I asked.

So, I've just been 'throwing' the yarn when I knit.  It's worked out fine, especially since I really am still learning the ropes of knitting.  Plus, while I do knit/crochet right handed, my hands want to do continental knitting left handed.  I mean, if I want to even attempt to try continental knitting, I have to concentrate hard and really think about what I'm doing.

Someone once asked me why I didn't do continental knitting, I sounded like a jackass when I explained it, but I said, "My brain won't let me figure it out." She and her ex-husband looked at me like I was off my rocker.  Basically, I can hold the yarn correctly in my right hand for continental knitting, but I can't knit right handed like that, and I certainly can't do it left handed.

It was just this morning that I actually knit a few stitches continental and didn't end up dropping most of them.  The only problem is, I am not 100% sure on how to hold the yarn outside of keeping the tension on my pointer finger.  Sometimes I wish I had a wand do I could knit like Mrs Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, but where's the fun in that, right?

Well, I don't have a lot of time left here to knit or anything.  Hubby's coming home and we're going to go walking in the park.  I mean if he doesn't fall asleep when he gets home.  I might just leave him asleep.  My head is aching and I'm not sure if it's because I need more water or I'm caffeine deprived.  Of course, I could just be getting sick.  And wouldn't that be a joy.  Not!

Have a wonderful Thursday and I hope your weekend is spectacular!


Yesterday, I wrote a blog, and I think I must have still been suffering from the effects the last two weeks had on me.

It made no sense at all.

Basically, what I was trying to say was, I was so tired, I barely did anything of value.  I was robotic, and did normal stuff. I went to work, I bought milk, I made dinner.  And then I sat in front of the television until it was time for me to go to bed.

I ran myself ragged and did nothing.  Or at least it feels that way.  The last thing I remember doing outside of the norm was shampooing the carpets.  And I think that may be where the overwhelming tiredness started.

Yesterday was also the first day back at the crochet-a-long at Arizona Yarn & Fiber.  I was SO glad to be back!  I'm almost done with my hand warmers and got the information about when and what the next one is.  It starts October 7, and will be The Learning Curve Shawl by Terry Neal.  It takes FIVE skeins of Cascade Heritage all in the same color, so I'm trying to figure out HOW to get all that yarn and not starve the children.  They're also doing a Knit-a-long on Mondays, which is awesome!  I LOVE being at that store, everyone is so nice and willing to help out anyone that comes in with whatever they're working on.

So that's 4 hours a week that I'm out of the house (Plus driving time), that aren't working hours (6 hours, including driving time each day I work, except for Sundays because drive time drops by a lot).

And since things are getting somewhat back to normal, my husband asked  I'd like to go for a walk with him.  Thinking he meant to walk around the neighborhood, I readily said yes, then learned that he meant to go walking through the San Tan Mountain Regional Park on our next day off together.  That means HIKING...where I want to push him off of mountains and stuff because I'm sick of sucking it up and just want to go home.

In the meantime, I am working today, and possibly visiting a yarn shop to see about picking up some yarn on the way home.  We'll see if I don't get lost.  Because it's possible, even with the GPS on the phone.  And I'm making my way through Ravelry queuing  projects for Christmas/Birthday presents, and once I'm done making hats for the family (I realized I've got hats set up for everyone in the house, except me.  And the dog), I'll start on those.  I took a day and a half to make a Regular Guy Beanie for my husband, so I got the boys to tell me what color they want theirs to be and I'm starting on those first.  The girl's will be next, as her birthday is coming up and she's taken to stealing all my hats that I made for me to wear or to sell.  Then my niece and SIL since THEIR birthdays are coming, then my baby nephews because THEIR birthdays are coming, but first CHRISTMAS! But their birthday hats are going to be awesome.

Due Diligence

It's Friday!  That means nothing at all to me, except that I will only have alone time if I get up before the sun rises or I go to the bathroom for the next two days.  And even that is iffy.

I am still working on this darn shawl, naturally.  I didn't magically finish while I was asleep, though I so wish the elves would come out of the woodwork and do anything, really.  Like perhaps shampoo the carpets.  Or fix the carpet shampooer for me.

Friday is sort of my busiest day at work.  Meaning I have the most stuff to do.  However, I usually finish before 10, and therefore get at least 30 minutes to myself before things start up again, then about 30 minutes later, I get another 30 minute break.  Then I get to sit until I leave at 1 PM.  Sometimes I do not get a lot of time on Fridays, seeing as how we were probably laughing at the radio too much to get any amount of work done where I can sit for more than a few minutes.

I hope today is a day I can sit down for a long while, so I can finish this section of the shawl.  It's not difficult, it's just that I've done it already with my first one and it's just kind of tedious right now.  I'm only 6 rows shy of finishing it though.

I'm also realizing that before too long, I'll more than likely have to get a set of circulars that have a longer cable than the ones I am using.  My work is already scrunched up and one of the upcoming (to me) clues will double the amount of stitches on the needles.  Things are getting hairy around here.

Mostly, I'm looking forward to finishing.  Sometimes I just get a project that I MUST do, and this is one of them.  Right now though, I'd like to be done with it so I can work on something else.  I'm making a Baby Diamonds Blanket from Red Heart Yarns.  It's for my father in law, so I'm making it bigger than the 9 squares that are in the pattern.  That's what I like about it is, it's easily customized,

That's the news for now.  I should go get ready for work as I normally am scrambling around on Friday mornings thinking I have plenty of time only to remember that I have to leave 30 minutes early.

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!


OK, so I totally suck at keeping my blog updated, and I continually feel as though I keep giving the same excuses for not doing it regularly like I should.  Seeing as how everyday, I think, "I could totally blog about this" and then I don't.

Life gets in the way, but I really want to make a go of this so I'm going to try to be better about it, and also I might have to set a calendar notification to remind myself.  And since you all aren't all that familiar with me, as a person, I'll just let you know I abhor calendar notifications, and will turn them off before saving events (regular events mostly, like work, since my schedule is so set).

That being said, I have put aside ALL of my WIPs to work solely on the Jimmy Beans Wool Outlander MKAL.  I chose worsted weight yarns for my first one, then that met with a knotty end while I tried to fix it.  For my second (which I had already decided to do before the first one died a fiery death.  Totally kidding about that) I chose fingering weight yarns.  I had a great blue skein that I kept using for stuff and then frogging.  I just didn't feel they were THE projects that yarn was meant for, I guess.

Now, I have SEVERAL skeins of fingering weight yarn in my stash.  However, none of them were THE color to go with this amazing blue yarn.  I went shopping and voila!  Found exactly what was needed.  Some Good for Ewe Sultry Steps in Pewter.  I LOVE this yarn!

So, the MKAL has weekly clues that coincide with each new episode of Outlander on Starz.  This Saturday is week 6, and I'm still trying to finish week 3's clue!  And to make matters worse, I keep thinking I only have two rows to go, and I still have 18 rows to go!  It's making me crazy and I'm wishing that there was no such thing as me having to go to work tomorrow morning!

Hopefully I'll be caught up soon, and get back to doing other stuff. Being behind is just really messing with me, though I know it isn't a race.  Still, it's really bothering me.  Back to work I go!


Yes, yes.  Everyone is going crazy with Outlander.  Me too.  Not so much for the whole hot Scottish men in kilts thing, though that's a bonus.  But it's more for the fact that MY HUSBAND WANTS to watch it with me.  It's rare nowadays that we watch a show that we both want to watch and actually look forward to.  Sure we'll watch 'Deadliest Catch' together, but that's more like he is watching it and I am too lazy to leave the room.  It's not an active together watch.  If that makes sense.

See, he is on the graveyard shift, so I watch all my shows while he is at work and he watches his during the two or three hours before he goes to work.  But every Tuesday, because I am off from work, he'll come home and have breakfast.  Then he'll stay awake after the kids leave so we can see it together.

This is where the problem is.  His schedule changed, so today he came home from work and went to bed, because he has to work tonight.  So, despite the fact that I stayed up until 1 AM on Saturday, I still have not seen the latest episode of Outlander on Starz.  Because GUILT!!

He won't give me grief about it.  I will, however, give myself a lot of grief and also will rat myself out to him immediately.  So, I wait.

In the meantime, I've been busting my biscuits working on the Outlander Mystery Knit-A-Long with Jimmy Beans Wool.  It's a great shawl, with each clue being released on Saturday, the day of the airing of new episodes, for 6 weeks, (I think.  I lost count, I know 4 is the most recent one, though)

It's a great looking shawl and the recommended  yarn and colors are amazing!  They're called Beauchamps and Fraser, after two of our favorite characters in the books, in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport! And even better, there's over 350 people (with their projects listed on Ravelry) participating!  Check out the Jimmy Beans Wool Group discussion page.

Mine is done in Berroco Vintage, which is a worsted weight yarn, but by the time I decided I wanted to do it, they were already back ordered on one of the colors, so I did a stash dive and came up with two yarns that I have (I hope) enough of that are in sort of similar colors.  It's coming up thick and warm!  Can't wait for it to get cooler (I'm in Arizona where cooler comes sometime in November for around 4.5 days and winter is a couple of days in January.  I kid, of course.  Sort of.) so I can wear it around.

BUT I am also trying to make another one.  For those days when I finally catch up with the release of clues (I'm on clue 3, clue 4 was released three days ago).  I mean, you know, if I get bored waiting I can always drive myself crazy trying to do another one.  The second one is in fingering weight yarns, one is Sultry Steps by Good for Ewe, a yarn I just discovered today at The Fiber Factory in Mesa, AZ. How can a girl pass up a yarn called sultry Steps.  For reals.  The second is in a stash yarn, also from the Fiber Factory, Pahoehoe by Mary Gavan yarns (Buy local, y'all!).

Well, the kids are starting to come home.  That means I should really start knitting again so they can come bother me and feel as though they've accomplished something.