OK, so I totally suck at keeping my blog updated, and I continually feel as though I keep giving the same excuses for not doing it regularly like I should.  Seeing as how everyday, I think, "I could totally blog about this" and then I don't.

Life gets in the way, but I really want to make a go of this so I'm going to try to be better about it, and also I might have to set a calendar notification to remind myself.  And since you all aren't all that familiar with me, as a person, I'll just let you know I abhor calendar notifications, and will turn them off before saving events (regular events mostly, like work, since my schedule is so set).

That being said, I have put aside ALL of my WIPs to work solely on the Jimmy Beans Wool Outlander MKAL.  I chose worsted weight yarns for my first one, then that met with a knotty end while I tried to fix it.  For my second (which I had already decided to do before the first one died a fiery death.  Totally kidding about that) I chose fingering weight yarns.  I had a great blue skein that I kept using for stuff and then frogging.  I just didn't feel they were THE projects that yarn was meant for, I guess.

Now, I have SEVERAL skeins of fingering weight yarn in my stash.  However, none of them were THE color to go with this amazing blue yarn.  I went shopping and voila!  Found exactly what was needed.  Some Good for Ewe Sultry Steps in Pewter.  I LOVE this yarn!

So, the MKAL has weekly clues that coincide with each new episode of Outlander on Starz.  This Saturday is week 6, and I'm still trying to finish week 3's clue!  And to make matters worse, I keep thinking I only have two rows to go, and I still have 18 rows to go!  It's making me crazy and I'm wishing that there was no such thing as me having to go to work tomorrow morning!

Hopefully I'll be caught up soon, and get back to doing other stuff. Being behind is just really messing with me, though I know it isn't a race.  Still, it's really bothering me.  Back to work I go!

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