Due Diligence

It's Friday!  That means nothing at all to me, except that I will only have alone time if I get up before the sun rises or I go to the bathroom for the next two days.  And even that is iffy.

I am still working on this darn shawl, naturally.  I didn't magically finish while I was asleep, though I so wish the elves would come out of the woodwork and do anything, really.  Like perhaps shampoo the carpets.  Or fix the carpet shampooer for me.

Friday is sort of my busiest day at work.  Meaning I have the most stuff to do.  However, I usually finish before 10, and therefore get at least 30 minutes to myself before things start up again, then about 30 minutes later, I get another 30 minute break.  Then I get to sit until I leave at 1 PM.  Sometimes I do not get a lot of time on Fridays, seeing as how we were probably laughing at the radio too much to get any amount of work done where I can sit for more than a few minutes.

I hope today is a day I can sit down for a long while, so I can finish this section of the shawl.  It's not difficult, it's just that I've done it already with my first one and it's just kind of tedious right now.  I'm only 6 rows shy of finishing it though.

I'm also realizing that before too long, I'll more than likely have to get a set of circulars that have a longer cable than the ones I am using.  My work is already scrunched up and one of the upcoming (to me) clues will double the amount of stitches on the needles.  Things are getting hairy around here.

Mostly, I'm looking forward to finishing.  Sometimes I just get a project that I MUST do, and this is one of them.  Right now though, I'd like to be done with it so I can work on something else.  I'm making a Baby Diamonds Blanket from Red Heart Yarns.  It's for my father in law, so I'm making it bigger than the 9 squares that are in the pattern.  That's what I like about it is, it's easily customized,

That's the news for now.  I should go get ready for work as I normally am scrambling around on Friday mornings thinking I have plenty of time only to remember that I have to leave 30 minutes early.

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!

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