Yes, yes.  Everyone is going crazy with Outlander.  Me too.  Not so much for the whole hot Scottish men in kilts thing, though that's a bonus.  But it's more for the fact that MY HUSBAND WANTS to watch it with me.  It's rare nowadays that we watch a show that we both want to watch and actually look forward to.  Sure we'll watch 'Deadliest Catch' together, but that's more like he is watching it and I am too lazy to leave the room.  It's not an active together watch.  If that makes sense.

See, he is on the graveyard shift, so I watch all my shows while he is at work and he watches his during the two or three hours before he goes to work.  But every Tuesday, because I am off from work, he'll come home and have breakfast.  Then he'll stay awake after the kids leave so we can see it together.

This is where the problem is.  His schedule changed, so today he came home from work and went to bed, because he has to work tonight.  So, despite the fact that I stayed up until 1 AM on Saturday, I still have not seen the latest episode of Outlander on Starz.  Because GUILT!!

He won't give me grief about it.  I will, however, give myself a lot of grief and also will rat myself out to him immediately.  So, I wait.

In the meantime, I've been busting my biscuits working on the Outlander Mystery Knit-A-Long with Jimmy Beans Wool.  It's a great shawl, with each clue being released on Saturday, the day of the airing of new episodes, for 6 weeks, (I think.  I lost count, I know 4 is the most recent one, though)

It's a great looking shawl and the recommended  yarn and colors are amazing!  They're called Beauchamps and Fraser, after two of our favorite characters in the books, in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport! And even better, there's over 350 people (with their projects listed on Ravelry) participating!  Check out the Jimmy Beans Wool Group discussion page.

Mine is done in Berroco Vintage, which is a worsted weight yarn, but by the time I decided I wanted to do it, they were already back ordered on one of the colors, so I did a stash dive and came up with two yarns that I have (I hope) enough of that are in sort of similar colors.  It's coming up thick and warm!  Can't wait for it to get cooler (I'm in Arizona where cooler comes sometime in November for around 4.5 days and winter is a couple of days in January.  I kid, of course.  Sort of.) so I can wear it around.

BUT I am also trying to make another one.  For those days when I finally catch up with the release of clues (I'm on clue 3, clue 4 was released three days ago).  I mean, you know, if I get bored waiting I can always drive myself crazy trying to do another one.  The second one is in fingering weight yarns, one is Sultry Steps by Good for Ewe, a yarn I just discovered today at The Fiber Factory in Mesa, AZ. How can a girl pass up a yarn called sultry Steps.  For reals.  The second is in a stash yarn, also from the Fiber Factory, Pahoehoe by Mary Gavan yarns (Buy local, y'all!).

Well, the kids are starting to come home.  That means I should really start knitting again so they can come bother me and feel as though they've accomplished something.

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