In my house, we're behind on everything, except the bills!

Naturally, I'm starting this blog LATE today!

The entirety of my world has been topsy turvy, ever since the kids went on Fall Break last week,

School dances, doctors appointments, work.  It's all been nuts.

To add to all the fun, on Wednesday, when I got out of the car to go to work, I didn't perform my usual checks, which include making sure I have my keys somewhere on my person or in my bag about 5 times.  This started 20 years ago when I locked my keys in the car despite my car trying to keep me from closing the door.  So at 1:30, when I went to leave, I discovered that the keys were not in my bag.  They were still in the ignition.

30 minutes later AAA arrived and unlocked my car for me.  The keys sat in the sun for 4 hours and burned my hands.

Everything was cool, or so I thought.  Yesterday, upon starting the car to get to work, the car started showing signs that the battery was dying.  It started, but it didn't sound good when it started.  It was late, so I went to work, praying my socks off the entire way that the car didn't just up and die on me.

I did the same on the way home, especially when I got stuck at stoplights.  So instead of taking Joseph in for his eye appointment (contact lenses, God help me!), we went and got the battery tested...because of course, me saying that the battery is dying can't be trusted.  I know in my head that we had to test it because it could have been the alternator that was going, but still it sort of irked me that he had them test the battery.  Turns out, the battery was rated at 550, and was reading at 174, so yes, the battery was dying.  I so badly wanted to bust out and do the "I was right! I told you so!" Dance, but that would have looked really silly in front of a lot of people.

When we got home, things seemed tense between the hubs and I so I stayed in the kitchen, which is sort of moot, because we're basically in the same room.  I got dinner ready like my life depended on it and then realized it was only 3:30 pm.  I also realized that in my rush to get the car fixed ASAP, I neglected to kiss my husband hello.  At first I was miffed because I had come home from work so he should have come to kiss me, but then I realized he had, and I never gave him the chance.  I had to apologize, which is probably the worst thing EVER to me.  If I go to Hell, I'll be stuck apologizing for my jackass behavior for all of eternity.

Hopefully the insanity will settle down to it's regular levels.

Craft-wise, I have finished two Regular Guy Beanies from Yarnman Knits on Ravelry.  I used a circular needle for both, one in a size 7 the other on an 8.  Super fast knit.  I have started on an Exeter hat for my second son. Stupidly, I started it on a size 7 circular, meaning to use the 8, so I could use the 7 for the Knotted Rib Hat for a knit a-long on Monday.  Hopefully I'll be done soon.  It's in Cobalt Heather Cascade 220 Superwash, which is fast becoming a favorite yarn.

The time has come now, for me to start getting ready for work and pack my bag of projects and other stuff.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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