Months ago, I found two rather large bags of Te Awa Wools wool yarn.  At the thrift store.  For under $5 each.

I left them.  Eventually, I figured out what I wanted to do with them so I went back and thankfully they were still there!

I bought them home and planned to dye them both.  Not the same color, mind you.  One I did in a purple/darkish pink color, the other was done in a red/orange color, though you can't really tell that it's something besides red at all.

I'm looking for the pictures right now so I can put them up on here.  I haven't used them yet because I have a problem.  There wasn't any sort of yarn weight on the label, and searching for what I had was a bust...I would find wool by Te Awa Wools, but none looked even remotely close to what I had, and no one sells Te Awa Wools yarns around here.

I'm an idiot so I didn't think to take it into the LYS to ask, either.  I would take them out periodically and try to knit or crochet with them, but I wasn't happy with anything that I was producing.

Hey!  I found the pictures!
Purple and Pink!

Red and...Orange??


Dying them was time consuming, but it was fun and a great learning experience.  I haven't dyed any yarn since, but that's not because I don't want to, More like I don't want to take the time to dye yarn, but with a dash of I can't figure out what the hell colors I want to use.

I did it all on the stove, using pots and towels I got at the thrift store.  I used Rit brand dye, and I spent about 2 hours doing both I think.  We have a clothesline out back (our electric dryer broke and we didn't fix it for years), so when I had finished dying each bundle, it hung up on the clothesline for a few hours.

When they were dry, I brought them in and wound them into cakes.  I knew I'd have to make more than one cake of each bundle, but I didn't expect the stuff to break.  I got a bunch of smaller balls out of one bundle before it wouldn't break and the last few were larger.  The Red one was great.  I think it was two or three balls.

Today, though, I finally found SOMETHING that I wanted to use the yarn for, and I actually had the correct tools for it.  It's a lot of yarn, so I thought a shawl would be the best thing for it.  I found the Just Knit It Pattern!  You can use whatever yarn you'd like and just keep increasing as long as you'd like.  So I can use up all the yarn for the one project!  And it's going really well, so far.  I mean, the width is less than a foot right now, but I've only started today. I stopped for a while to do home type stuff.  You know, breakfast, a shower, clothing that's not pajamas so I can leave the house.

Tomorrow, look for some pictures of finished projects!  I'm so excited that I'm done with these, I might make another LONGER set.  I just have to get my daughter to sit still and put these gloves on, or take decent pictures for me.  

I have decided which yarn I'm going to use for the newest Jimmy Beans Wool MKAL, now I just have to purchase it.  I was going to do it today, but it doesn't start for 11 days, so I might wait.  Knowing me, though, I'll change my mind 32 times before then unless I buy the darn yarn. It should be interesting, I'll have to knit a pair of mitts with DPNs, which I don't think I'm very good at, at least not at the start.  I can do a mean 2x2 ribbing with some DPNs.

You've made it! It's Wednesday!  I hope your week ends on a great note and that the weekend is full of love and lots of fun!

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