So, I promised pictures!  Get ready!

I'm so excited about what I've been finishing (and getting ready to work on) that I have several folders marked with the same date in my picture files.

First:  I blocked my Jehanne Mitts yesterday while at work!  I soaked them for around 15 minutes (multi-tasked by taking a shower instead of hovering), in Eucalan wash.  I didn't measure it, so I'm pretty sure I didn't use enough of it, but they're blocked, so I can't complain.

My daughter took the picture here, so you can't really see the detail on them.  She was acting goofy so I only had her take the one.  I'd have asked HER to wear the mitts so I could take the picture, but she'd have stolen them and then there would have been this whole Keystone Kops style chase around the house, and it was late.  I do, however, have some pictures of single mitts that I took.

Well, that's not much better is it? I'll take some more with better light.  As soon as the sun comes up.

So, I made them in Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Stone Washed Mix.  I bought the yarn a while ago, because I liked the heather-y look it has.  I might pick up some more, though I think if I'm going to give them as gifts, I might use a machine washable yarn.

I made 2.5 hats!  They are the regular guy beanie by Yarnman Knits (Chuck Wright).  Very easy to follow pattern, though I used a circular needle and DPNs instead of solely using DPNs.  I'm good, but not that good.

One was done on size 8 needles, the other on size 7. Both were made with the intention of them going to David.  Once he put on the one made on the size 8's, I knew I'd have to change something.  So I gave the bigger hat to Joseph, who will be standing out waiting for the bus on Monday (It's starting to cool off in the mornings), and made another on the smaller needles.  This one fits David better and won't give him too much trouble when he's wearing it on the motorcycle.

Now, I'm on my third hat.  I gotta tell ya, I'm getting sick of the regular guy beanie, and am so glad I've made it to the decreases.  My problem now is that I don't remember where I was when I stopped to go to bed last night.  So I'm troubleshooting.

I've made it my mission to learn to knit continental style (Finally!).  Not for any specific reason, just because I think it'll be a good skill to have as part of my needlecrafting arsenal.  Yesterday was a good continental knitting day.  I've been trying to watch various people knit to see how they do it.  So far my style is a total bastardization of a lot of people's styles.  I have done most of the last half of the Regular Guy Beanie I'm currently working on Continental. And I can sort of see where I started.  It doesn't show in the pictures, but I know where I started.

OK, I guess if you look where the yarn tail is on the left of the hat, that's about where the line is in this picture.  All I have to do is not get cocky about it.  And then I start thinking about Star Wars and how I should really go out and buy new copies of the movies and how much I don't want to have to buy The Phantom Menace and all that crap that came later. (the kids have decided the Star Wars movies are divided into My Star Wars and Their Star Wars, so they always ask for clarification. My answer is always, The GOOD Star Wars, mine!)

Today is my last day off until Monday, so it's a busy one.  I am a little thankful that the kids will be home on a day that I'm going grocery shopping.

Now, I just have to finally decide which yarn I'm going to use for the Jimmy Beans Wool Once Upon a Time MKAL that starts on October 12.  I need to buy some and just be done with it.  Hopefully I'll do that today.

It's Friday Eve, people!  Make it great!

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