Hat Overload

I have made it my mission this year, to try and make hats for gifts. As the days pass since I have made this mental decree, I am beginning to think I might have completely lost the plot. I'm going to have to write everything down just so I'm not going completely bonkers.

If I really put my mind to it, I can make a hat in a couple of days.  The thing is, I'm thinking about making at least three of the same hat.  I did this already, and by the third hat, I wanted to throw stuff.  It's really very tedious and gets boring.  The first hat took less than 2 days, the second hat a little longer, and I just cast off the last hat yesterday morning, and that was only because it was for the middle kid and you know middle kids.  I'm totally trying to make him as not Jan Brady as I can.  More like Peter Brady, who was at least more well adjusted than his female counterpart.  (I totally just spelled female "Femail".  Yay waking up at 4 am to a neighbor's dog barking incessantly to be let inside while the neighbor sleeps like nothing is going on!).

So, the boys of MY house are totally outfitted for the cooler weather.  My daughter and I, not so much yet.

I made her wrist warmers with a matching (well, the same yarn anyway) earwarmer/headband type thing. Which she proudly displayed in the living room and unwillingly posed for pictures in.

Her 'cape' is a crocheted blanket my mom's aunt made special for her when she was a baby.  It's almost 13 years old.

But she doesn't have a hat, yet!  Sure she's got ball caps, but she doesn't have her 'Winter Hat'.  Since I've made one for everyone else, she's got to have one too.

The problem is, she's a girl.  And she wants fancy stuff instead of regular "Just make me a hat" stuff like the boys (who really didn't get a choice in which hat I made, because I messed up and made one too big for someone else and sort of just gave it to my son. And that started all the fun.

What the girl does have, though, is MY hat.  The hat I splurged on yarn for (a $20 ball of 100% wool yarn, Noro Yarn, I love you!), FOR MYSELF.  She has seriously worn it more than I have.  And she thinks that I should go spend another $20 on the same ball of yarn to make one for her.  Yea.  NO, girl who leaves my iPod in her pants so my mom can wash them and ruin the iPod! NO!

I am making her a hat, though.  It's almost done, and I'm pretty sure she will dig it, especially when she realizes that it's a knock off of a hat from one of her favorite shows, "Once Upon A Time" on ABC. She told me her favorite character is Regina/The Evil Queen, but Regina is far too cool to be wearing a lot of crochet/knitted items, so I'm going with one of Emma Swan's hats, that she wore in the "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" episode.  Carolyn Small on Ravelry was awesome enough to reverse engineer the hat and share her pattern for free.  I have almost completed one set of cables, and am having to put it down so I can go get dressed for work.  I might even get finished by tonight, if I don't get too distracted.  Then I can start on another one, for me!

It's Friday, People!  Have a great weekend!

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