Every time I consider purchasing more yarn, I think of my yarn stash, and how much of a hot mess it is.

Seriously, it is ridiculous how obscene it gets. At least once a month I 'reorganize' it.

Well, THIS month, I decided to cull the stash a bit.  Just some stuff that I won't use anymore (lessons learned, I call them), or stuff I have no use for at all.  I once insisted on purchasing a ball of eyelash yarn.  It ended up in one huge knot that I couldn't unravel. This of course was in the beginning of my knitting 'career'.

It was just yarn that seemed like a great purchase at the time and turned out to be more of a headache. So, it'll be donated.

It made some room.  A LITTLE room, for other yarn so that it isn't shoved into bags and such.  Now, I just have to work on marketing what projects I have that are finished and I am not keeping.  Last year, I made a whole bunch of scarves.  Bulky weight scarves that were arm knitted.  They're great.  They're huge, and they're only useful for about 2 weeks around these parts.

Those projects are contained in a very large Rubbermaid container, in fact, the largest one I own.  Lots of projects and fabrics that I might never use again.  I must make room just in case some generous soul decides to give me a yarn shopping spree, that way I have space for what I am going to purchase. (Fingers are crossed.  My anniversary is coming up.)

I am thinking about selling what I have on one of the Facebook groups for my area.  I have hats and blankets and those silly scarves I spent a whole night making.  So there's plenty, I just need to buckle down and photograph it all and set up the pricing for it.

But first, I must work!  It's still Saturday (even though I was sure it was Sunday and I still have to work on Sunday anyway), so I must go and get ready.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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