My 'trade', if you will, is home health. I am a certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and have been since around this time in 2008.

When I first finished my course, I was not certified.  You go into this stuff and you're thinking OK, in 8 weeks I'll be a CNA and making BANK.

Around the middle of the 4th week you find out at the end of the class all you get is a piece of paper and the need to pay $65 to be tested on your knowledge before you are certified.  I had to do that.  Twice.

Thankfully, I found a company that does home health care, and they hired me on soon after finishing my class, without certification.  I was sent on jobs that were basically "Hang out with my mom while I'm at work" sort of jobs.  I would just sit with people for a few hours a day so they wouldn't be lonely.

I took my test and failed.  I went though the entire test thinking "Ooooh, I'm so awesome! I'm gonna pass, and make lots of money! YAY!" When I was about halfway home, I realized I had done something.  Something so bad that it was considered an automatic failure on the test.  I had done it, and hadn't gone back to fix it.

After the first of the year, my boss offered to pay for me to retake the test, if I agreed to work for the company for a set amount of time.  Sort of like indentured servitude.  It wasn't a problem for me, since that's what I had planned on doing for at least a little while.

Now, I'm still here, hanging out with people, but of course with a much larger scope of practice.  Currently, my job is an easy one. for the most part.  A lot of times, the hardest part of my job is that I have to drive an hour each way. The best part is, I get to hang out with a cool guy, and watch movies. Literally, that's my job.  There are other things that go with it of course, but what it boils down to is, we watch movies, and sort of give them the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment.  We watch a LOT of scary movies, but then we crack jokes about what's happening, so it's not too scary.  It also helps that I am about 8 hours away from going to bed when we watch them.

Then there are days like yesterday.  Yesterday was the Walk for ALS in Scottsdale. I haven't been to something like that since I did the walk for Breast Cancer with City of Hope. And that feels like a century ago. Days like yesterday are a source of stress for the mom of my patient. So, any time she asks if I'd be willing to go with them to something like that (she always asks me first, then calls to make arrangements for me to stay longer), I always agree.  For some reason, we sort of balance each other out.  Mostly because my freak outs are almost always internal freak outs. Outside I'm as cool as Billy Dee Williams, inside I feel like Animal from the Muppets.  That and I can drive the HELL out of his power chair.  Thank you, Nintendo!

It was really nice yesterday to see her not worry too much about what was happening.  We all took turns driving the chair (I only had to drive him in and out of the van and into the stadium). Family and friends were there for support, and we all had a really nice walk together.  But dang, it was HOT out.  91 degrees in Scottsdale yesterday.  I don't think we were out there in 91 degrees (we were done by 10:30 am), but it was pretty warm.  We were all melting.

It was amazing how smoothly everything went.  There were no incidents, medically or anything.  Except I did a bad job of getting the power chair out of the van when we got there.  Those darn wheels! I really liked it, and would love to do it again next year, but I think they've all but decided not to walk next year (already! Boo!).

Today, now...Today is an important day. It's Sunday, my "Friday".  It's also the first day of the Jimmy Beans Wool MKAL "Frozen Upon A Time"! I'm so excited!  In fact, I'm up obscenely early refreshing my email box and pattern page just to make sure I get it downloaded as soon as it comes through. Lame, I know, but I'm THAT excited.  I actually SWATCHED for gauge something I never do anymore, because I NEVER get gauge with the given needle/hook size.  I just go one up.  But I got gauge for this one.  While I did not purchase the Limited Edition Lorna's Laces made up for the MKAL, I did find a really awesome variegated from Plymouth Yarns. It's Encore Worsted Colorspun, in Jade Prints.  That means it's full of greens and blues and completely fantastic.

So, if anyone needs me, I'll be here.  Sitting and (impatiently) waiting and (constantly) refreshing my email box and my pattern library on Ravelry, until it's time for me to get ready for work.

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