Happy Thanksgiving!

So, it's a busy day here today.  the plan was to wake up early and bust out the pies.  I busted out two pies, and then realized there are no more eggs in the house, and I need eggs to make the third pie.  Also, I don't know how, but there is NO CEREAL in the house, and with no eggs too, this makes for a dire situation. Especially with teenage boys in the house.

Adding to the fun, sometime last month, the dog peed on the corner of the big sofa and the carpet underneath.  I scrubbed it and everything. Still, I kept smelling urine whenever I got close to that part of the couch and since it's right at the corner of the living room/kitchen area where we walk to get to and from each room, I smelled it a lot.  I attributed it to  something psychosomatic.

This morning, it smelled especially strong this morning.  Guess what?  He did it again sometime last night.  Mostly on the carpet.  I have zero carpet cleaning products in the house, and in about one hour the hubs will be home.  And I don't want to leave.  Or spend money on carpet cleaning stuff.

I have baking soda sprinkled on the spot.  We'll vacuum it up and then scrub it clean.
It's turning into that kind of day.

I recorded a v-log the other day, but it's REALLY long.  And it was supposed to be published yesterday.  That didn't happen. I'll do another on Monday.  I have a better handle on the recording and what I have to do to edit it now.  It was all one long thing, and my software wouldn't let me add stuff to it.  Rather, I don't know how to edit it that way to add stuff to it. Anyway, I'll have some FO's to show instead of the McKinley sized pile of UFOs I have surrounding me at all times.

I learned a Turkish Cast On this week!  I was so excited, I pulled it out and did it all over again.  I'm still not great with the M1L, M1R stuff.  I'm much better at kfb.  All aces there.  M1L always leaves a hole in the work.  I know it's just me not twisting the stitch onto the needle correctly, but seriously, having to watch the video every time I attempt it is making me crazy.

My Cozy Thermal Mitts are just about done.  I just have to do the thumb and weave in the ends.

I am 1/3 of the way done with the baby Christmas presents.  Wow, that sounds lame.  I'll be half done by Tuesday, Maybe even 2/3 of the way done. That sounds much better.


Stop sitting here reading this!  Go, enjoy your day and your family!

Sleepy Time

I had such grand plans yesterday for today.

First off, I had planned on recording a v-log today, possibly for tomorrow.  I still might, but I woke up at 3:40 in a bed covered with extra blankets, my robe and the project I took to bed last night.  And then I left the project upstairs when I got out of bed.

I have it now, but of course the dog just decided he MUST go outside RIGHT NOW, so he is doing this things where he goes and waits by the backdoor, then comes to stare at me, then repeats.  If I really ignore him, like I did yesterday (I just wasn't paying attention, because I was eating and watching a 'scary' movie), he taps the door with his paw a couple of times, then comes and drops his biggo head on my lap.  If that doesn't work, he will try to get on my lap.  My dog is huge.  His name is Trigger, after the horse, and he's about that big too, at least it seems that way when he's in my lap on this little blue chair.

I went to bed with lofty expectations last night.  I brought the project to check the width of it against the bed.  It's going to be just the width of the bed, then I will decide if I am smart enough (Or paying enough attention) to decrease on one side and not the other.  It's a corner to corner pattern, and when I started working on it again, it was about 1/4 as wide as I'd like it to be.  If I do what I want to do, it might end up being a little wider than the 60 inches.  That's OK.  It's going to be mainly for the extra warmth we sometimes need in the bed, not as our actual bed blanket (which is something altogether, and sort of awesome and HIDDEN right now).  Unless, I do lose my mind between now and then, which is within the realm of possibilities since it's almost Thanksgiving and all.

Kids are off of school tomorrow until Monday.  They are extremely excited.  I am extremely excited I am going to work tomorrow and that I get to come home and make them my kitchen slaves, because their dad won't be home to do my bidding.

I have almost decided to record today.  Of course that'll require my showering and possibly removing my robe, which I'm not all that inclined to do right now.  It's a pretty awesome robe, y'all!  Maybe it will make an appearance. My horsey dog might too.

I watched the movie Mercy yesterday.  I had watched a lot of it at work on Saturday but forgot about it until yesterday when I saw it on Netflix.  I knew I had missed some key parts.  It wasn't holding my attention at all, since I kept walking away, and then there was the bee in the kitchen.  That was silly.  I'm really glad I'm not on a reality television show because I'd be humiliated by the way I acted.

Oh, there's the dog beckoning me to open the door.  4:30 AM and he barks, even though he knows how to 'knock' on the door.

OK, knitting business.  Nothing is done.  Of course, I was running around the house ignoring a movie and trying to get a bee out of my kitchen.  Kidding, that wasn't my entire day.  I cleaned the oven, and forgot about it.  Twice.

Umm, let's see.  I tried to learn toe up socks.  I'm a dork.  It's something I'll have to watch a lot of videos about.  Magic loop is still eluding me.  I think it's because my head is so full of other stuff, like finishing up what I am working on -I'm very excited about knitting socks and want to make all the socks right now.

My WIPs are as follows:

1) Vintage Vertical Stripe Crocheted Blanket by Bella Dia  It's great!  I have 12 colors of various Red Heart worsted weight yarns.  They're all Super Saver or With Love.  It's awesome.  The size that it is (I haven't measured) takes me about 20 minutes to go across.

2) Cozy Thermal Mitts by Karen Everitt.  They're great and on Lanas Puras Yarns Melosa Worsted.  Super soft and is sort of various shades of purple....from a super light purple to regular purple, if that makes sense. ( I linked it to my stash picture)

3) A pair of mittens that I cannot find the listing for on Ravelry, whoopsie!  I'll fix that later on

4) Weasley Rib socks on Patons Kroy Socks Stripes, with a US 1 set of DPNs

5) Knitmore Girls Vanilla sock on Lion Brand Sock Ease and a US 2 DPNs

6) Corner to Corner blanket by Catherine J Watson for Red Heart Yarns.  I'm using Red Heart Super Saver Camo, Medium Thyme and Cafe Latte and an I hook.

7) Jimmy Beans Wool Once Upon a Time MKAL pattern.  I stopped working on it.  I suck!  I did one mitt, started the cowl and then just didn't want to do it anymore.  I am going to finish the second mitt.  Maybe after the holidays.  I dunno.  I'm just not feeling the pattern anymore.

I'm going to try and not start anything new today, just maybe work on one thing, or finish the cozy thermal mitts.  Or the blanket.  Or finish the mitts then work on the blanket.  Not like I'm going anywhere today.  It's gonna be a podcast and craft sort of day.

Other Crafts:

I'm doing knotted fleece blankets for nieces and nephews.  At least the ones that are small.  I'll just kick the older ones in the behind for Christmas.  See, my brother has 2 babies, almost a year old, sister has one almost 2 year old and my sister in law (one of them) has two little dudes.  Plus my father-in-law's step daughter has a baby girl (the only one other than mine!).  That is 6 (SIX!!) fleece blankets.  I have ONE made.  The fixings for two are in the house.  Definitely want to work on those things.  I'll be half done, then get the rest this weekend and then it's all about trying to drag my ass out to the post office with three different boxes for three different addresses in two different states.  Yay me. NOT!

Okay, it's getting COLD in my house, so I'm going to start working on something and try to find the listing for the mittens for next time.  Stay warm, folks!

Thanksgiving Week

Monday is here!  The entire world is whining because it's Monday, and I'm over here all excited because I'm off, and I will have the house to myself for two days.  Two days I will enjoy, because on Wednesday the children are off of school.

I finally watched a video about knitting with the magic loop method, and I feel as though I could have had a V-8!  So simple!  My long circular needles, though aren't very flexible,  Mostly because they've been sitting in the package I purchased them in.  I'm not sure if they'll ever be as flexible as would be needed for knitting with the magic loop. 99% of mine are Clover brand bamboo circulars, I think there are 5 or 6 that aren't. And saying it out loud that 99% are Clover, and that there are 5 or 6 that aren't tells me that I have a hell of a lot of circular needles.

I did make an attempt to knit in magic loop last night.  My thinking of doing it at 10 PM probably wasn't my best idea.  I'll try again later, after everyone is gone.

Since yesterday, not much has changed.  I have not settled my Thanksgiving menu.  In fact it's probably changed three times since I woke up this morning. I do know one thing for sure, though.  Today I will take the turkey out of the freezer and I will clean the damn oven.  Seems last time I made meatloaf, some grease leaked out and even though I tried my best to clean it up afterwards, the smoke alarms are still going off and my children are not smart enough to not use the oven that sets off the smoke alarms while their father is sleeping off the graveyard shift.  Yes, that happened yesterday. I'm glad I was at work, though if I was home that wouldn't have happened and I would have cleaned the oven out already. Someone mentioned that I should have the kids do it.  I almost hurt myself laughing.  I think we'd end up with the oven exploding or something.

OK, it's 5 am, so I'm going to wrap this up:

Knitmore Girls Vanilla socks: Feels like I've been stockinetting forever
Rye Socks: I've turned the heel and am working towards the toe (I LOVE worsted weight socks!)
Weasley Rib socks: 14 rows of a 20 row cuff are done.
Trying to work on a blanket that is crocheted, but not as awesome as making myself a lot of socks.

Finished stuff:

None.  Still working away on my socks.

Future projects:

Let's see...I have a ball of Lion Brand Sock Ease in Cotton Candy, Pahoehoe by Mary Gavan, Elegant Brand Angelic yarn, and a ball of Cascade 220 paints which are all going to be socks, just don't know which socks I want to make with them, though I'm looking at a few

Also, still making a pair for everyone in the house (except for the dog, who I think might try to have me committed if I try to put socks on him).

Work stuff:

We watched X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I liked it.  It made me want to watch the one X-Men movie I'm sure I haven't seen that isn't a Wolverine movie (I haven't seen an entire Wolverine movie. Logan alone isn't all that appealing to me).

Home stuff:

I'm looking into getting the vents cleaned.  Whenever we turn the heater on for the first time, the smoke alarms go off, and one day they're going to go off because the house is on fire. And I'm going to do the cleaning jobs around the house that I don't trust the kids to do correctly or without creating a situation where we'd have to call the police or someone else would call the police.  Plenty of time to do it today.

Also, I'm still thinking on doing a sort of v-log once a week in addition to the blog. I'm thinking I'll do sort of a trial of it, though I don't think my super slow knitting style will be something anyone wants to watch.  I really just sort of want to play with the movie maker software on my computer.  Because I am a nerd.

I hope your week is amazing and that all your Thanksgiving plans turn out perfectly!

The Season

Since I started crocheting (and now knitting), I have been setting some seriously stupid goals for myself when it comes to gift giving. Pretty lofty stuff, considering my procrastinating personality.

Plus, I think I have ADD, because I get so BORED making things.  This is why I won't take orders for projects too often.  I hate disappointing people, and I know that I would end up disappointing someone, most likely myself if I didn't do an order.  So I sort of hate when people ask me if I could make them something.

This awesomeness ended up as a gift, le sigh!
I'd rather see something that I have to make and then decide later who I should give it to.  I did that with an amazing blanket I HAD to make from a pattern in a magazine.  I made it, went crazy ordering the yarn to do it, and then, all of a sudden, voila!  I heard a whisper that said, "THIS is why you HAD to make this blanket."  And so it was given as a gift, though I'd really like to have the dang thing right now (even though I have two other blankets right here beside me that I made.  Shhhh don't tell them!)

So, I have to really, really want to make something if someone asks me for something.  I dunno.  I try not to share too many things on my Facebook page, because then I get, "Ooooh how much would you charge to make this?"  And my first thought is always, "Honey, you don't want to know!"  Because, really.  If you knew how much materials cost, you'd shit bricks.  Sorry, but it's true.

That's why.  Because I'd like to keep my friends.  Internet friends or not, you're still my friends and I don't want you to think I've lost my mind.  The truth is, it would cost me nearly $50 just for the yarn, and while I could make that thing you want me to make, I don't think you'd like to hear that.  So, yea.

My theory is, if I make something and someone wants to buy it, so be it.  Otherwise, whatever.  I can always use it myself or my daughter will steal it.  Or both.

This week, I have discovered the joys of podcasts!  I've been listening to a few and I am enjoying myself.  I have been thinking about doing a weekly video for the blog, since I do have a lot of time where I have an empty house, though I'm sure the dog would suddenly find me extremely interesting if I tried shooting a video.

Also, video would require me to probably brush my hair and make myself look decent so no one called the cops on me. Though I'm pretty sure people would think it was awesome that I did my videos in my TARDIS robe that I got for my birthday and that I am almost wearing all the time when I am home.  I'll think about it some more.  And what I would actually be talking about in the video and how much time I'd have to spend editing it (for swears and stuff), to see if it's really worth it.  

It's getting colder out here in Arizona.  Last week, I awoke to temperatures in the 30's.  And I was freezing my keister off in my own house.  Whenever I went to turn no the heater, though, my thermostat shamed me.  It was 69-70 degrees in the house.  Clearly, there's something wrong with me. 

OK, project time.  I am working on three pairs of socks, each pair is in varying degrees of work.  We'll start with the pair that's furthest along.  Those are the Knitmore Girls Vanilla sock, with some changes in it, I guess.  Their pattern is written for 2 circulars, and I got confused, so the gusset is a little wonky on the first sock, and I am past the cuff on the second sock.  

My next sock is part of what I'm calling the family sock run.  One pair for each of us, made out of a skein of Shepherd's Wool Worsted from Stonehedge Fiber Mill.  I have five skeins, each of a different color, so voila!  Socks for all.  My first set is for my Schmoopie Pants.  His are in Yellow and the pattern is Rye by TinCan Knits, which is just awesome.  I am on the heel flap portion of the sock now, and am in the process of pretending to move the pictures of it from my phone to the computer so I can show them off.  Procastinating! yay!  I'll figure out later if I want to make the same for everyone else's socks.  Of course, the Girl has to be difficult and decide she wants me to use the Manos del Uruguay Maxima for her socks.  Like I've completely lost my marbles.  Lucky for her, I have a ball of orange Shepherd's wool.  I'll save my Maxima for something that I really want to make with it.  The Boys are just, "Whatever" about the socks, though the Tall Boy did request that his were blue. The Taller Boy is then stuck with either green or red, and The Others decided he would probably like the red better.  So that means Mama gets the green socks.  Though really, I'm making myself like 4 pairs of socks so it doesn't matter.  Muahahaha!

My third pair, which has the least amount of work done is The Weasley Rib by Erica Lueder on Ravelry.  I am still working the cuff on the first sock.  They are being worked in Patons Kroy Socks Stripes in colorway Singin' The Blues, because blue is my favorite.  

New stuff:

This morning I learned about the magic loop method.  I am dazzled.  So dazzled, I tore up all my knitting supplies to search for my long corded size 1 and 3 circular needles, and have convinced myself I need to start yet another pair of socks so I can knit them in this manner.  I just have to decide which socks.  Since I went sock crazy, I have downloaded just about a million sock  patterns from Ravelry.  I have literally wasted valuable knitting time searching and downloading, so that my download bar on my browser looks like a CNN ticker-unreadable!  I MUST magic loop.  MUST!

Finished stuff:

NOTHING.  I finished something night before last, I think.  My stripey socks made of I Love This Yarn Fan Pride.  They're awesome.  They're acrylic, so I'm sort of afraid to wear them outside of to keep my feet warm when I wake up in the morning.  I don't know what I did, but the heel part that's under my foot, sort of sticks out a little, like little sock wings. It's pretty weird.  But I love them!  

Work stuff:

I was reminded yesterday how much work having a preschooler is.  At work there's a nephew who visits occasionally when I am there.  I get to talk to him, and tease him a little.  Yesterday, I sort of babysat him for about 40 minutes. Man! was he BUSY! Whew!  It made me miss the kids being that small.  

Home stuff:

Thanksgiving is coming!  The Tall Boy is going to be my assistant this year and the fun starts on Wednesday night, when we start baking pies.  As a precursor to this, though we'll be cleaning the oven, because whenever we turn it on now, the smoke alarms go off.  Repeatedly. It's awful.  

Also, I am glad Schmoopie's vacation is over.  That is all.  

Well, it's that time again, when I have to start thinking about getting dressed for work.  I hope your week starts off well, and that you call have a great Thanksgiving!

Over Excited

That's me.

Yesterday, worked really hard to finish my second striped acrylic sock.  Because my feet were cold and wanted to wear them.

Only, I forgot to read all of the instructions.  Which is a problem I have.  Even though I know I couldn't fill a thimble with what I know about knitting, I still only read half of the instructions and then think I could solve world peace.

So I had to frog the gusset of the sock.  Twice.

Here it is, 6:30 am on Friday and I JUST finished the gusset of the dang sock.

Still, I went on a binge downloading sock patterns.  I have a LOT of sock yarn.  Some of it's to practice with, mostly because I didn't intend to use it for socks in the first place and it was for another project.  BUT I do have 3 full skeins of sock yarn that I LOVE that I want to make into socks for me.

The family will get the full wool socks, because it's freaking cold.  Well, I'm cold at least anyway.

But the wool socks will be for them, and possibly for me.  Here's the plan.

I have discovered Tin Can Knits Simple Collection, which is a lovely collection of patterns geared towards teaching someone basic knitting.  There's hats, socks, sweaters (that I have discovered) and I know there are seven altogether, but I cannot recall the rest right now.

I first discovered the pattern for the sweater, Flax, while watching Halloween H2O.  I had never seen it and I vividly remember trying to knit the sweater while laughing  at the movie.  Turned out I was doing the wrong color.  And wrong project for a certain girl that recently turned 13.  So I frogged it.

That's when I first discovered the Simple Collection.  It's lovely.  The patterns are clearly written and illustrated, which I think is my favorite part.  While I went through and downloaded all of the patterns, simply from using the sweater pattern for as much as I did get to use it, I haven't used one of them yet.

However, I am about to finish my first pair of acrylic worsted weight socks, unless I screw up again, so I'll be able to start on the family socks.  I have 5 skeins of Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill.  5 skeins, 5 people.  Perfect.  Mom and dad get to choose their colors, the kids get whatever the heck mom decides to give them.  So that's 6 man socks, and 4 lady socks.  We'll see how it goes.

Anyways, it's Friday, people!  That means I work early, so I'm cutting it short (well, short for me), so I can get dressed instead of trying to go to work in my robe and my husband's pajama pants. I hope your weekend is warm and fully of happy!

I Suck

Yes, I am terrible about keeping the blog updated.

I had planned on posting about a week and a half ago, but my husband was on vacation, and somehow, no matter how well everything is planned, the entire week is an uproar, and about the third day of vacation, I'm praying that I don't kill him before he goes back to work. In years past, I've taken to drinking.  This year, because I was at work for some of it, it wasn't 'awful'. Though he did play good parent with the kids where he played XBOX and wasn't making sure they were doing anything besides having their eyes glued to whichever device. So Crazy Mom had to make an appearance.

So in the interim, I have been practicing my sock knitting skills, which are now still only slightly over NO knitting skills. My problem is the DPNs.  I do not like double pointed needles.  And the ones I have are the reason why, I think.  My thought was that since it's for socks, and socks take thin fingering weight yarn, they don't have to be too long.  I was wrong, wrong, wrong.  I started on the Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks  on Lion Brand Sock Ease yarn (colorway is Red Hots and I'm using size 2 needles), on my two days off, and things went amazingly well when I had a chance to work on them.  Sort of, I was project jumping for the two days.  Back and forth between a blanket and the socks and another pair of socks.  I thought it would be a great idea to bring the sock with me to work, because I want to wear these darn socks (so I can start on MORE socks!).

I put the sock in my bag, and when I brought it out to work on it at work, I found a dropped stitch.  I caught it before it unraveled.  When I got home and started to work on it again, I found TWO dropped stitches!!  I made sure to finish the darn sock that night.  Well, at least enough so the needles weren't bursting.

It was dumb, because I have the sock on the 5 inch needles.  Mostly it's because they are bamboo, and my longer dpns are aluminum and very slippy.  And I only have 4 of them, which is just awful for me sometimes.  So I'll have to make sure to pick up some longer bamboo needles.  In sizes 1 and 2 at least.

My other socks, my Easy Peasy Socks for First-Timers, by Stacy Trock, the ones that are for me, and a gorgeous black and orange acrylic-I Love This Yarn Fan Pride, are almost done.  I JUST finished picking up the stitches and am now at the decreases.  Something that happened, though, and which I don't plan on fixing, was that I did a k2, p2 cuff on the first sock, and I followed the pattern exactly for the second sock and it's only a k1, p1 cuff.  I haven't written any notes on the pattern on Ravelry, so I have no idea what the heck I was thinking, unless I had planned on doing a different sock pattern with this yarn or I was drinking.  I'm leaving them with the different cuffs.  They're acrylic socks, so I won't be wearing them to work or anything, they'll be more for when I absolutely cannot stand the cold anymore but realize that it's still 65 degrees in the house and turning on the heater would be dumb, which is exactly where I'm at right now.  You can imagine how much I want to be done with them.

It's officially getting cold enough that I pulled out all the blankets from the blanket tub, and washed them up so we can sit with them instead of crying about how cold we are, since right now it's just us girls that are so cold.

Seriously, it's getting silly around here.  It's dipping into the mid 30's at night.  Temperatures went from the 80/90s to the 60/70s during the day time.  My days off now are consisting of me sitting in my chair in the living room knitting or crocheting, wearing my clothes are my TARDIS robe.  This is how my oldest son found me on Monday when he came home from school.  This is almost how my oldest son found me on Tuesday.  I WANT the heater to be on.  That's how cold I am.  However, when I go turn the heater on and the thermostat is reading 69 degrees in the house, it just seems silly for the heater to be on at all.  So I will wait.

Well, I have a sock to finish so I can keep my feet from getting what feels like frozen to me.  I hope your crafting is going better than mine!