Over Excited

That's me.

Yesterday, worked really hard to finish my second striped acrylic sock.  Because my feet were cold and wanted to wear them.

Only, I forgot to read all of the instructions.  Which is a problem I have.  Even though I know I couldn't fill a thimble with what I know about knitting, I still only read half of the instructions and then think I could solve world peace.

So I had to frog the gusset of the sock.  Twice.

Here it is, 6:30 am on Friday and I JUST finished the gusset of the dang sock.

Still, I went on a binge downloading sock patterns.  I have a LOT of sock yarn.  Some of it's to practice with, mostly because I didn't intend to use it for socks in the first place and it was for another project.  BUT I do have 3 full skeins of sock yarn that I LOVE that I want to make into socks for me.

The family will get the full wool socks, because it's freaking cold.  Well, I'm cold at least anyway.

But the wool socks will be for them, and possibly for me.  Here's the plan.

I have discovered Tin Can Knits Simple Collection, which is a lovely collection of patterns geared towards teaching someone basic knitting.  There's hats, socks, sweaters (that I have discovered) and I know there are seven altogether, but I cannot recall the rest right now.

I first discovered the pattern for the sweater, Flax, while watching Halloween H2O.  I had never seen it and I vividly remember trying to knit the sweater while laughing  at the movie.  Turned out I was doing the wrong color.  And wrong project for a certain girl that recently turned 13.  So I frogged it.

That's when I first discovered the Simple Collection.  It's lovely.  The patterns are clearly written and illustrated, which I think is my favorite part.  While I went through and downloaded all of the patterns, simply from using the sweater pattern for as much as I did get to use it, I haven't used one of them yet.

However, I am about to finish my first pair of acrylic worsted weight socks, unless I screw up again, so I'll be able to start on the family socks.  I have 5 skeins of Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill.  5 skeins, 5 people.  Perfect.  Mom and dad get to choose their colors, the kids get whatever the heck mom decides to give them.  So that's 6 man socks, and 4 lady socks.  We'll see how it goes.

Anyways, it's Friday, people!  That means I work early, so I'm cutting it short (well, short for me), so I can get dressed instead of trying to go to work in my robe and my husband's pajama pants. I hope your weekend is warm and fully of happy!

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