Sleepy Time

I had such grand plans yesterday for today.

First off, I had planned on recording a v-log today, possibly for tomorrow.  I still might, but I woke up at 3:40 in a bed covered with extra blankets, my robe and the project I took to bed last night.  And then I left the project upstairs when I got out of bed.

I have it now, but of course the dog just decided he MUST go outside RIGHT NOW, so he is doing this things where he goes and waits by the backdoor, then comes to stare at me, then repeats.  If I really ignore him, like I did yesterday (I just wasn't paying attention, because I was eating and watching a 'scary' movie), he taps the door with his paw a couple of times, then comes and drops his biggo head on my lap.  If that doesn't work, he will try to get on my lap.  My dog is huge.  His name is Trigger, after the horse, and he's about that big too, at least it seems that way when he's in my lap on this little blue chair.

I went to bed with lofty expectations last night.  I brought the project to check the width of it against the bed.  It's going to be just the width of the bed, then I will decide if I am smart enough (Or paying enough attention) to decrease on one side and not the other.  It's a corner to corner pattern, and when I started working on it again, it was about 1/4 as wide as I'd like it to be.  If I do what I want to do, it might end up being a little wider than the 60 inches.  That's OK.  It's going to be mainly for the extra warmth we sometimes need in the bed, not as our actual bed blanket (which is something altogether, and sort of awesome and HIDDEN right now).  Unless, I do lose my mind between now and then, which is within the realm of possibilities since it's almost Thanksgiving and all.

Kids are off of school tomorrow until Monday.  They are extremely excited.  I am extremely excited I am going to work tomorrow and that I get to come home and make them my kitchen slaves, because their dad won't be home to do my bidding.

I have almost decided to record today.  Of course that'll require my showering and possibly removing my robe, which I'm not all that inclined to do right now.  It's a pretty awesome robe, y'all!  Maybe it will make an appearance. My horsey dog might too.

I watched the movie Mercy yesterday.  I had watched a lot of it at work on Saturday but forgot about it until yesterday when I saw it on Netflix.  I knew I had missed some key parts.  It wasn't holding my attention at all, since I kept walking away, and then there was the bee in the kitchen.  That was silly.  I'm really glad I'm not on a reality television show because I'd be humiliated by the way I acted.

Oh, there's the dog beckoning me to open the door.  4:30 AM and he barks, even though he knows how to 'knock' on the door.

OK, knitting business.  Nothing is done.  Of course, I was running around the house ignoring a movie and trying to get a bee out of my kitchen.  Kidding, that wasn't my entire day.  I cleaned the oven, and forgot about it.  Twice.

Umm, let's see.  I tried to learn toe up socks.  I'm a dork.  It's something I'll have to watch a lot of videos about.  Magic loop is still eluding me.  I think it's because my head is so full of other stuff, like finishing up what I am working on -I'm very excited about knitting socks and want to make all the socks right now.

My WIPs are as follows:

1) Vintage Vertical Stripe Crocheted Blanket by Bella Dia  It's great!  I have 12 colors of various Red Heart worsted weight yarns.  They're all Super Saver or With Love.  It's awesome.  The size that it is (I haven't measured) takes me about 20 minutes to go across.

2) Cozy Thermal Mitts by Karen Everitt.  They're great and on Lanas Puras Yarns Melosa Worsted.  Super soft and is sort of various shades of purple....from a super light purple to regular purple, if that makes sense. ( I linked it to my stash picture)

3) A pair of mittens that I cannot find the listing for on Ravelry, whoopsie!  I'll fix that later on

4) Weasley Rib socks on Patons Kroy Socks Stripes, with a US 1 set of DPNs

5) Knitmore Girls Vanilla sock on Lion Brand Sock Ease and a US 2 DPNs

6) Corner to Corner blanket by Catherine J Watson for Red Heart Yarns.  I'm using Red Heart Super Saver Camo, Medium Thyme and Cafe Latte and an I hook.

7) Jimmy Beans Wool Once Upon a Time MKAL pattern.  I stopped working on it.  I suck!  I did one mitt, started the cowl and then just didn't want to do it anymore.  I am going to finish the second mitt.  Maybe after the holidays.  I dunno.  I'm just not feeling the pattern anymore.

I'm going to try and not start anything new today, just maybe work on one thing, or finish the cozy thermal mitts.  Or the blanket.  Or finish the mitts then work on the blanket.  Not like I'm going anywhere today.  It's gonna be a podcast and craft sort of day.

Other Crafts:

I'm doing knotted fleece blankets for nieces and nephews.  At least the ones that are small.  I'll just kick the older ones in the behind for Christmas.  See, my brother has 2 babies, almost a year old, sister has one almost 2 year old and my sister in law (one of them) has two little dudes.  Plus my father-in-law's step daughter has a baby girl (the only one other than mine!).  That is 6 (SIX!!) fleece blankets.  I have ONE made.  The fixings for two are in the house.  Definitely want to work on those things.  I'll be half done, then get the rest this weekend and then it's all about trying to drag my ass out to the post office with three different boxes for three different addresses in two different states.  Yay me. NOT!

Okay, it's getting COLD in my house, so I'm going to start working on something and try to find the listing for the mittens for next time.  Stay warm, folks!

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