Thanksgiving Week

Monday is here!  The entire world is whining because it's Monday, and I'm over here all excited because I'm off, and I will have the house to myself for two days.  Two days I will enjoy, because on Wednesday the children are off of school.

I finally watched a video about knitting with the magic loop method, and I feel as though I could have had a V-8!  So simple!  My long circular needles, though aren't very flexible,  Mostly because they've been sitting in the package I purchased them in.  I'm not sure if they'll ever be as flexible as would be needed for knitting with the magic loop. 99% of mine are Clover brand bamboo circulars, I think there are 5 or 6 that aren't. And saying it out loud that 99% are Clover, and that there are 5 or 6 that aren't tells me that I have a hell of a lot of circular needles.

I did make an attempt to knit in magic loop last night.  My thinking of doing it at 10 PM probably wasn't my best idea.  I'll try again later, after everyone is gone.

Since yesterday, not much has changed.  I have not settled my Thanksgiving menu.  In fact it's probably changed three times since I woke up this morning. I do know one thing for sure, though.  Today I will take the turkey out of the freezer and I will clean the damn oven.  Seems last time I made meatloaf, some grease leaked out and even though I tried my best to clean it up afterwards, the smoke alarms are still going off and my children are not smart enough to not use the oven that sets off the smoke alarms while their father is sleeping off the graveyard shift.  Yes, that happened yesterday. I'm glad I was at work, though if I was home that wouldn't have happened and I would have cleaned the oven out already. Someone mentioned that I should have the kids do it.  I almost hurt myself laughing.  I think we'd end up with the oven exploding or something.

OK, it's 5 am, so I'm going to wrap this up:

Knitmore Girls Vanilla socks: Feels like I've been stockinetting forever
Rye Socks: I've turned the heel and am working towards the toe (I LOVE worsted weight socks!)
Weasley Rib socks: 14 rows of a 20 row cuff are done.
Trying to work on a blanket that is crocheted, but not as awesome as making myself a lot of socks.

Finished stuff:

None.  Still working away on my socks.

Future projects:

Let's see...I have a ball of Lion Brand Sock Ease in Cotton Candy, Pahoehoe by Mary Gavan, Elegant Brand Angelic yarn, and a ball of Cascade 220 paints which are all going to be socks, just don't know which socks I want to make with them, though I'm looking at a few

Also, still making a pair for everyone in the house (except for the dog, who I think might try to have me committed if I try to put socks on him).

Work stuff:

We watched X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I liked it.  It made me want to watch the one X-Men movie I'm sure I haven't seen that isn't a Wolverine movie (I haven't seen an entire Wolverine movie. Logan alone isn't all that appealing to me).

Home stuff:

I'm looking into getting the vents cleaned.  Whenever we turn the heater on for the first time, the smoke alarms go off, and one day they're going to go off because the house is on fire. And I'm going to do the cleaning jobs around the house that I don't trust the kids to do correctly or without creating a situation where we'd have to call the police or someone else would call the police.  Plenty of time to do it today.

Also, I'm still thinking on doing a sort of v-log once a week in addition to the blog. I'm thinking I'll do sort of a trial of it, though I don't think my super slow knitting style will be something anyone wants to watch.  I really just sort of want to play with the movie maker software on my computer.  Because I am a nerd.

I hope your week is amazing and that all your Thanksgiving plans turn out perfectly!

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