Happy Thanksgiving!

So, it's a busy day here today.  the plan was to wake up early and bust out the pies.  I busted out two pies, and then realized there are no more eggs in the house, and I need eggs to make the third pie.  Also, I don't know how, but there is NO CEREAL in the house, and with no eggs too, this makes for a dire situation. Especially with teenage boys in the house.

Adding to the fun, sometime last month, the dog peed on the corner of the big sofa and the carpet underneath.  I scrubbed it and everything. Still, I kept smelling urine whenever I got close to that part of the couch and since it's right at the corner of the living room/kitchen area where we walk to get to and from each room, I smelled it a lot.  I attributed it to  something psychosomatic.

This morning, it smelled especially strong this morning.  Guess what?  He did it again sometime last night.  Mostly on the carpet.  I have zero carpet cleaning products in the house, and in about one hour the hubs will be home.  And I don't want to leave.  Or spend money on carpet cleaning stuff.

I have baking soda sprinkled on the spot.  We'll vacuum it up and then scrub it clean.
It's turning into that kind of day.

I recorded a v-log the other day, but it's REALLY long.  And it was supposed to be published yesterday.  That didn't happen. I'll do another on Monday.  I have a better handle on the recording and what I have to do to edit it now.  It was all one long thing, and my software wouldn't let me add stuff to it.  Rather, I don't know how to edit it that way to add stuff to it. Anyway, I'll have some FO's to show instead of the McKinley sized pile of UFOs I have surrounding me at all times.

I learned a Turkish Cast On this week!  I was so excited, I pulled it out and did it all over again.  I'm still not great with the M1L, M1R stuff.  I'm much better at kfb.  All aces there.  M1L always leaves a hole in the work.  I know it's just me not twisting the stitch onto the needle correctly, but seriously, having to watch the video every time I attempt it is making me crazy.

My Cozy Thermal Mitts are just about done.  I just have to do the thumb and weave in the ends.

I am 1/3 of the way done with the baby Christmas presents.  Wow, that sounds lame.  I'll be half done by Tuesday, Maybe even 2/3 of the way done. That sounds much better.


Stop sitting here reading this!  Go, enjoy your day and your family!

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