Finish Line


I finished my cozy thermal mitts! I was so excited!  I also found my crochet case with my yarn needles in it, so I could weave in the ends. (I did it as soon as I found it because I had already weaved in the ends of the first mitt).

This morning, I found that I had (Probably, maybe) blocked the first one already.  I'll have to check.  But it's a little bit bigger than the one that just came off the needles.  I tried to take the picture so it wouldn't show, but if you look, you can see the difference.

I am plugging away at my other projects, though I've been concentrating on my SOM Sock Club sock for the most part.  Just because I don't want to loose momentum.  What usually happens is I go, go, go, and finish one then the other just doesn't hold me like the first.  I have this thing where I don't enjoy making a project more than once, especially in a row.  This boredom is part (I think) of why I buy so much yarn.  I'm not buying yarn this year, so I have to get over this boredom and FINISH stuff!!

The sock is going well.  I'm really love it.  I tried it on the other day, and it fits PERFECTLY!  I'm so excited.

I'm a lot further than this picture, as of right now.  It's actually close to halfway down my foot.  I can't wait to wear them!  

So, the bad stuff.  I had grabbed my size 2 circular needle to use for something, and then I went back to work on my Vanilla Sock, and found that half of the stitches weren't on needles.  Apparently the size 2 circulars I picked up were the ones that the sock was on.  No idea how I pulled it out without realizing what the heck I was doing.  I left it alone, because I was sad and angry.  When I finally calmed down and went back to it, there was no saving it, so I frogged the whole thing and rewound the yarn.  I did that yesterday, and plan on casting back on later today, like when I get bored of the awesome pattern of my great stripey socks.  That means I probably won't do it, because I love that pattern!

That's it for today.  Just lots of sock knitting and a little blanket crocheting-I am getting to really close to being done with the blanket itself!  Then it's weaving in the million ends and doing the border! 

I hope your Tuesday is full of magic!

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