I am part of the Addicted to Sock Knitting group on Facebook.  It's a wonderful group of women that LOVE knitting socks.  As part of that group, there are several events that take place that we can participate in as a group.

The one event that I am participating in this year is the Knit from Stash Sock Club event.  Basically, we all love knitting socks, but sock clubs can get pricey, so we're doing a knitting sock club from our stash.

The event started on 1 January, and so far I have finished one sock of this months pair.  The thing is, the yarn I am using is Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn (Spring Fling colorway).  Each ball is 50 grams, so I bought 2 balls-1 ball for each sock.  The first sock is done (Followed the instructions explicityly, except for two extra rounds I did because I couldn't figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing and kept passing the point I needed to be at), and I have almost half the ball left still.  I'm not sure it's enough to make an entire other sock of the same pattern, so I thought I'd make an anklet sock to see if I could manage it.

It's looking good so far.  It's a lacy pattern, and I have jacked up the lace to much I'm surprised there isn't just a large hole on the top of the sock.  I am about 18 rows from beginning the decreases for the toe on this first sock.

I have also cast on for the second sock of my KAL pair.  Just the first round of the cuff is done.  I'll have plenty of time to work on it because I get off work early and my son is having his friends over.  4 15 year old kids who can take care of themselves, and my husband manning the grill-I am set for the night.  And they're coming over at around 5, so I have at least 4 hours of knitting before I need to go to bed or do stuff like blow out candles (16!  Call the fire marshal!).

Yep, my oldest boy is 16 now.  Can't believe it.  He was such a tiny dude when he was born, and now he's bigger than me.  Truthfully, it's not the hardest feat, being taller than me, but still.  Crazy.

Have a great Friday and Happy Knitting!

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