The Question

No, not the first question ever asked and yada yada...But a good one nonetheless.

This morning, my daughter asked, "Mama, are you gonna ever finish my other mitten."

And I hung my head in shame.

See.  This is always what happens.  I start a project, get all excited about it.  And I never finish it.  This is why I'm trying to make this year my year of finishing things.  All the projects I've been procrastinating on, I want to finish.  I want that sense of accomplishment I was looking forward to when I started it.  And I want some damn warm blankets that are all for me and won't end up smelling like teenaged boy feet.

Yesterday, I finished my own Cozy Thermal Mitts.  I figured these would be easiest because all that was left was the thumb and weaving in the ends of the second mitt.  It's done, except the weaving in ends.  I can't find my case with my needles and crochet hooks.  The thing that's been with me since the beginning of this crazy ride.  I'm sure I've just 'put it away' somewhere and it'll turn up shortly, but in the meantime, I'm stuck with these long ass tails of yarn hanging off this mitt.  I'll try to add some pictures, because of course as soon as I was finished and ready to take pictures, I found I didn't have my needles and my phone had died.

Today, I'm going to work on the second mitten of Halle's mitten set, using the Handful of Berries pattern from Manos del Uruguay, which apparently I never made a project page for on Ravelry.  Ooopsie!  They are done in Red Heart Soft yarn in Embers and they are to match her socks that I made for her birthday , which were also my first pair of sock ever.

It shouldn't be too hard.  It uses size 6 and 8 DPNs and worsted weight yarn so it'll go fast, if I remember correctly.

A mitten and a sock are what I'll be working on today.   Hopefully I'll have some pictures of either or (even better) both for you tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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