Go, Go, Go!

I have been what I want to say is extremely busy.  The truth is, I think my body is just going through stuff and it feels as though things have been busy, when in fact, things are probably the same.

Well, NOW things are the same.  There was a time this year when I was very busy and was feeling as though my life was not my own. It was like I was doing all this stuff because others wanted me to do these things.  Slowly, though things have returned and I am once again doing whatever the heck I want to do on my days off.

Just in time for the kids to go on their two week Spring Break!  So that, NO! I am not going to be doing whatever the heck I want to be doing on my days off. Instead I am sitting at home playing board games with my kids.  For the entire day almost.  It was really funny. We all know that we are all pirates and cannot be trusted, so there were some interesting things going on, trying to keep each other from peeking at cards and such.

They are driving me completely insane, but we're having a great time here during this break.  And I am working on all my unfinished projects. Just yesterday, I finished a pair of wool socks I started last year for my husband.  They were round worsted weight socks with an afterthought heel.  I was SO BORED making them.  I seriously could have finished them within weeks, but of course my ADD kicked in and I went onto something else.  I did know in my head I needed to finish them, but I also knew that it wasn't going to be cold enough for him to wear them, For months.  So I had time.

It was weird that I finished them yesterday, though.  Shortly after I got done, he came home and let me know he and his friend had gotten drawn for their hunt they put in for for this winter.  And he's been saying he's going to take them with him to keep him warm,  Eventually, I'll have to make him another pair of wool sock so he's not sitting in those for days.  But, you know, I Have time.

I also finished my blanket!  It was a labor of love.  I had 12 balls of Red Heart Super Saver and With Love, and just finished all of them.  My pattern that I used was the Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket pattern by Bella Dia.

I LOVE this blanket!  I did make it longer than it needed to be, because...It doesn't fit across the bed like I wanted it to. Doesn't matter though, because we're still using it.  It's warm here during the day, so we've been sleeping with the windows open, It's nice to have the extra blanket when it's really cold early in the morning.

And David just uses it by itself when he's been sleeping during the days after work.

Current works in progress are my corner to corner blanket.  No idea how big I'm going to make it, because I have a LOT of yarn for it, but I might just make more than one thing instead of a huge blanket. Also I'm still working on Hermione's Everyday Socks... I just cast on the second sock.  I am also doing the Pin Striped Socks, almost finished the first one.

In educational news (For me, anyways)  even though we're all together all the time during the break, I managed to watch the videos and finally read through the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern by The Sox Therapist...and I made one!  It's on the pinstriped socks.  I'm thinking this might be my heel for all of eternity for every pair of socks I make from now on.  Of course, besides the ones I'm already working on.

There's another pair I have to finish, it's an anklet pair, and truthfully, I should have finished it in January, but I put it aside to start other stuff that I haven't even really started yet.  It was part of the Hey I made these socks and I have a whole bunch of yarn left over and managed to get a sock out of the left overs of one of the balls.  I seriously made 3 socks in like 2 weeks.  But you know me...I had time, so I let it sit.  And continually started other stuff instead of finishing what I had already started.  I'll finish that one when Hermione is done.

Anyways, there's a scary movie on and it's making me laugh, and people are starting to wake up.  I hope everyone that reads this has a great day, and maybe got some inspiration or passes stuff on to give others inspiration.