Bless You

For the last two mornings, I awoke to a rattling sound.  Nothing to be alarmed about.  It was coming from my chest.

Yes, we here at my house have entered the dark realms of our various seasonal allergies.  Mine are awful.  So bad that I feel much the same as when I have an actual cold.  Yesterday, when I woke up and realized what the sound was, I just rolled over and went back to sleep, after of course forcing myself to cough enough to make the rattling stop.  But that was yesterday, when I needed to be at the top of my game for work.

Today is a different matter altogether.  Today is Thursday. A day off. And really, not just any day off.  It's the ONE single day of the week that I have off with my husband.  That makes it special.  Except that he really should go to sleep, instead of hanging out with his wife. Otherwise, the man is falling asleep in his supper.

With allergy season in full swing around here, I have been having a rough time trying to find motivation to knit or crochet anything for any amount of time.  I have six projects strewn about me, and I find myself doing a few stitches and putting a project down. It is making me glad I finished at least one of my test knit socks before any of these shenanigans started.  I have 9 days to finish the second one, and with the way I feel right now, I'm about ready to chuck it all.

Here it is the end of April, and I think I have only finished a second sock on one pair (the pair was started in February, I guess). I finished a Charade sock, a Spoilers sock and a test knit sock this month.  No complete pairs started and finished for the month of April.

BUT, good things have happened. I had my birthday. I got yarn for my birthday.  I FOUND my missing Vanilla Sock.

I realized something about my Vanilla sock.  The two socks, one started and finished last year, the second started last year and finished this January, are different gauges.  I think.  The first sock was tried on a LOT. Mostly because it was my first sock with sock yarn and I wanted to admire it on my foot.  I also think that I did the first one on dpns and the second one magic loop with a different brand of needles. I forgot that a size 1 in one brand isn't always the same as a size 1 in another brand.

For instance, I have been using Chiaogoo needles I bought at Tuesday Morning for most of the year. Size 1 and 2, but I had a size US 1.5 Knitter's Pride Nova that I got from Handsome Fibers. I LOVE that thing.  The cord is so amazing!  The Chiaogoo Needles cord isn't as awesome (I expect that's why they're $1.99 ish at Tuesday Morning), so I decided to get something else.  My LYS has Addi Turbos, which I also love. Addi Turbos size US 1 and 2 are NOT the same as the Chiaogoo US 1 and 2.  The Turbos are slightly larger, which is nice.  What's not nice is that I forgot that the needles are pointy and that others have gotten holes in their fingers using the Addi needles.  I dropped one, and of course it landed point side down onto my foot. Yowch!

So One sock is slouchy, and the Other is more form fitting. Not the biggest deal, considering I'm wearing my socks for work socks. Any other time, I'm barefoot or in flip flops.

OK... really fast:  Outlander is a big deal in my house.  That and Game of Thrones are the two shows that the hubby and I will watch together regularly.  I'm re-reading the book, because apparently, there's stuff I don't remember, and I'm not exactly sure how something happened, even though I remember that they happened.  My kindle has WhisperSync which is, I think, a great invention.  I happened to upgrade...oh damn.  OK, I did my free trial of Audible, and only just realized I wasted it on Outlander, which I probably could have upgraded for mere dollars instead of a good $14,99 credit. Rats.

Anyway, I've been listening to it while I'm awake and no one else is and knitting. I discovered, while trying to find other books I could listen to, that I could upgrade my Kindle books for less, mostly.  So I went through and did that (I think $5, maybe) and I also upgraded my Dragonfly in Amber to voice.

I got excited about audio books, and looked up my library subscriptions and found I owe my library over $40 in late fees, so I can't log in to most of their audio book collections, though I can listen to a few.  I am having fun discovering all the great books I can hear.

Well, it's that time, when I have to start cracking the whip.  I hope you all have a loverly Thursday!

Hooray for Remembering!

Yesterday morning, as I was settling in to knit some socks I am test knitting, I bumped the table my laptop is sitting on. Sadly, my coffee was also on said table, and I shared it with my laptop.

Immediately I tried to clean it up and save it, since the spill was closer to the 10 key. It did not go unscathed and somehow my space bar and backspace weren't working. So its been off since then.

I bought a larger SD card for my tablet, so I'm using that now until I can figure out just how busted the laptop is. Mind you, this isn't an iPad or a Samsung. Its an $80 tablet I bought because I was pissed last year.

The hard drive is small and makes updating the stuff that came loaded with it sort of a pain in the ass. Because right now, nothing will update. I keep getting errors about available space, though I have a brand new 16 gb card in it now, on top of what is on the actual device.

I have four pairs of socks in various states of doneness, including a test knit pair in which I finished the sock in four days. That's a new record for me. It is important for me to finish it on time, since its important for the designer to have the feedback before the pattern goes live. The most exciting part for me was that I had the most fitting co!or of yarn for the pattern in my stash.  The second sock will be cast on when I get home from work.

Also, I'm doing my first pair of socks two at a time. They are worsted weight wook socks for the hubs to take hunting in December. They're in Cascade yarns 220 Paints, in the blues color way. I may end up doing a tube sock with a coordinating cuff, but I am waiting to see how hateful I feel about the socks when I get to the point where I have to decide.

I am continuing working on my Spoilers Socks by C.C. Almon a.k.a. JavaPurl on Ravelry. I stole the circular need!e I was using on them and put them on the back burner so I could do the test knit.  And my last pair is the Charade Socks which I think I might be in love with. I will explain that later, once the pair is done and ready to show. Its sort of funny. To me anyway.

I am participating in a CAL at my local yarn shop, Arizona Yarn & Fiber, for the Glen Oaks lacy scarf by Deja Jetmir . Its rough starting up for me, but I have no doubt I'll be able to get some help at the shop on Tuesday.

That's all I've got for you today... I hurt my thumb a few days ago, so using this thing is like when I started typing class in high school, I'm just using two fingers, because when I use my thumb, nothing happens! So I'll be looking into some accessories for it, if it comes down to me needing to switch over to using this. Or I'll just buy a better one, hopefully.

I hope your day is full of beautiful craftiness!

This is Becoming a Pattern

Once again, I am awake in the week hours of the morning.

The last few days, I have been making some really bad food choices for myself.  Well...OK yes, bad food choices.

I have eaten Hostess Ding Dongs (I had asked for pink Sno-Balls, the store they went to only had white ones, so they got me Ding Dongs instead), Hostess Sno-Balls (justice served), a big ass slice of carrot cake, and an entire (almost) small (delicious) Barro's Special pizza and a soda.  So there has been a lot of heartburn in my life.

Last night, I had the intention of staying up to shampoo the carpet in the living room (a whole other story that I'll get to later).  Instead I went to bed so I could lay down.  I was dreaming that I was asleep in bed and rolled over.  When I opened my eyes, there was a large spider on the ceiling over my face.  I awoke to find myself jumping out of my bed.  Looking up, the only thing that's over my side of the bed is the air vent.  But I was awake, so here I am.

Yesterday was bad.  We're talking ordering a small pizza and eating almost the whole thing alone bad.  I woke up and noticed that the lights were on downstairs and there was someone moving around.  At the hour I woke up, I assumed it was one of the kids.  I was correct.  I opened my bedroom door and smelled what I hoped was a figment of my imagination.  As I got downstairs, I was making excuses for what I was smelling.  I saw something that lead me to believe I was imagining things.

Then I walked into the front room.  I immediately turned around and almost threw up.  Sometime in the night the dog had an accident.  It was bad.  I took EVERYTHING outside to the backyard and went upstairs to get dressed.  This was not going to be fixed with a few spritzes of Febreze, which is sad, because my Febreze smells really good.

While I was dragging the Rug Doctor through the room, I decided that I WOULD indeed go buy myself a pizza from Barro's and I would indeed also get myself the largest soda they had and I would indeed enjoy eating that whole damn thing by myself.

After I got done with the carpet, I took care of some business for work, then got my pizza and sat watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  It was good, and almost worth the pain I was in yesterday afternoon.  I keep forgetting I'm getting old and haven't been taking the best care of myself so I can't be eating all this crap.

I was able to sit and knit on my Spoilers Sock and I finished it.  As usual, when I finish a sock, instead of starting in on the second sock, I worked on another sock that's on the needles.  It's the Pin Striped Sock.  I did the first one, with my first Fish Lips Kiss Heel, which I LOVE!  I have decided that I'll never do another heel flap again.

I am still hunting for my second Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock, which has been missing for about a week. I keep thinking that I put it into a bag or a box accidentally, but knew that I had put it in there thinking that I'd find it soon or something.  I don't know.  It makes sense in my head.  Miraculously, there is only one sock on any needles right now.  It's making me twitchy.  I made several attempts to start another one of the second socks I need to work on. I will also admit that I gave thought to starting a whole other pair of socks altogether.  I just want to make all the socks, OK?

Today will be better though.  I know it.  I'm meeting up with a woman that I've known on the internet for years and years.  I am very excited about it, as over the years there have been others in our group that have met up and I've always felt a little jealous, because it seemed that a lot of the group are in closer proximity to each other than I am to anyone-or at least that they're more able than I am to arrange to meet up with each other.  So, I'm pretty excited about this afternoon. I'm sure there'll be a lot of pictures taken.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find some music that I can sing too to make sure the kids don't hang around in the living room instead of doing what they need to do to get ready for school.

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

First off, it's 3:15 AM.  I am awake.  I have been awake since before 3.  Laying in bed when you're awake is freaking boring, so here I am.

For some reason, my first coherent thought this morning was: "Hey, I should totally see how much mannequin feet are!"  So I have been shopping for mannequin feet.  I have been thinking of getting a pair of mannequin feet.  Not for anything more than I think they're cool in pictures for displaying socks.  Pure aesthetics.  Looking through my Google search results, my next coherent thought was, "Oooh, other mannequin parts!"  Then things took a turn.

Not only did Google return results for mannequin feet, it gave me results for silicon mannequin feet, which look like real feet and are pretty expensive, considering I can get a pair of plastic mannequin feet for under $10, and the silicone ones are a lot more.  Scrolling down, I got results for entire mannequins, mannequin hands, 'sexy' mannequins (Meaning, she's got a rack).  Even a mannequin dressed in a negligee and posed on her knees.  A GERi mannequin for health care training, I'm assuming since they referred to patient positioning (she's elderly, with wrinkles even!). A variety of male mannequins.

There was one in particular that I think was the reason that I woke up as much as I did, just because I was laughing so hard at the look on her face.  Of course, I cannot find the dang thing (I had been searching on my phone), but I found another one that would have probably done the same. Mostly, I think it's funny that there are listings for 'sexy' mannequins.

Thinking back, I think the one that made me laugh was probably a sex mannequin, which made me close all my tabs and stop searching for it again.  Thankfully, I didn't click the link so that terror isn't tucked away in my search history.

Anyway, I just want some damn plastic feet, for nothing else except to make my crap that I make look nice so people can tell me how awesome my socks are.  I guess I'll just have to stick to forcing the Girl Child do wear the socks for the pictures.  My only problem with that is, she'll run off with them.

As an update for the search for my Vanilla sock...I did go through the closet under the stairs.  There are NO people in there, under the stairs.  There is also no Vanilla sock hiding in there.  I keep thinking that what happened was, it got put away with The Old Man's laundry, and I just left it there, so it's sitting in his drawer between two t-shirts or something.  My logic for leaving it there was sound (if I left it between to shirts), because it's in the house, not lost and I'll eventually get it back.  If he finds it, he'll hide it in the bed when he makes it so I find it when I go to bed.  If I find it, I'll put it on and dance around upstairs then come down stairs to get the other one and not be able to find that one.

It's almost 4 AM here, so I'm going to go and get back to finishing my Spoilers Sock, which of course looks huge (meaning close to being done), but when I put it on, it's barely over my ankle.  I'll be posting pictures to my Ravelry project page later. For now, I'm going to knit while watching shows about people killing other people on ID, or as The Old Man calls it, The Husband Killing Channel.

I hope your Easter is fun and full of good food and happy times with your family!

So Lame

I'm sure there's another post of mine with the same title, but you know what?  It's Saturday afternoon and I'm listening to the Sonic The Hedgehog theme song while sitting next to my husband who is activating his new debit card.  Things are LOUD and I cannot think of anything supremely awesome to name this post.

I have only been yarn crafting lately.  Nothing else.  I'm on a tear for making socks.  I'm getting better at it, so it goes faster and therefore I can make MORE hand knit socks for myself.  My deal is, as soon as I have three pairs that are mine, I'll start weeding out my old store bought socks.  I know exactly which ones will go first, because there's a hole in the cuff.  Either that or the man socks that I requisitioned from the Old Man.  Those have become something of a pain in the ass, and promote blisters on my feet more than anything else.

Soo...I would have gotten rid of the first pair of socks, because I finished my Hermione's Everyday Socks, which are amazing and soft!  BUT, I discovered that one of my vanilla socks is missing!  I have torn through almost the entire house looking for it and cannot find it.  I have not, however, stooped low enough to look through the boys' room.  I am afraid.  The only time I even look in there is when I have to wake The Tall Boy up, and then I just open the door and holler at him that it's time for him to get up.

I COULD also look through the closet that my yarn stash is in, but that's going to take some work, because I tore through it already trying to find the bag for the sock of the month stash club for April.  Which wasn't there!  I found every month left in the year, except April and August.  So what I did was, I took the two bags and didn't look in them, and on March 31, I put them on the kitchen table and then went to bed.  April 1, I woke up and grabbed a bag, and that became my April pick.  It's not the worst choice in the world-Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in Jade.  It was stashed on my Ravelry page, but it's not there anymore.  I think I might have put that I was using it for another project, but I can no longer find that project (meaning I looked at one promising project, found it wasn't there, so I stopped looking).

I'm making C.C. Almon's Spoilers Socks from her Doctor Who Inspired Companion Collection, after my favorite of the Doctor's companions- his wife, River Song!  I'm on the leg portion of the sock and am looking forward to finishing in the next few days (hoping tomorrow, since I'm off from work).  Then I'll finish my Pin Striped Sock (I am almost through the cuff of the second), and a Super Simple Short Sock for my Girl Child, which are mismatched, because that's how she rolls, yo!

 Lots of people are popping up pregnant, which means there'll be lots of baby stuff getting made.  Also lots of me wishing I was having a baby.  But only because then I'd have a baby, instead of three teenagers who are total pains in the rear.  The Middle Child used to tell me I needed to have another one so the Girl Child would leave him alone.  Of course, that's when they were 6 or 7 years old.

We're gearing up for Easter tomorrow around here, though it's not going to be anything overly exciting.  I'm grilling, since The Old Man will be asleep for most of the day (graveyard shift sucks) and has to go back tomorrow night (see previous),  Hopefully he hasn't put a Mummy's Curse on his grill that'll cause me to get warts or anything.  Still, I should probably wear gloves, just in case. Too bad Indiana Jones isn't available to help me out.

Thankfully tomorrow isn't Christmas, because I need to go to Walmart and buy a carrot cake.  I cannot make one, because apparently there IS a curse of some kind on me baking a cake.  I can never get it out of the pan whole anymore (which is probably more due to me needing a new pan or you know paying better attention to getting it ready.  Whatevs.) Anyway, I probably won't get a cake for my birthday (because I refuse to make my own damn cake, dammit), so I'm buying one for Easter, and it will be my favorite-carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. .

OK, this is getting crazy long, and I am finding myself abusing the hell out of the backspace button, because I'm getting sloppy.  Mavis Beacon and Mrs Plante would be disappointed in my typing skills nowadays.  I hope you have an enjoyable Easter, that Passover was amazing and that you have an amazing weekend, no matter what you're doing!