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For the last two mornings, I awoke to a rattling sound.  Nothing to be alarmed about.  It was coming from my chest.

Yes, we here at my house have entered the dark realms of our various seasonal allergies.  Mine are awful.  So bad that I feel much the same as when I have an actual cold.  Yesterday, when I woke up and realized what the sound was, I just rolled over and went back to sleep, after of course forcing myself to cough enough to make the rattling stop.  But that was yesterday, when I needed to be at the top of my game for work.

Today is a different matter altogether.  Today is Thursday. A day off. And really, not just any day off.  It's the ONE single day of the week that I have off with my husband.  That makes it special.  Except that he really should go to sleep, instead of hanging out with his wife. Otherwise, the man is falling asleep in his supper.

With allergy season in full swing around here, I have been having a rough time trying to find motivation to knit or crochet anything for any amount of time.  I have six projects strewn about me, and I find myself doing a few stitches and putting a project down. It is making me glad I finished at least one of my test knit socks before any of these shenanigans started.  I have 9 days to finish the second one, and with the way I feel right now, I'm about ready to chuck it all.

Here it is the end of April, and I think I have only finished a second sock on one pair (the pair was started in February, I guess). I finished a Charade sock, a Spoilers sock and a test knit sock this month.  No complete pairs started and finished for the month of April.

BUT, good things have happened. I had my birthday. I got yarn for my birthday.  I FOUND my missing Vanilla Sock.

I realized something about my Vanilla sock.  The two socks, one started and finished last year, the second started last year and finished this January, are different gauges.  I think.  The first sock was tried on a LOT. Mostly because it was my first sock with sock yarn and I wanted to admire it on my foot.  I also think that I did the first one on dpns and the second one magic loop with a different brand of needles. I forgot that a size 1 in one brand isn't always the same as a size 1 in another brand.

For instance, I have been using Chiaogoo needles I bought at Tuesday Morning for most of the year. Size 1 and 2, but I had a size US 1.5 Knitter's Pride Nova that I got from Handsome Fibers. I LOVE that thing.  The cord is so amazing!  The Chiaogoo Needles cord isn't as awesome (I expect that's why they're $1.99 ish at Tuesday Morning), so I decided to get something else.  My LYS has Addi Turbos, which I also love. Addi Turbos size US 1 and 2 are NOT the same as the Chiaogoo US 1 and 2.  The Turbos are slightly larger, which is nice.  What's not nice is that I forgot that the needles are pointy and that others have gotten holes in their fingers using the Addi needles.  I dropped one, and of course it landed point side down onto my foot. Yowch!

So One sock is slouchy, and the Other is more form fitting. Not the biggest deal, considering I'm wearing my socks for work socks. Any other time, I'm barefoot or in flip flops.

OK... really fast:  Outlander is a big deal in my house.  That and Game of Thrones are the two shows that the hubby and I will watch together regularly.  I'm re-reading the book, because apparently, there's stuff I don't remember, and I'm not exactly sure how something happened, even though I remember that they happened.  My kindle has WhisperSync which is, I think, a great invention.  I happened to upgrade...oh damn.  OK, I did my free trial of Audible, and only just realized I wasted it on Outlander, which I probably could have upgraded for mere dollars instead of a good $14,99 credit. Rats.

Anyway, I've been listening to it while I'm awake and no one else is and knitting. I discovered, while trying to find other books I could listen to, that I could upgrade my Kindle books for less, mostly.  So I went through and did that (I think $5, maybe) and I also upgraded my Dragonfly in Amber to voice.

I got excited about audio books, and looked up my library subscriptions and found I owe my library over $40 in late fees, so I can't log in to most of their audio book collections, though I can listen to a few.  I am having fun discovering all the great books I can hear.

Well, it's that time, when I have to start cracking the whip.  I hope you all have a loverly Thursday!

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