Hooray for Remembering!

Yesterday morning, as I was settling in to knit some socks I am test knitting, I bumped the table my laptop is sitting on. Sadly, my coffee was also on said table, and I shared it with my laptop.

Immediately I tried to clean it up and save it, since the spill was closer to the 10 key. It did not go unscathed and somehow my space bar and backspace weren't working. So its been off since then.

I bought a larger SD card for my tablet, so I'm using that now until I can figure out just how busted the laptop is. Mind you, this isn't an iPad or a Samsung. Its an $80 tablet I bought because I was pissed last year.

The hard drive is small and makes updating the stuff that came loaded with it sort of a pain in the ass. Because right now, nothing will update. I keep getting errors about available space, though I have a brand new 16 gb card in it now, on top of what is on the actual device.

I have four pairs of socks in various states of doneness, including a test knit pair in which I finished the sock in four days. That's a new record for me. It is important for me to finish it on time, since its important for the designer to have the feedback before the pattern goes live. The most exciting part for me was that I had the most fitting co!or of yarn for the pattern in my stash.  The second sock will be cast on when I get home from work.

Also, I'm doing my first pair of socks two at a time. They are worsted weight wook socks for the hubs to take hunting in December. They're in Cascade yarns 220 Paints, in the blues color way. I may end up doing a tube sock with a coordinating cuff, but I am waiting to see how hateful I feel about the socks when I get to the point where I have to decide.

I am continuing working on my Spoilers Socks by C.C. Almon a.k.a. JavaPurl on Ravelry. I stole the circular need!e I was using on them and put them on the back burner so I could do the test knit.  And my last pair is the Charade Socks which I think I might be in love with. I will explain that later, once the pair is done and ready to show. Its sort of funny. To me anyway.

I am participating in a CAL at my local yarn shop, Arizona Yarn & Fiber, for the Glen Oaks lacy scarf by Deja Jetmir . Its rough starting up for me, but I have no doubt I'll be able to get some help at the shop on Tuesday.

That's all I've got for you today... I hurt my thumb a few days ago, so using this thing is like when I started typing class in high school, I'm just using two fingers, because when I use my thumb, nothing happens! So I'll be looking into some accessories for it, if it comes down to me needing to switch over to using this. Or I'll just buy a better one, hopefully.

I hope your day is full of beautiful craftiness!

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