It Shouldn't Be This Hard

First off, it's 3:15 AM.  I am awake.  I have been awake since before 3.  Laying in bed when you're awake is freaking boring, so here I am.

For some reason, my first coherent thought this morning was: "Hey, I should totally see how much mannequin feet are!"  So I have been shopping for mannequin feet.  I have been thinking of getting a pair of mannequin feet.  Not for anything more than I think they're cool in pictures for displaying socks.  Pure aesthetics.  Looking through my Google search results, my next coherent thought was, "Oooh, other mannequin parts!"  Then things took a turn.

Not only did Google return results for mannequin feet, it gave me results for silicon mannequin feet, which look like real feet and are pretty expensive, considering I can get a pair of plastic mannequin feet for under $10, and the silicone ones are a lot more.  Scrolling down, I got results for entire mannequins, mannequin hands, 'sexy' mannequins (Meaning, she's got a rack).  Even a mannequin dressed in a negligee and posed on her knees.  A GERi mannequin for health care training, I'm assuming since they referred to patient positioning (she's elderly, with wrinkles even!). A variety of male mannequins.

There was one in particular that I think was the reason that I woke up as much as I did, just because I was laughing so hard at the look on her face.  Of course, I cannot find the dang thing (I had been searching on my phone), but I found another one that would have probably done the same. Mostly, I think it's funny that there are listings for 'sexy' mannequins.

Thinking back, I think the one that made me laugh was probably a sex mannequin, which made me close all my tabs and stop searching for it again.  Thankfully, I didn't click the link so that terror isn't tucked away in my search history.

Anyway, I just want some damn plastic feet, for nothing else except to make my crap that I make look nice so people can tell me how awesome my socks are.  I guess I'll just have to stick to forcing the Girl Child do wear the socks for the pictures.  My only problem with that is, she'll run off with them.

As an update for the search for my Vanilla sock...I did go through the closet under the stairs.  There are NO people in there, under the stairs.  There is also no Vanilla sock hiding in there.  I keep thinking that what happened was, it got put away with The Old Man's laundry, and I just left it there, so it's sitting in his drawer between two t-shirts or something.  My logic for leaving it there was sound (if I left it between to shirts), because it's in the house, not lost and I'll eventually get it back.  If he finds it, he'll hide it in the bed when he makes it so I find it when I go to bed.  If I find it, I'll put it on and dance around upstairs then come down stairs to get the other one and not be able to find that one.

It's almost 4 AM here, so I'm going to go and get back to finishing my Spoilers Sock, which of course looks huge (meaning close to being done), but when I put it on, it's barely over my ankle.  I'll be posting pictures to my Ravelry project page later. For now, I'm going to knit while watching shows about people killing other people on ID, or as The Old Man calls it, The Husband Killing Channel.

I hope your Easter is fun and full of good food and happy times with your family!

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