So Lame

I'm sure there's another post of mine with the same title, but you know what?  It's Saturday afternoon and I'm listening to the Sonic The Hedgehog theme song while sitting next to my husband who is activating his new debit card.  Things are LOUD and I cannot think of anything supremely awesome to name this post.

I have only been yarn crafting lately.  Nothing else.  I'm on a tear for making socks.  I'm getting better at it, so it goes faster and therefore I can make MORE hand knit socks for myself.  My deal is, as soon as I have three pairs that are mine, I'll start weeding out my old store bought socks.  I know exactly which ones will go first, because there's a hole in the cuff.  Either that or the man socks that I requisitioned from the Old Man.  Those have become something of a pain in the ass, and promote blisters on my feet more than anything else.

Soo...I would have gotten rid of the first pair of socks, because I finished my Hermione's Everyday Socks, which are amazing and soft!  BUT, I discovered that one of my vanilla socks is missing!  I have torn through almost the entire house looking for it and cannot find it.  I have not, however, stooped low enough to look through the boys' room.  I am afraid.  The only time I even look in there is when I have to wake The Tall Boy up, and then I just open the door and holler at him that it's time for him to get up.

I COULD also look through the closet that my yarn stash is in, but that's going to take some work, because I tore through it already trying to find the bag for the sock of the month stash club for April.  Which wasn't there!  I found every month left in the year, except April and August.  So what I did was, I took the two bags and didn't look in them, and on March 31, I put them on the kitchen table and then went to bed.  April 1, I woke up and grabbed a bag, and that became my April pick.  It's not the worst choice in the world-Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in Jade.  It was stashed on my Ravelry page, but it's not there anymore.  I think I might have put that I was using it for another project, but I can no longer find that project (meaning I looked at one promising project, found it wasn't there, so I stopped looking).

I'm making C.C. Almon's Spoilers Socks from her Doctor Who Inspired Companion Collection, after my favorite of the Doctor's companions- his wife, River Song!  I'm on the leg portion of the sock and am looking forward to finishing in the next few days (hoping tomorrow, since I'm off from work).  Then I'll finish my Pin Striped Sock (I am almost through the cuff of the second), and a Super Simple Short Sock for my Girl Child, which are mismatched, because that's how she rolls, yo!

 Lots of people are popping up pregnant, which means there'll be lots of baby stuff getting made.  Also lots of me wishing I was having a baby.  But only because then I'd have a baby, instead of three teenagers who are total pains in the rear.  The Middle Child used to tell me I needed to have another one so the Girl Child would leave him alone.  Of course, that's when they were 6 or 7 years old.

We're gearing up for Easter tomorrow around here, though it's not going to be anything overly exciting.  I'm grilling, since The Old Man will be asleep for most of the day (graveyard shift sucks) and has to go back tomorrow night (see previous),  Hopefully he hasn't put a Mummy's Curse on his grill that'll cause me to get warts or anything.  Still, I should probably wear gloves, just in case. Too bad Indiana Jones isn't available to help me out.

Thankfully tomorrow isn't Christmas, because I need to go to Walmart and buy a carrot cake.  I cannot make one, because apparently there IS a curse of some kind on me baking a cake.  I can never get it out of the pan whole anymore (which is probably more due to me needing a new pan or you know paying better attention to getting it ready.  Whatevs.) Anyway, I probably won't get a cake for my birthday (because I refuse to make my own damn cake, dammit), so I'm buying one for Easter, and it will be my favorite-carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. .

OK, this is getting crazy long, and I am finding myself abusing the hell out of the backspace button, because I'm getting sloppy.  Mavis Beacon and Mrs Plante would be disappointed in my typing skills nowadays.  I hope you have an enjoyable Easter, that Passover was amazing and that you have an amazing weekend, no matter what you're doing!

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