This is Becoming a Pattern

Once again, I am awake in the week hours of the morning.

The last few days, I have been making some really bad food choices for myself.  Well...OK yes, bad food choices.

I have eaten Hostess Ding Dongs (I had asked for pink Sno-Balls, the store they went to only had white ones, so they got me Ding Dongs instead), Hostess Sno-Balls (justice served), a big ass slice of carrot cake, and an entire (almost) small (delicious) Barro's Special pizza and a soda.  So there has been a lot of heartburn in my life.

Last night, I had the intention of staying up to shampoo the carpet in the living room (a whole other story that I'll get to later).  Instead I went to bed so I could lay down.  I was dreaming that I was asleep in bed and rolled over.  When I opened my eyes, there was a large spider on the ceiling over my face.  I awoke to find myself jumping out of my bed.  Looking up, the only thing that's over my side of the bed is the air vent.  But I was awake, so here I am.

Yesterday was bad.  We're talking ordering a small pizza and eating almost the whole thing alone bad.  I woke up and noticed that the lights were on downstairs and there was someone moving around.  At the hour I woke up, I assumed it was one of the kids.  I was correct.  I opened my bedroom door and smelled what I hoped was a figment of my imagination.  As I got downstairs, I was making excuses for what I was smelling.  I saw something that lead me to believe I was imagining things.

Then I walked into the front room.  I immediately turned around and almost threw up.  Sometime in the night the dog had an accident.  It was bad.  I took EVERYTHING outside to the backyard and went upstairs to get dressed.  This was not going to be fixed with a few spritzes of Febreze, which is sad, because my Febreze smells really good.

While I was dragging the Rug Doctor through the room, I decided that I WOULD indeed go buy myself a pizza from Barro's and I would indeed also get myself the largest soda they had and I would indeed enjoy eating that whole damn thing by myself.

After I got done with the carpet, I took care of some business for work, then got my pizza and sat watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  It was good, and almost worth the pain I was in yesterday afternoon.  I keep forgetting I'm getting old and haven't been taking the best care of myself so I can't be eating all this crap.

I was able to sit and knit on my Spoilers Sock and I finished it.  As usual, when I finish a sock, instead of starting in on the second sock, I worked on another sock that's on the needles.  It's the Pin Striped Sock.  I did the first one, with my first Fish Lips Kiss Heel, which I LOVE!  I have decided that I'll never do another heel flap again.

I am still hunting for my second Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock, which has been missing for about a week. I keep thinking that I put it into a bag or a box accidentally, but knew that I had put it in there thinking that I'd find it soon or something.  I don't know.  It makes sense in my head.  Miraculously, there is only one sock on any needles right now.  It's making me twitchy.  I made several attempts to start another one of the second socks I need to work on. I will also admit that I gave thought to starting a whole other pair of socks altogether.  I just want to make all the socks, OK?

Today will be better though.  I know it.  I'm meeting up with a woman that I've known on the internet for years and years.  I am very excited about it, as over the years there have been others in our group that have met up and I've always felt a little jealous, because it seemed that a lot of the group are in closer proximity to each other than I am to anyone-or at least that they're more able than I am to arrange to meet up with each other.  So, I'm pretty excited about this afternoon. I'm sure there'll be a lot of pictures taken.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find some music that I can sing too to make sure the kids don't hang around in the living room instead of doing what they need to do to get ready for school.

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