Shawl Craziness

Have you ever had a day or a couple of days where one thing sort of led to another and another and so on?  This past week has been a very awesome sort of knitting thing like that.

See, what happened was, for some reason, I decided I needed to knit the Easy Hipster Slouch Hat immediately.  Well, honestly, I wanted to use my Cascade Casablanca in Teals to make the E.H.S.H. (Which I finished in two days and ended up breaking the yarn just as I  was about to make the knot after the finish.  I cried, but I ended up getting it done, but I digress).

That required some stash diving because it wasn't where I thought it was.  While I was stash diving I came upon two full skeins of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in the Petunia colorway.

That lead to me looking for a shawl pattern and remembering that I had the 22.5 degrees pattern by Martina Behm.

THAT lead me to remember that the Knitmore Girls were doing a BEHM-Along in their Ravelry group.

THAT lead me to remember that I had been wanting to get the Hitchhiker pattern and the Trillian pattern, both by Martina Behm.

THAT lead me to remember that I wanted to read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Which is odd, because my nephew offered me his copy of HGTTG the next day.

So, I'm all excited about doing the shawls and reading the book and I got everything all downloaded and wound up and the needles set aside.

Then,I found out that the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast was having a summertime KAL in their Ravelry Group that starts on Monday June 1.

So, I'm waiting to start on those.  I am however, halfway through with one skein of yarn on the 22.5 degrees shawl and continually reminding myself to NOT START THOSE SHAWLS!!

It's summer vacation here, so the kids are here ALL THE TIME now.  The best part is that they aren't getting up before 6 am! I sat down here for almost 2 hours ALONE.  A miracle!  I went to shower and get dressed and came downstairs to my daughter sitting at the table with a paper towel that looked like she was using it as a place-mat and a utensil.  I figured she was waiting for my her bagel to finish toasting.  She wasn't. She had finished already.

I gave her my list of chores for the day (to help combat them sitting and playing X-Box all day).  It's just a few extra things over what they would normally do.  I was surprised to find that it did get done.

I was also surprised to find that I wasn't going to have to run to the store.  This is something that happens occasionally on days when my husband is cooking.  Today I wasn't surprised about that.  Generally, the days that he cook require at least 24 hours of preparation.  Also, it occasionally requires a little day drinking by me.  Because damn.  He gets pissy, sometimes.

Today, I think he just got dehydrated.  It was around 105 degrees in the area, so even though he was drinking a lot of water all day (his words), it's a high possibility.

OK, so it is now the next day, and I'm probably more of a real person than I was last night, so I'm going to finish this off with what I've been watching while I sit around knitting.

The one show I've been watching most is Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  I sort of feel disappointed in myself because I had determined that Gilmore Girls could go take a long walk off a short pier, but I just skipped that episode (where they ran away and went to Harvard), and it sort of plays in the background.  As of right now, I'd have to look up which season/episode I am on.  But I think I might be in season 3.

The regulars Game of Thrones (hooray for Cersei being jail! I did a happy dance!) and Outlander (More Scottish man ass than anyone could wish for!) are almost over-in fact, I think Outlander ended last night if I'm not mistaken. We'll watch that tomorrow.

As far as podcasts go...I will admit, I have fallen short here on that one.  I am regularly watching The Geeky Girls Knit podcast with C.C. and Damaris.  I'm back to watching In a Sknit (they're on Episode 39- We're Baaaaaack! and playing in the other tab of this window right now).  Since I'm up 'before God'* most days, I think I'll just watch/listen to a different one each morning and use the Gilmore Girls as a silencer for when the kids (a.k.a. The Husband and the Teens) are murdering each other on The XBOX.  I did that a few days ago and man, I got through a LOT. At least it felt like it.

Anyway, there are more podcasts I want to watch/listen to.  I just haven't been so I don't remember which ones I watched.  I guess I'll have to actually log in to YouTube so I can see my subscriptions.

What we're looking forward to watching this summer is Us smacking all the mosquitos that kill us when we think about going into the back yard.  Also, as far as TV/whatevs:  The Last Ship, with Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin in Navy uniforms.  Nothing else matters.  That is what is important about that show.

Also, Falling Skies!  I'm so excited for it to come back!  And so glad that they didn't just end it with that season ender, cause WOW!

Well, that's a lot of stuff, and I have promised my husband a hearty breakfast apparently when he gets home from work this morning, so I should go and hem and haw about that. I hope the weekend has been a good one for you, and that your week is absolutely amazing!

Not Super Crafty

Today is Thursday.  Typically, Thursdays are hit or miss around here.  Sometimes I can send my husband to bed and sit and knit or sew all day long in my pajamas.  Sometimes, we're running around doing stuff all day long, then I can come home and knit all day in my pajamas with breaks for cooking (which we share occasionally on Thursdays and Fridays).

Today was a little different.  The Mr is leaving for the weekend tomorrow morning, and thought that since we haven't really gotten to hang out, just the two of us, that we could do that today.  See, most days we have together,  I'm awake and he's ready to crawl into bed or vice versa OR we're running and obscene amount of errands.

Today, I had a plan for myself, if he chose to sleep this morning.  Thankfully, he didn't.  Instead, he asked me out to breakfast, then asked what I had planned on doing today.  My answer was that I had planned on heading over to Schnepf Farms to pick some peaches so I could make a pie.  Pie ended up being the secret word that guaranteed he wouldn't change his mind about going to the farm.  Which was good, because I was ready to call it a day already by the time we left IHOP.
It says "BUTT" on the wall!

Breakfast this morning was at IHOP.  We really like it there, and he says it's better than Denny's.  Plus, we'd have to pass by the farm to get home from there.  I read somewhere today was National Biscuit Day, and that made me think of biscuits and gravy, which I was considering making even though I only have the gravy mix and no sausage in the house.  So, you can guess what I had.

He had pancakes with peaches and raspberries with boysenberry syrup.  We each got two eggs, hash browns and either bacon or sausage, which we ended up sharing.

At the end of breakfast, he took his straw and started trying to drink up the syrup off his plate.  He's a goof.

Then we went to the farm.  I LOVE the farm.  I have loved the farm ever since my daughter's kindergarten class went on a field trip there from Scottsdale (I was over the moon excited when I realized how close it would be to where we were moving that summer, too). We drove to the back, where the peach orchards are and ZOMG!  There were so many cars there already!  It was a lot of fun picking peaches, even though we didn't end up staying that long.  Last time I took the kids peach picking, we spent a LOT of money because we somehow ended up with 17 pounds of peaches. This time, I was more careful, and got half as much.

Then we went to visit the country store at the front of the farm.  I specifically went in to grab some of the raw honey, but also walked out with some Strawberry Rhubarb preserves and some Red Raspberry preserves.

After that we went to get some pie crusts, because I am awful at making pie crusts. We got some other stuff, like eggs and whipped cream (for the pie).  Then we came home.

I started getting things ready to make the pie and realized I needed some tapioca, but of course that's all gone from the house.  I also realized I forgot to get carrots and celery for split pea soup tonight.  So back I went to the store.

I made a gorgeous looking pie.  My daughter came home and said, "We should grow a peach tree!"

Because I got this for Mother's Day:

It's a 4'x4' raised planting bed, I also got 9 cu ft of fertlized dirt (The Mr. calls it 'Poopie Dirt').  I was given free reign to go and choose what to plant, though.  In the back is tomatoes, then throughout the box is cucumbers, lettuce, basil, green beans, radishes, more basil and oregano.  All things we use almost regularly in our house.  However, there is no room for a peach tree, especially considering we are renting this house.  We will plant trees, though, once we move to our own house. For now, though, I am content with my little garden.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I should have some good finished projects to show. One, at least for sure.

I hope your Friday is AMAZING and that your weekend is even better!

Shhhhh, Listen

I have been on a sort of audio book kick lately.  I got my library card number and started digging around to see which audio books were available to me to listen to on the computer.

While it's nice to be able to sit and listen to someone else reading me a book while I'm knitting, I'm finding that since I'm not actually reading the book, I walk away a lot to do things without pausing it.

What I'm listening to currently is Phillippa Gregory's The White Princess. I have read The White Queen and The Red Queen.  I have not read The Kingmaker's Daughter, though I'd like to and I'm staying away from The Lady of the Rivers, because, really.  I'm finding out there's another book, The King's Curse about Margaret Warwick, which I might have to read since it is the next book.

BUT, I'm also excited about SYNC's summer listening series that started today. This week's offerings are Beautiful Creatures and Rebecca, which is one of my favorites. I'm considering throwing The White Princess over so I can listen to Rebecca, but I haven't decided yet.

Currently, I am watching The Geeky Girls Knit Podcast on youtube via my awesome XBOX instead of listening to a book.  I'm also washing dishes and that sort of stuff, which isn't any fun.  However, it's all part of a bigger plan, since this afternoon, we're leaving almost as soon as the kids get back from school to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  We tried watching Marvel's Agents of Shield last night, but immediately found that SPOILERS!!!!  Just like they did with Captain America The Winter Soldier.  Which was fine, I guess.  I didn't go see Winter Soldier in the theater.  But, everyone else in the house did, so they sort of explained things that intersected with the show/movie.  Though I got it when Fury looked like he died that he wasn't really dead, because duh.  I knew that they wouldn't kill off Coulson at the end of the Avengers because duh.  That would be stupid.  Coulson is awesome!

Oh and hey!  The Geeky Girls just said my name on their podcast!  I'm Ravelry/Internet famous!  I won this week's drawing and got a free pattern from JavaPurl/C.C. Almon's Ravelry store.  I chose the Souffle girl

So, craft type stuff... I realized that I didn't finish one pair of socks for the entire month of April, which is odd having done a pair and a half a month at least since January.  I did finish one pair a few days ago, but that's super secret knitting that I can't talk about.  I am ALMOST finished with my toe up Charade Socks, having finished the heel.  There's another pair that I got tired off and I put on time out, even though I was almost finished. It's just a lot of stuff and I want to do other things and feel like it's just bogging me down.  I'm just lame and want to make all the socks for all of the minutes in the day.

Alas, I cannot do ALL of the things.  So I'm procrastinating about doing much of anything.  Instead of knitting stuff, I am washing dishes and eating things, and watching Gilmore Girls and thinking I should start knitting something or finish knitting something.  And laundry.  Yes, my one great enemy-not wanting to go out with my husband in my fluffy pajama pants

It's  Thursday, so I hope you're rest of the week is wonderful, and that the weekend is AMAZING!