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Today is Thursday.  Typically, Thursdays are hit or miss around here.  Sometimes I can send my husband to bed and sit and knit or sew all day long in my pajamas.  Sometimes, we're running around doing stuff all day long, then I can come home and knit all day in my pajamas with breaks for cooking (which we share occasionally on Thursdays and Fridays).

Today was a little different.  The Mr is leaving for the weekend tomorrow morning, and thought that since we haven't really gotten to hang out, just the two of us, that we could do that today.  See, most days we have together,  I'm awake and he's ready to crawl into bed or vice versa OR we're running and obscene amount of errands.

Today, I had a plan for myself, if he chose to sleep this morning.  Thankfully, he didn't.  Instead, he asked me out to breakfast, then asked what I had planned on doing today.  My answer was that I had planned on heading over to Schnepf Farms to pick some peaches so I could make a pie.  Pie ended up being the secret word that guaranteed he wouldn't change his mind about going to the farm.  Which was good, because I was ready to call it a day already by the time we left IHOP.
It says "BUTT" on the wall!

Breakfast this morning was at IHOP.  We really like it there, and he says it's better than Denny's.  Plus, we'd have to pass by the farm to get home from there.  I read somewhere today was National Biscuit Day, and that made me think of biscuits and gravy, which I was considering making even though I only have the gravy mix and no sausage in the house.  So, you can guess what I had.

He had pancakes with peaches and raspberries with boysenberry syrup.  We each got two eggs, hash browns and either bacon or sausage, which we ended up sharing.

At the end of breakfast, he took his straw and started trying to drink up the syrup off his plate.  He's a goof.

Then we went to the farm.  I LOVE the farm.  I have loved the farm ever since my daughter's kindergarten class went on a field trip there from Scottsdale (I was over the moon excited when I realized how close it would be to where we were moving that summer, too). We drove to the back, where the peach orchards are and ZOMG!  There were so many cars there already!  It was a lot of fun picking peaches, even though we didn't end up staying that long.  Last time I took the kids peach picking, we spent a LOT of money because we somehow ended up with 17 pounds of peaches. This time, I was more careful, and got half as much.

Then we went to visit the country store at the front of the farm.  I specifically went in to grab some of the raw honey, but also walked out with some Strawberry Rhubarb preserves and some Red Raspberry preserves.

After that we went to get some pie crusts, because I am awful at making pie crusts. We got some other stuff, like eggs and whipped cream (for the pie).  Then we came home.

I started getting things ready to make the pie and realized I needed some tapioca, but of course that's all gone from the house.  I also realized I forgot to get carrots and celery for split pea soup tonight.  So back I went to the store.

I made a gorgeous looking pie.  My daughter came home and said, "We should grow a peach tree!"

Because I got this for Mother's Day:

It's a 4'x4' raised planting bed, I also got 9 cu ft of fertlized dirt (The Mr. calls it 'Poopie Dirt').  I was given free reign to go and choose what to plant, though.  In the back is tomatoes, then throughout the box is cucumbers, lettuce, basil, green beans, radishes, more basil and oregano.  All things we use almost regularly in our house.  However, there is no room for a peach tree, especially considering we are renting this house.  We will plant trees, though, once we move to our own house. For now, though, I am content with my little garden.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I should have some good finished projects to show. One, at least for sure.

I hope your Friday is AMAZING and that your weekend is even better!

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