Shhhhh, Listen

I have been on a sort of audio book kick lately.  I got my library card number and started digging around to see which audio books were available to me to listen to on the computer.

While it's nice to be able to sit and listen to someone else reading me a book while I'm knitting, I'm finding that since I'm not actually reading the book, I walk away a lot to do things without pausing it.

What I'm listening to currently is Phillippa Gregory's The White Princess. I have read The White Queen and The Red Queen.  I have not read The Kingmaker's Daughter, though I'd like to and I'm staying away from The Lady of the Rivers, because, really.  I'm finding out there's another book, The King's Curse about Margaret Warwick, which I might have to read since it is the next book.

BUT, I'm also excited about SYNC's summer listening series that started today. This week's offerings are Beautiful Creatures and Rebecca, which is one of my favorites. I'm considering throwing The White Princess over so I can listen to Rebecca, but I haven't decided yet.

Currently, I am watching The Geeky Girls Knit Podcast on youtube via my awesome XBOX instead of listening to a book.  I'm also washing dishes and that sort of stuff, which isn't any fun.  However, it's all part of a bigger plan, since this afternoon, we're leaving almost as soon as the kids get back from school to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  We tried watching Marvel's Agents of Shield last night, but immediately found that SPOILERS!!!!  Just like they did with Captain America The Winter Soldier.  Which was fine, I guess.  I didn't go see Winter Soldier in the theater.  But, everyone else in the house did, so they sort of explained things that intersected with the show/movie.  Though I got it when Fury looked like he died that he wasn't really dead, because duh.  I knew that they wouldn't kill off Coulson at the end of the Avengers because duh.  That would be stupid.  Coulson is awesome!

Oh and hey!  The Geeky Girls just said my name on their podcast!  I'm Ravelry/Internet famous!  I won this week's drawing and got a free pattern from JavaPurl/C.C. Almon's Ravelry store.  I chose the Souffle girl

So, craft type stuff... I realized that I didn't finish one pair of socks for the entire month of April, which is odd having done a pair and a half a month at least since January.  I did finish one pair a few days ago, but that's super secret knitting that I can't talk about.  I am ALMOST finished with my toe up Charade Socks, having finished the heel.  There's another pair that I got tired off and I put on time out, even though I was almost finished. It's just a lot of stuff and I want to do other things and feel like it's just bogging me down.  I'm just lame and want to make all the socks for all of the minutes in the day.

Alas, I cannot do ALL of the things.  So I'm procrastinating about doing much of anything.  Instead of knitting stuff, I am washing dishes and eating things, and watching Gilmore Girls and thinking I should start knitting something or finish knitting something.  And laundry.  Yes, my one great enemy-not wanting to go out with my husband in my fluffy pajama pants

It's  Thursday, so I hope you're rest of the week is wonderful, and that the weekend is AMAZING!

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