And Then There Were Nine

So I just finished a row of my Flax sweater for my husband.  A row.  Not the first row or the last.  But it's the last whole row that'll be completed with the first skein of yarn. I think there's maybe 12 inches of yarn left of it.

The sweater is going well.  There've been a few mishaps.  I have managed to fix all but one of them, and I can't say I think it'll be a huge deal for my husband for what he's using it for-to help keep him from freezing his ass off while hunting.

Flax has a garter panel on the sleeves.  I keep losing my place when it comes to the garter panel.  and there has been plenty of tinking back to fix it. Including one that had me tink back an entire row, only to find that I was doing it correctly in the first place.

There are about 5 rows of the garter panel that I purled every row on.  The only way it's completely obvious is if you look on the 'inside' part where it's all knit stitches.  I think if I pulled it out to fix it now, after I've discovered it, I might just scrap the whole thing and go buy him a sweater at the Army Surplus store.  He has one of those, and let me tell you, they are NICE sweaters.  I love them.  There's even a button closure at the neck and ribbing and OMG I should totally just make one!  They're amazing, and for what I paid in yarn, I probably could have gotten him at least one.

So I am trying to be more careful for the rest of the sweater.  I honestly know he'll wear it no matter what sort of mistakes I make.  BUT we all need to remember, this is the largest garment I have ever attempted, and though I'm through a good portion of the top of it, it's still pretty daunting, especially knowing that he's going to USE it in a way that seems more than normal wearing of a sweater.

I finished ONE of the Hermione's Socks.
This pair is in Patons Kroy Socks in the Bramble Stripes Colorway. I did a Fish Lips Kiss heel, with 1/2 inch of stockinette instead of a whole inch.  Which, by the way, I had been neglecting to do in all the socks I've made with the FLK heel.  I thought the inch of stockinette was just for toe up socks.  I guess I should actually read stuff before I start project, eh?

I've been spinning a LOT lately.  All to practice for the class.  Tomorrow is part two, where we'll be plying yarn.  I have two balls ready to go, and I'm working on another bunch of fiber.  That'll be 3 plys, if I can finish.  BUT I was thinking more along the lines of, since with each bunch of fiber I spin, I get better, I might do a 2 ply of the two good ones, which will obviously be the one I'm working on now and the one that I haven't started yet.  OR I might just wait and do a 4 ply of the four together (that wouldn't work though because with each spin I do, I lose less fiber to stray tufts  or breaking, so they're uneven lengthwise).

I really do think I'll get something nice from the blue and purple yarn and who knows I might re-ply it with the orange and yellow.  My big huge plan was the do the orange and yellow with red and call it Good Morning, Sunshine.  We'll see how that goes.

All the plying will be done on the wheel, though and Lord knows I'm still not too good at using the wheel.  It'll take some practice with using my feet and hands at the same time.  Which sounds so lame!

My Stash Dash hasn't moved one tiny bit.  I'll change that when I ply my yarns and measure them.

On the homefront:  My garden is still suffering.  We're trying to keep it watered well, and I cleaned out all the dried up dead leaves, which makes my garden look pathetic.  Like a desert scene in a movie.  Not very far off, considering where I live, but still.  It was going well, and then someone tripped and turned up the heat.

We cleaned up the backyard some today.  It was just after 10 am and 95 degrees out already. So when we finished, we washed up and went to Sonic.

Now we're just sitting around doing whatever.

We HAVE NOT watched Falling Skies yet.  I was hoping that we would this morning before the husband went to bed, but he thought the kids would be interested in watching so we watched The Last Ship instead.  It was pretty good.

Well, that's about it here.  I'm just biding time until it's time to start cooking dinner and watch Falling Skies and trying to figure out which way I'm going to start using the new skein of yarn on this sweater.  Once I get that done, I'll probably just keep working on it instead of putting it aside.  I'd really like to separate for the sleeves today.  My daughter looked at me like a lunatic and asked me, "What are you supposed to be making there?"  She said she thought it was a hat, so finishing that much would be good.

I hope your week goes well, and Happy Crafting!

Week End

Aah, Friday.

It means absolutely NOTHING in this house, except that Dad gets to stay home at night instead of going to work.

It's today.  Yay.  I have to work tomorrow, and so does the Husband (thought he's working at night).

Nothing is going on today.  I just felt like typing, really.

I had planned on going to spin a little at Arizona Yarn, but I realized I'd left home without any fiber, and seeing as how there's 2.5 bundles of unspun fiber here, I decided to skip it, and try to go tomorrow, or Sunday at Tempe Yarn.

Instead, I sat here and was spinning with my Schacht Spindle, which is awesome.  And heavy.  It's the big 3 oz size, which I thought would be perfect since I have 4 oz bundles of fiber. (I do not...I just keep thinking they're 4 oz because my first fiber bundle WAS 4 oz.  The ones I have now are 2 oz.)

So, I got a bunch of the blue fiber done.  In fact there's only tufts of it at various locations of the house.  I'll have to clean them up, since the Husband is bound to make the kids vacuum tomorrow and I don't want to get in the way of that.

I did some of the purple fiber yesterday, but it kept breaking on me, so I just have these little purple balls of yarn.

Today, though, something clicked.  I was doing really well until a little while ago, where I was spinning at the size I think you're supposed to spin fiber at if you're going to ply it.  Mostly it was even, though there were a few spots things got thicker.  It looks really cool.  I'm going to finish the purple up, maybe tomorrow night, and then try to keep it up with the 2 oz of yellow and orange so that I can ply those on Tuesday. I think if I go into spin whatever I spin up on the wheel will be what gets plied with the blue I did Wednesday.

On My Needles:

I'm almost done with the first Hermione Sock for my niece's pair of socks.  I did a 6.5 inch leg, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, and am almost done with the foot part.

That's all I've been working on since I got to the point where I started the heel.
Everything else is feeling lonely and crying for me.  Just listen very closely and you'll hear it.

On The Telly:

We watched the season premiere of The Last Ship last night.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  What an episode!  It was more like a season finale episode than a premiere.  And can I just say, Adam Baldwin and Eric Dane are so HOT! Especially Adam Baldwin.  I heart him.  Big puffy heart him.

We watched Life Below Zero, the episode after Sue's accident.  That was scary! Sue is my favorite on the show, I love her hats! Anyway, it was good to see her back, I was scared and almost cried.  The Hailstones are awesome!  I love that they took two snow machines and made a good one.  That was awesome.

The Husband and The Boys watched American Sniper last night.  The Husband approves.  He said they did it right, and did right by Chris Kyle.

Today at work we watched Out of the Dark with Julia Styles, Scott Speedman and Stephen Rea. I liked it, and might watch it again on Monday (since, you know, I was at work and missed a bunch)

Our second movie was Lee Daniels' The Butler with Forrest Whittaker, Oprah Winfrey and OMG was everyone in this movie??!!  I forgot how many 'faces' were part of this film.  It's was excellent, and I was sorry that my time to leave arrived before the end of the movie.  Cecil was reading to Caroline Kennedy when I left.  I might suggest we watch it together this weekend.

In the Books:

I began the novella There's No Place Like Oz by Danielle Paige.  It's from Dorothy's point of view after her return from Oz.  The Kindle says I'm at 2% of the book, so I'm not too much into it, but it is good.  It'll be interesting to see what Paige does with the return to Oz and all that happened in the next books of Oz.

Out of Doors:
My garden is falling to bits.  It's just too hot out, and things are dying.  I know they need more water, so I'm trying to get everyone to pitch in in taking care of that while I'm not here.  Most days I don't get to water it, after the first watering in the morning, until the hottest part of the day. I went and took all the basil leaves of and put them in paper towels then froze them in a bag.  There's cucumbers popping up, though they aren't supposed to be ready until next month.  I'm waiting to see what happens with the tomatoes.  Cross your fingers!


This past Tuesday, I took a spinning class at Tempe Yarn and Fiber.  It's a two part class, with the second part this coming Tuesday.

I have no pictures or anything, though I brought my camera and phone with me.  I walked in and found myself nervous and eager.  Of course, I wanted to also wander around the store and buy all the things, but I took myself to the back of the store to the classroom.

There I found Michelle, our instructor, and Todd, the only other student.  We had an Ashford wheel and a Ladybug, which was the one I got to use.

Things I learned in class:

How to get the spinning started
That the wheel will go into counter clockwise if you stop
How to use the wheel
I'm no Rumpelstiltskin
And finally:  That I actually have to work at spinning!

Can you believe it?  The nerve!

I had dreams of going in there and spinning up a whole mess of beautiful singles to ply in the next class.  I came home with a few ounces of a blue mess.  It wasn't awful, but it wasn't what I had hoped to be carrying out of the store at the end of the class.

I also walked out with homework.  Ewww!  Homework is to spin as much as possible during the week between classes.

So I went to Arizona Yarn & Fiber to spin and made a mess.  I was only going to spin for about 30 minutes, but I took so long figuring out what was going on that I ran out of time before I really got to do anything.

I was going to go today, but my daughter wanted to shop for toiletries today and took her sweet ass time getting out of bed, knowing full well that if I am going to go to the store after 6 AM, it had better be before 10.  We left AFTER 10, and didn't get home until 11:30.  That sort of threw me off a bit.

So I sat and did some spinning on my Schacht drop spindle with the top whorl.  I got it on Tuesday after my class along with some yellow fiber that I can hopefully ply with the tangerine to make something cool.

Spindling is becoming easier to me.  I can get a pretty uniform strand.  I did the purple today and it kept breaking, so I stopped.  I did a really good go at Blue yarn on Tuesday afternoon. I have wound that into a ball and plan on bringing it with me to ply on Tuesday.

OK onto good stuff:

I finished Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige.  It was good.  A little unsettling when the main character Amy swears and stuff, but then I have to remember that she came from a more modern time that Dorothy had.  Also, all of Dorothy's clothing reads sort of slutty.  And apparently time runs different from here because Dorothy is a babe.  With cleavage.

There are several prequel novellas that are out, so I'm thinking I might read those first before continuing on with The Wicked Will Rise.

I'm going to pick up Podkayne of Mars again.  She's sort of a pain in the ass.  She's 9, but I think time moves differently on Mars so she's more like a teenager than a 9 year old.  The cover art shows a girl of maybe 15 years old.

I'm looking forward to finishing that so I can start on The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. After that, who knows.

I'm waiting on Falling Skies on Sunday.  We watched the second episode of Dark Matter on SyFy.

OOOOH! I got to see an episode of Defiance on SyFy and I think I must have been super tired or completely delirious for about 5 minutes.  Linda Hamilton is in it as Pilar, Rafe's wife that hadn't been seen in I think almost the entire first season.  So Nolan and Irisa are under attack from some Castithans and she came up to save them and she turned to them and said, "Come with me if you want to live!"  And I died in a fit of laughter.  I don't know exactly why that was THAT funny to me, but there ya go.

I'm slowly going through season 3 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  I think I finished the third episode today.  Maybe the fourth. The one when we learn about Chang.

The kids and I are making our way through Parks and Recreation on Netflix.

Yesterday at work I watched the Sisterhood of Night on Netflix.  It was pretty good.  I'm going to sit and watch it with my daughter since I was at work and didn't get to see parts of it.

So Stash Dash is still going strong, I guess.  I've done the heel of my first Hermione's sock. Shouldn't be too much longer before I'm closing the toe.  It's for my niece and I did a 6.5 inch leg, and only half an inch of stockinette on my Fish Lips Kiss Heel.

I cast on another pair of tube socks for my husband.  These are in Patons Classic Wool in the Forest Colorway, and like the other pair, will feel as though they are taking forever.

Biggest goal is to finish all this little stuff and try not to cast on anymore, so I can concentrate on The Sweater, which still hasn't gotten to the point of separating for sleeves yet. That means I finish the two pairs of socks and get a bunch done on my Hitchhiker and the Malt.  Malt is second most important, then the two pairs of socks and the Hitchhiker.

Biggest news:  The It's Them Aliens! pattern from JavaPurl/C.C. Almon went live today!  I test knit the pattern for C.C. and it's a GREAT pair of socks.  Mine were done in 100%  Merino wool and 72 stitches.  They fit perfectly on my foot  and look fantastic.

I started this late today, so now it's time to cook some dinner.  I hope your week is going well.  Happy Crafting!

Woe is Me

I had a day, a few days ago.  Sunday, I think.  It must have been, I remember being glad that I'd have two days off when it was finally over.

There's stuff going on I can't talk about.  Nothing truly huge, but it could have been.  I'm pretty sure it's over and nothing came of it.  On  top of all of that, on Sunday, the house was attacked by a large swarm of ants.

Can ants be called a swarm?

Anyway, it took about an hour to get past the ants that were on the surface-mostly because ants just kept coming from where they were coming from.  I hadn't even gotten a chance to look at where they were coming from.

I was angry.  No one wants to take up to THAT many ants in their kitchen. I got a lot of them and put down some stuff behind the stove and that kept them from coming in (for a time).  Then I said screw it.  I hadn't even gotten a chance to make coffee, and it was close to 6 in the morning.

So, I went into the stash closet, and pulled out my bag that basically is holding seven skeins of Berroco Vintage yarn. I rewound most of them, for figuring out which I'd like to use in sweaters.  Baby sweaters specifically.  Who knows what I'll do. I have seven skeins after all.

Then, when my husband got home from work, he said he wanted actual grits for breakfast.  I made the grits and when I opened the lid to stir the pot, the grits bubbled up and got me on the thumb.  Damn, that hurt!  With everything that's going on, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I stood in the kitchen and cried.  So, I was very glad when 1:30 rolled around and I could come home.

I finally finished my Wool Many Socks for my husband.  They're pretty awesome, and he wore them for about 30 minutes after we took pictures of them.

A far cry from the first hot mess of woolen socks I made for him.  Thank God.

The are Cascade 220, all 220 yards of one skein and about a quarter of a skein for the cuff. One looks stretched out a bit more because that was the first and it got tried on a lot to check for length and that it'd fit around his foot in a way that he liked.

It's a 3x3 rib on the instep and leg, and a 2x2 ribbing on the cuff. done toe up with a Turkish cast on, which I think I will never do again for a pair of socks like this.  Definitely buying two skeins of yarn and using one for each foot and just doing it in one solid color.

That's my one FO for the week.

My WIPs are:

Hermione's Everyday Socks in Patons Kroy Socks Stripes in the Bramble Stripes Color way.  Miraculously, I think the pair might be actual twin socks, at least that's what It seems like to me so far.  I'm still working the leg of the first, but the beginning ends match as far as I can see.  Going to do a Fish Lips Kiss heel and they will be for my niece when she gets home from California.

The Baby Diamonds Blanket in Red Heart Super Saver yarns in the Amethyst, Gold and White colorways.  This is to go with the Simple hat I did in the same colors for my Father in Law, when he brings my niece back from California.  I have 6 of 9 squares done and I think almost 3 are put together so far.

Everything else has been on pause trying to finish the socks.  All the woolen stuff is priority, especially the sweater since it's so large and I only have basically to the end of November to finish it.  BUT I want to get these two things finished so I can give them to who they are for and be done with it. So I am going back and forth between the two while I'm sitting here.

Today, I will NOT be doing any sitting here because I'm going out to Tempe Yarn & Fiber to take the Learn to Spin class! I registered last week on Wednesday and have been chomping at the bit waiting for today.  I was such a schmoe yesterday when Candy called to confirm the class.  What a dork.

For the class, I need 4 oz of fiber in 2 different colors.  I had blue, purple and tangerine on hand already, so I'm thinking I might use two of those, though I don't want to use the tangerine with any of the other two.  I'm figuring today we'll be actually spinning and then next week plying?  But I'll find out today.

Father's Day was on Sunday.  We surprised my husband with a gun case, some of his favorite candy, some field dressing stuff, and a movie-American Sniper.  I figured he kept bothering me about finding it in the Redbox, and it was, but I am thinking this would be one of those movies that he would definitely go out and buy, even without seeing it.

I'm sure he'll watch it on Friday while I'm at work.  I have no desire to watch movies about modern wars anymore.  My brain just cannot handle it now.

Other stuff:

*************~~~~~~~There May Be Spoilers From This Point On!!~~~~~~~**********

I'm reading an actual book.  Yep.  Pages and everything.  This book is Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. It's about Amy Gumm of Kansas who is whisked away in a tornado and lands in her mobile home on a crumbling precipice in the land of Oz.  I am on page 256, and it's NOTHING like L. Frank Baum's books.  In fact, it's sort of ignoring some of it,

DirecTV is showing commercials that Dark Places will be on while it's playing theaters.  This is exciting for me, because I want to watch it. It's what's queued up on my iPod.  I think.  It also might be Taylor Swift, but that's cause my daughter took it.  I'm pretty sure it's the audiobook though.

TV wise...I have no idea what we've watched the last few days.  We have Last Ship on the DVR list, but honestly, I don't care to watch that.  Every time I see Eric Dane, I remember that I had a dream that my husband had Eric Dane's head...I mean, it was my husband but his face was Eric Dane's face.  Which all in all is not a terrible thing, but now that's all I remember when I see him.  And I'm sort of lost when it comes to the show, since I don't think I saw the entirety of the end of last season.

I'm really waiting to see the season premiere of Falling Skies, I think that's this week.

I DVR'd the series (I think) Premiere of Michiko to Hatchin, to watch with my daughter.  She's really in to Anime and Manga these days and wants to read all the things and watch all the shows that go with what she's read..

That's it.  I'm super jazzed about my class today, and woke up before 4 AM, which I wish I could say was unusual lately.  Also, as you can see, I am under 300 meters from my Stash Dash Goal, thanks to those silly man socks I finished.  Hopefully I'll have some good stuff to report later on my Facebook page.  Go on over and check it out later today.

Happy Crafting!


OK, check out my ticker at the bottom of the page!  Did ya see?  Did ya see?

I finished my Go Team Throw last night and entered the meterage.  Each ball of Red Heart Team Spirit is 223 meters and I used six for a total of 1,338 meters.  I am now 488.3 meters from crossing my 3,000 meter finish line in Stash Dash.

See, when I found out about Stash Dash, I didn't fully understand that WIPs counted towards meterage, and I figured I MIGHT be able to start enough stuff to make it to 3,000 meters by the end of the run.

It wasn't until I had already committed to 3K that I realized that I easily could have made it past 3K and possibly even 5K.  I have a bunch of socks to finish, a pair of which will bring me VERY close to finish line, because I will have used over 1 skein of Cascade 220 (it took half of it and a 2.5 inch cuff in a contrasting color to make it the height he wanted, which is basically a knee sock on my legs). Then socks for my niece and daughter.

So, here's my list of current WiPs:

Malt by Tin Can Knits
4x2 ribbed forever knitting woolen man socks
Flax for Men (oooh, that's a clever name for the sweater project!)
Hermione's Everyday Socks
Souffle Girl Socks
Baby Diamonds Blanket (which I don't wanna any more!  Who would want to sew all those damn squares together!  And who the hell thought it was a good idea to start the damn thing??)
A Corner to Corner throw, which I might just end up tossing.  I think I might want to let that one go and use the yarn to make the Monkey Jacobus pattern.  I will decide on Tuesday when I'm at the LYS

OOOOH and the 3 hour sweater.  I forgot about that.  I'm still working on the ribbing on the back side of the sweater.  The Go Team Throw was so close to finishing yesterday when I left for work, that is all I wanted to do when I got home.  I finished it, and I didn't have to pull any back to the end of the last row, which I normally have to do when I'm working on a project until the yarn is gone.

I'm also going to start up a sweater for me, but I think I Might wait until I'm done with the man sweater and the baby diamonds blanket.  I have about 3 more squares to make and then I have to put them all together and do an edging.

I'm thinking about leaving the Malt set aside at least until these man socks are finished.  I am also, probably very stupidly, considering trying to make sweaters for EVERYONE in the house.  Mine would be last, of course, but I have enough to make at least one other man sweater in acrylic (because the boys would wash a wool sweater and shrink it up), the daughter's sweater, whichever one that might be, and I could probably rustle up enough stash yarn to make another man sweater for the other boy.

I filled up my loyalty card at my LYS when I paid for my registration (TWO STAMPS!) for the spinning class, so that's 15% off. I would just need to figure out which yarn I would use.  I have two balls of Cascade 220 in a purple that haven't been used yet and I also have a skein of Cascade 220 in Cobalt Heather.  I am leaning more towards the Cobalt, simply because I love blue and this one is wonderfully soft.  So, the two sweaters I want to make would require about 1400-1700 yards of yarn, so I'd need a lot more.

That's all my crafty news, and there isn't much more to talk about.  I might be quiet for a few days, simply because I'm working and knitting/crocheting on stuff, but I'll definitely let y'all know about my spinning class.  First 2 hour class is on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend, and happy crafting!

Check it Out!

A little about the set up at Chez Moi.

My chair that I sit in in the living room is a chair that a lady I worked for gifted me.  She was clearing out some of her stuff and asked if I wanted them.  Sure why not.  They're old school living room chairs.  I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me.  Anyway, there were two.  Somehow I got them both into my Pontiac (RIP, Bessie), and managed to drive home without incident.

My daughter immediately stole one for her room, but I took it instead and put it in my room.  The other never made it upstairs.  I decided that since my husband was basically ruling the house from the chair that is part of the living room set, I needed my own throne.  So it's down here.

It fits me perfectly.  Normally, when I sit in a chair, any chair, even the one I'm sitting in now, my feet are not flat on the ground, unless I sit in an uncomfortable unnatural way.  My chair is low enough that I can sit with both feet flat on the ground and be comfortable.

My table that the laptop sits on, is higher than it should be for anyone to type on when sitting in that chair, though.  So in order for me to comfortably sit and blog or type anything at all, I either have to just use my smartphone (which makes me feel like an a-hole for doing stuff on my phone on the same page that the computer right next to me is on) or I have to move the entire laptop and try not to forget the mouse (because I hate using the navpad on this damn contraption.  It is completely disabled because I will end up with the cursor all over the place otherwise.)

That being said, a lot of times, when I have planned to blog, it becomes a decision to move all this stuff over or continue to sit right where I am and work on a project.  95% of the time I chose to not move.  So that's the real reason why things get so quiet here for so long.  Because I'm lazy.  There, I said it! Are ya happy now?

OK good.

Alright.  Here's some personal stuff I wanna share;

Yesterday my youngest son turned 15!  He's an awesome kid and got spoiled. He ate so much, he decided to wait to have his birthday cake til today.

In crafty news:

I had been thinking about taking a spinning class.  For spinning on a spinning wheel.  My LYS, Arizona Yarn & Fiber in Gilbert, AZ has a class in August.  It's perfect- Two Tuesdays for 2 hours each day.  I am off on Tuesdays and am likely to be wanting to go the AZ Yarn anyway (truthfully, I want to go there every single day of the year).  Then I got the brilliant idea to check and see what their sister store Tempe Yarn & Fiber had to offer.  Tempe Yarn is on University Drive and I almost always get lost when I drive over there, because I'm worried about finding the place and then I always drive into the driveway before or breeze right past it to McClintock.

Tempe Yarn offers a spinning class, also on Tuesdays at 11 AM.  And they have a class that starts on this coming Tuesday 23 June.  I made a decision to just do it, and registered for the class.  I am every excited.

In other spinning news, I did about 2 (ish) ounces of Merino on my drop spindle and it was pretty freaking awesome.  It's my first that's pretty consistent all the way through.  I went and ruined the hell out of it though, wrapping it on the Niddy Noddy.  It was twisted and loose and I tried to fix it and broke it all to pieces.  So I'm pretty pissed, because now, it's not as awesome as it was when I was finished spinning it.

Here are some things I've finished in the last few days:

Turtle Shell, to complete the Ninja Turtle set. I haven't put any information into the project page yet, but it's all acrylic yarns and is super cute!

Turns out, that's the only thing I've finished.  Yay me.


My Go Team Throw is now on ball 6/6, and well on it's way to being finished, hopefully by the end of the year (if my track record is any indication).  The pattern is easy to remember, which is nice, but sometimes, I just get bored with it and want to make all the other things. That's why it's taken over a year to finish it.  It will be awesome though, and ready to go hunting in December.

I'm STILL making the yoke of my Daddy War-Flax sweater for my husband.  Summer vacation is really cramping my style.  I think the kids being around the house a lot more is part of why there isn't a lot of finished stuff, because they are distracting.  I keep getting lost on the garter part of the sleeve, I can never remember what I'm supposed to do.  I think the sleeves are halfway done to being set up.

I'm doing Malt, by Tin Can Knits.  I really think I'm going to end up having done every pattern in the Simple Collection at least once. It's going well.  It's my travelling project, so it goes with me to work.  I got to the point where all the markers are added, so I've got a pretty good rhythm going.
I started the 3 Hour Sweater yesterday.  I'm trying to knit it as the pattern states, even though I HATE seaming things.  I am the worst seamer ever!  Every thing I seam look like Freddy Krueger did it with his knives hand.  I am not making any mods at all, so we'll see what happens.  I might end up giving it to my daughter who really enjoys wearing the stuff I make. I think this might take me more than 3 hours.  I'm using straight needles instead of circulars, which is an odd feeling for me.

That's really it.  I work on the baby blanket at work, and go back and forth between the big blanket and the sweaters while I'm home.

Stash Dash update:  1137 meters are done, and when I finish the Go Team Throw it'll be over 2400 meters done.  If I finish the Flax sweater, it'll put me over my 3K finish line, but I may not finish by then, simply because there are things that I have to start working on again before the end of this month.

So you're aware, there may be some spoiler-ish things about books and TV shows and movies coming up.  Continue if you dare!

OK Books stuff:

I purchased Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, because yes, I need more books to read all at the same time.  I wanted it, and got a good deal on it.  I am pleased.

I am still reading The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. LeGuin, though I moved the books and haven't touched it in a while. It's pretty good, but I've been concentrating on knitting and other stuff so I haven't read much of anything.

I am considering re-reading the Game of Thrones books, though not the first one.  I don't want to relive Ned being parted from his head. I'll start with the second book, and actually finish the rest, then get  A Dance with Dragons

I've still got Dark Places queued up on my iPod, but haven't finished it. My daughter took the iPod to listen to Taylor Swift and have headphones on so she could ignore the world, so basically my iPod is dead and needs a recharge. I will have to get back on the ball though because I saw that the movie is going to be on DirecTV soon, and I need to see that, even though Charlize Theron is set to play Libby Day and I don't think she's anywhere near the age that Libby is in the book.  But I Haven't finished the book, so what do I know?

On the Telly:

Watched the Season Finale of Game of Thrones.  All I have to say is I certainly hope that Sansa didn't just commit suicide with Theon Greyjoy, because NO! And what the hell...The Mountain Zombie.  Really.  He looks awful, even with the helmet on.  Hooray for Brienne killing the crap out of Stannis!  My husband and I were both in agreement that it was good that Jon Snow let Sam leave with Gilly and baby Sam, because they'd all be in the same boat as Jon if they'd stayed.  Oh and I wish that what's her name that got tossed over by Theon had landed on Ramsay's head and that they were both dead.  The Husband thinks that Dany has run into her old Khalasar, which would be something, though I am not sure if that's something good.

Wayward Pines:  I haven't watched the last episode that was on last week.  I started it, but then found out that the video was up for the Chain 344 Podcast so I shut it off and watched that instead. So far, Matt Dillon had climbed the cliff face and was shooting randomly into the dark woods.

I think that's all.  We're waiting on the season premieres of The Last Ship (I once had a dream that my husband was my husband but he had Eric Dane's body.  It was weird, same voice and mannerisms as my husband, but it was Eric Dane), and Falling Skies.  Those should be fun, though I don't really pay attention to The Last Ship.

OH, the husband was lent a copy of Planet Earth by a friend from work, so we'll probably end up watching that, which will make the Daughter happy.

So that's it.  I'm planning a sweater for myself, but I keep changing my mind about which one I want to make.  I have time though because the needles I need are in the husband's sweater now anyway.

Here's to Friday! I hope your weekend's a good one, and Happy Crafting!

Family Meeting

Ok, not exactly a family meeting.  A meeting of the minds, perhaps?  It's my daughter and I sitting here having a conversation about sweaters that I am going to make for her.  First it was going to be the 3 Hour Sweater, a vintage pattern that reads like the Handbook for the Recently Deceased in Beetlejuice.

Now, It's going to be the $5 in Paris sweater, which is cool.  Even though I bought the necessary needles to make the 3 hour sweater already.  Whatever, though.  Who couldn't use a size US 15 24" circular bamboo needle set?  Yeah.  Neither can I.  I'm sure I'll find some use for it, eventually.

Things that are finished are sparse around here.  In fact, I don't think I've finished anything in the last few days...

WAIT!  I finished the Baby Flax Sweater!  That was a few days ago, though, so I may have written about it already.  It went fast, I think it was about a week altogether, and I didn't work on it everyday.

It gave me courage and I cast on for the adult (XXL) size.  Three or four times, I cast on for the adult size.  Yowzah! I'm doing well, though.  I'm well on my way to making the yoke of the sweater.

I have almost decided on my own sweater, though I keep changing my mind.  My first thought was that I'd make myself a Flax, but then the husband saw what the baby one looked like and said he would like one.  And I don't want to be one of those people that dresses like their spouse on purpose.  When that happens it's completely accidental and I drag my ass upstairs to change my top.

Now, my choices have been narrowed down to Harvest by Tin Can Knits and February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne.  I am leaning towards Harvest more, simply because it'll be a TCK sweater like my husband's, but not twinsies.  I'm leaning towards the February Lady simply because I like it.  I keep changing my mind and may even decide to make one then frog it and make the other.

Let's see...Here's my crafty line up of WIPs:

I am finishing up skein 5 of 6 on the Go Team Throw with Red Heart Team Spirit.  It's crocheted with a size J hook, and goes pretty fast...there's a 9 stitch pattern repeat that makes ripples, and at the end it should be large enough to cover someone while he's hunting.

I started Malt (another Tin Can Knits pattern, from the Simple Collection).  It's my first KNIT blanket, using Red Heart Super Saver in Cornmeal (I almost cleared out the stock of cornmeal at my local Walmart last year to make a totally different blanket that I frogged)

My Daddy War-Flax, as you know, is almost an entire yoke of a sweater.  I like it.  It's in Paton's Classic Wool in Navy.

And I'm going Corina Grey's Turtle Love, in Loops and Threads Impeccable and a Mystery Stash Yarn (green and brown respectively).

Everything else is virtually shelved right now.  I need to finish the Turtle blanket thing, for my friend. (Gosh crochet hexagon motifs are a pain in the rear end!) I am going REALLY slow on this and it should go fast because it's crochet and small, but honestly, I hate making hexagons in crochet.  I'm about halfway done with the hexagons which you would think would light a fire under my butt, but no.

If I finish the Go Team throw, that'll put my VERY close to my Stash Dash finish line of 3,000 meters. less than 700 meters, whichI could easily do.  I do not know why I am so worried about it though.  I know it's supposed to be about stash diving and finishing things, but I keep starting new crap and leaving the old stuff.  I am really trying to balance it and do work on the old stuff that I want finished and start new things that are neat and I can learn from. I'm taking it more as a personal challenge than any kind of contest.

I started the drop spindle course on Craftsy with Drucilla Pettibone.  It's pretty neat, and she gives instructions on making a Niddy Noddy out of PVC.  I'm going to try that today.  Yep, I'm gonna use a saw.  I'll let you know if I'm in more than one piece.

SO I have some handspun that's needing a Niddy Noddy.  It's pink and Looks like a cotton candy machine threw up.  I must practice, practice, practice!

I'm gonna get to it, since it's warm outside and that's where I'll be sawing.  Have a great one, and happy crafting!


Sometime last year, I got interested in spinning fiber. Then I found out a wheel to spin fiber into yarn could cost beaucoup bucks.   This lead me to search for other ways to spin and create yarns.

This led me to getting a HUGE Painful bruise on my right leg.  Seriously.  It was about 5 inches long, and hurt when I walked for a couple of days.  What came out of those attempts was less than stellar looking in my eyes.

I had gone to the Hobby Lobby and gotten some wooden wheels and dowels, glued them together and added hooks to the ends.  There I had my Top Whorl and Bottom Whorl spindles for hand spinning. And I thought I was on the verge of something big.  The soreness and the bruise dampened my excitement for a long while, and I packed them away.

Today, for some reason, I did one helluva stash dive and went in search of my bag of fiber and spindles.  I found the fiber and the Top Whorl spindle, and a large hole in the bag they were all kept in.  I'm assuming that the Bottom Whorl spindle has sunk into the bottom of the container they were all in and that I may need to call in the Coast Guard to rescue it.  Otherwise, I might just have to wait until the morning when everyone is asleep, which also could end up with the ambulance being called, because let's face it, the stash closet is a hazard.  I'm just being honest, here people!

I was tempted to take the rest of the supplies and make another, but then I remembered what a bitch it was to try and get the hook screwed into one end of a dowel:  It's not the business.  Also, the glue.  You cannot glue your spindle together with Elmer's School Glue or Crazy Glue (I still call it Cra-Gl in my head-Everything is Awesome!)  The wood glue, which I bought last year specifically for this project, has absconded off somewhere.  It's probably with my daughter's house key. In the Bahamas.

So, I have my Top Whorl Spindle, and I'm using it, nowhere near my leg, and of course things are coming out as well as they did last time:  Like crap.

Now, I am a big fan of shopping locally, and in fact frequent two of the four yarn shops (that I know of) around here as much as possible.  There are things that I give to people though, that, even though I love them, I don't think what I'm making for them SHOULD even be made in wool that has to be specially taken care of-no agitation or dryer for fear of felting.  Because, BABIES!  They are the reason you can't have nice things! BUT there are thing that simply SCREAM for the awesomeness that is found in a local yarn shop.  And let's face it, who else is going to be excited about what you make with woolen yarns?  Anyways, big box yarns are handy because you can wash them and they come in bigger rolls than what you'd get in an LYS for less and sometimes that's what counts the most. (just know, If I had a million dollars, my husband would be pissed because I bought so much damn yarn shop yarn.)

In any case the yarn shops I visit and know how to get to around here, all offer one class or another on spinning on a spinning wheel (which I forgot the name of this morning when I was searching, like really!  Hello!!).  So, yes, I'd love to take those classes and support my local businesses and make pals that are spinning with me hopefully.

The thing is, all the classes happen while I'm at work, and those that don't, I have things that I'm going or realize that that's a pretty long distance to drive for a class on a day that that's the only thing I'm driving out there for.  I don't know, it makes sense in my head, when I tell myself that.  I should probably just tell that voice to shut up.

Anyway, I decided today that I'd give a Craftsy class a try.  I love Craftsy!  So much stuff.  Patterns, kits, yarns CLASSES.  My first big thing from Craftsy was that they were beginning to offer Workshops.  I was lucky enough to be one of the first ones to sign up, so I got a free workshop.  The problem was, it was a knitting workshop and I was solely crocheting at the time.  That Workshop, with Stefanie Japel was one of the big reasons for me picking up the sticks again.

I've enrolled in all the free crochet and knitting classes, and a bunch of the free sewing classes, and I love them all.  One of the free crochet classes was even taught by Drew Emborsky The Crochet Dude! It was great!

So I know the value of the class programming at Craftsy is great.  And I decided to take the plunge today and try my hand again at spindling.  I'm just at the beginning part of the class, but I'm pretty sure I have the basics down, except that the instructor, Drucilla Pettibone, said we should spin our spindles clockwise and I'd been rolling mine counterclockwise.  But I'm staying the heck away from my leg.

To celebrate, I bought 4 oz of Merino Fiber from Arizona Yarn and Fiber this afternoon.  I'm saving that for when I think I might have gotten pretty good at it.  For now, I'm making some really cool looking yarn with some Dyelicious Fiber that I had gotten last year.  It's pink, red a little orange and white.  It looks AWESOME and in my head, it's fantastic all spun out.

So look for more on that front.  Either that or look for some drunken postings ranting about how I can't spin for beans, with every other word misspelled.

OK, onto other crafty stuff:

I finished a sock yesterday.  It's a manly tube sock with a 3 x 3 ribbing around the leg and the top of the foot.  There's a fairly large 2 x 2 cuff, which is only as large as it is to make the height decent.  The real worry was making the sock long enough in the leg so that it wasn't completely sitting in the leg of a boot.  I was told I had succeeded.

I have started on the 5th of 6 balls on my Go Team Blanket, made with Red Heart Team Spirit.  I get on these kicks where I'm super jazzed about how fast it's coming together and how fast I'm getting through each ball of yarn, and other times, I'd like to melt it down and create some kind of sculpture I can trap myself in to keep me from getting ideas about making things.

This is all that's been accomplished since my last post.

Right now, this table is a mess of mini Baby Ruth wrappers, and tufts of pink fiber.  Somewhere in here is a glass of water and a Coke with the name Kirk on it. I think I'm going to go look for my Top Whorl spindle or tear the garage apart to find the damn wood glue.

I hope your week is going well, and that you're going to have a most amazing weekend!  Happy Crafting!

Things Are Getting Real

Alright...We're about at the halfway point of the year.  Which is always something of a surprise to me for some reason.  I always feel like, "What the hell happened to May?" Because there isn't a lot going on in May, besides whatever shenanigans might pop up on any given day.  It's like May is the only month of the year that whatever happens has the potential of being a surprise.

So it's June.  As of right now, in 8 days, my youngest son (I do only have two) will turn 15 years old. This seems insane to me.  He won't think it's insane to me, though, because I keep asking him if he is 15 already or what. (And as my son he potentially has evidence that I might be insane already.)

It'll be his first birthday in many years that he'll spend at home, as the kids are more than likely not going to California this year.  I am very excited about this, as we always miss having time with them in the summer, because potentially, they are leaving shortly after school is out and coming back just a few days before school starts.

His birthday list, as usual, is exorbitant.  He is of the mindset of "Go big or go home" when it comes to birthday presents, although this year, one item is something that would benefit everyone that uses the console.  Since we've been burned trying to save a buck by buying an off brand, we'll really have to shop around for a good price to get the 'real deal' and still get a deal.

Tomorrow, he'll get part of his birthday present/graduation promotion gift: his dad is taking him ONLY to the firing range.  So today they'll clean their guns and then tomorrow go off to shoot at empty boxes and milk cartons.

Let's get down to business:

How my garden grows:

This year's mother's day gift was a 4' x 4' raised garden bed and 9 cu ft of fertilized dirt (referred to around here as poopy dirt).  I was left to my own devices as to what exactly I'd get to plant.  I chose tomatoes, basil (two things we use a LOT around here) oregano, cilantro, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, and green beans.

Everything is sprouting up nicely, as it should be.  The thing is, when I planted the stuff, I forgot to label what was planted where.  So for sure, I only know where two things are planted.  Everything else has been a crap shoot and we've been spending time searching up plant leaves to figure out what is growing where.  My next crafty project is going to be to make some signs to help keep track.  Also, I'll be looking into some stuff to try and protect my plants, since I can't move them and the monsoon season is coming.  Last year it seemed pretty tame, though there were days I wasn't sure I'd be able to get my car out of my neighborhood. But we always have to be prepared.

Where's The Clicker?:

Let's see, we're watching:
Game of Thrones:  STILL have not seen Sunday's episode. Generally we watch on Mondays, but with summer vacation and a training schedule, things haven't worked out, though I know the biggest plot points.

Texas Rising:  For some reason, our DVR and DirecTV are conspiring against us to watch this.  We watched an episode OnDemand, and it 'expired' from the list, so it just stopped before the end, which kind of blows. I understand expiring, but, damn!  If someone's watching it, you could let them finish for goodness sake! THEN, the entirety of the last episode didn't record, so just as Sam Houston was calling for some guy to be brought to him, the damn recording ended.

Gilmore Girls: I started watching this because my friend Beth said it was great and C.C. and Damaris talked about it a lot when I first started watching the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast.  I like the show, I don't LOVE the show, and I seem to get to a point where I remember why I didn't watch the show when it first ran.  Lorelai and Rory are freaking annoying and other things I don't want to get into.  I've skipped entire episodes and halves of episodes just to get to Season 3 episode 10,  And I started watching in March.

We are also watching various shows about living in the Alaskan Bush/Wilderness.  These are interesting shows, just for the fact that the lives these people are living are in such contrast to our own, but in the end, they are a family that loves each other like any other family.  And, yeah, I know it's reality TV so that means it's mostly crap TV, but still.  I find it fascinating.

We finally watched the season finale of Outlander. That was ROUGH! My husband probably thinks it bothered me because Jamie is so cute (which he is), but it's more because when I read books like that, in my mind, I am the woman and he is the man. So Jamie is strongly associated with my husband in my head. It's hard to think about the man you love being so broken inside and out.

Turn: Washington's Spies season finale. OHMIGOSH! I think Anna is developing feelings for the Major, besides feeling as though he offers some protection from Simcoe.  And can I just say, SIMCOE needs to get dead.  Really. Abe is going bonkers shooting people on horses, "You shot me!", "You shot my father." BANG! Wow!

I'm waiting for Friday, when Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix!  Two more days!

Crafty Stuff:

I finished a Ninja Turtle Diaper Cover, which is awesome looking! It's going to be part of a set.  The pattern was the Diaper Cover pattern by Belle Tracy, and it's crocheted in one piece.  I obviously changed colors through the pattern to get the look I was going for.

I have gone through 3 of 6 skeins of yarn for my Go Team Throw from Red Heart Yarns free pattern page.  I am using the Red Heart Team Spirit yarn in Orange and Navy. It's long enough now that it almost reaches the floor when it's on my lap.  Just the toes are peeking out now.

I have started working again on my Manliest Woolen Tube Socks for the husband.  I feel like I'm outfitting him for his hunting trip.  Basically I am.  Almost all the 'warm' stuff he's taking will have been made by me, and there are things that he hasn't heard about that I'm making for him. Maybe.
These socks are from Cascade 220 Paints in Blues and I might have to grab another skein of yarn to finish them.  I split the skein into two balls (mostly equal weights) and am getting dangerously close to the end of this ball.  HOWEVER, I am using the length of a tube sock he owns that I know fits his leg like he wants the socks I'm making to fit, and I think I might be able to finish the body of the sock with what I have and then switch yarns for the cuff, as I had planned.  Then I'll make something else with the yarn I use for the cuffs.

My Manliest Flax sweater, affectionately called Daddy War-Flax, has most of the neck done.  I've been rotating things around because I have my size 8 32" circulars in the arm of the baby Flax (I HATE DPNs!!). I'm almost done with the sleeve (and then I'll let it rest while I knit the man sweater) but I also have a  TON of other things I want to work on too. So the sweaters didn't make the cut  yesterday.

The sun is up now, and soon people will be up or getting home from work. So I should go.
I'm still plugging away at projects for Stash Dash 2015, and every item I finish is being logged on my Raverly page, Page 4 of the Knit Girllls Stash Dash 3K finish line board, and on the Geeky Girls Knit Summertime and the Living is Easy FO board.

A Day of Infamy

Well, today is something of a red banner type day.

Sometime in December of 2014, I decided that I had the moral fortitude to make it an entire year without buying any yarn.  During the last 5 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, I got yarn as gifts and I got money specifically to buy yarn, but I haven't actually gone to the store and chosen a skein or ball to buy.

That ended today.

It's for a great cause, I guess.  And truthfully, I probably could have dragged David out to buy the damn yarn himself, since it is because of him that I bought the yarn.  I began a Flax sweater a few days ago, and am almost finished with it (I chose the infant size since it's my first real sweater that I'm knitting).  Seeing how it was knitting up, and the pictures included with the pattern, David decided he really liked it and asked me to make one for him. But he just got off of work this morning and has to go to work in the morning.  I probably could have waited to buy it until the weekend, BUT, the stores that carry it around here didn't have that much left.  In fact, our local JoAnn's didn't have any in the color David wants.  And the next closest store only had nine balls left, which is how many I need...well, I only need 8, but I obviously don't want to get all crazy with dye lots. So we went and bought the yarn. And I thought since I was breaking my vow, I'd get yarn I needed to finish something else.  So, yea. Not more yarn diet. I'll probably just start over and not buy any until next year or something.

In actuality, I think I did fairly well, considering at the end of November last year I was getting new yarn at an alarming rate (to me it was alarming, so it must have been bad).

On to other stuff.

I started reading Podkayne of Mars by Robert Heinlein. I'm on page 4, so we're still 'meeting' everyone and learning about humans living on Mars.

I've been watching Wayward Pines with Matt Dillon. It's a weird show, but I like it. The newest episode is One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire, which I might watch tomorrow morning.

This morning, I chose to watch the first episode of Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay on Investigation Discovery channel. Very good show! I'm going to try and re-watch the pilot episode, because I think I missed some stuff. Essentially, there are these girls that are killed and police in five different places end up looking for the same guy. It takes place in the 1970's so it's very retro looking.

We're still watching Texas Rising, about the events after the Alamo.

All my knitting projects are the same, except now we've added an XXL size Flax sweater into the mix. Since he wants it in 100% wool ( he said something about not wanting it to melt because he'd be wearing it around fire- I guess he does listen when I talk about acrylic yarns), and it has to be done by the end of November (hunting trip in December), it is bumping everything else down a notch on the queue. I'm naming the sweater Daddy WarFlax  (instead of Daddy Warbucks).

Also, my friend asked for a baby hat for her baby due to arrive also in December. I've decided to add a Barley hat to the list. Barley is part of Tin Can Knits Simple collection, along with Flax.

So that's it. I do have one bit of bad news. My computer has been telling me for a while that my battery was wonky and that I should change it other wise the computer could shut off suddenly. Well, COULD means it also couldn't, so of course I ignored the warnings (the warning comes and goes). Today though, could became a reality. My computer is exactly where it's been for months, plugged into the same outlet. And then I moved to the table. All of a sudden, the battery is dying and I have 7 minutes of battery life left. And it will not charge. So, I think my battery is down for the long sleep. Naturally, I will keep an eye on the situation, and look into replacing the battery, but for now I'm using my phone or my Next book Tablet. If I must, I will lower myself to use the PC which always leaves me feeling twitchy.

Know this... I'll keep on crafting, and so should you!


I have a bit of a problem.  As far as problems going, it isn't very terrible.  My problem is, my daughter is using her wi-fi enabled device way too much.

A few summers ago, while visiting my parents, she and my second son were given my mom and dad's old cellphones, which are basically mini Samsung Galaxies. Except smaller than the minis.  If that makes sense?

I'm fine with it, really.  She's been using it to watch youtube videos and read fan fiction about her favorite books.  But that's all she does.  Plus, she's got music on it now, so basically her entire day is spent in her room staring at this thing with her headphones on and only coming out if she has to eat or pee, or one of us bangs on the door screaming her name.

I hit my limit last night, when she had disappeared from the kitchen, while it was getting cleaned.  See, each night, one of them washes the dishes, then the younger one cleans the table and wipes the counter and makes sure that all the dirty plates are brought over to be washed.  Except her.  She gets the oldest as her helper.  This makes sure that no one is exempt from any duties in the kitchen, and you sort of get to exact revenge on your siblings by piling things up, (this is how we did it growing up, except I washed the dishes every night and my sister did the rest).

I got up to get a snack and I see there's all sorts of crap out on the counter still, and she is nowhere to be found downstairs.  I called her name 4 times.  FOUR TIMES.  And nothing.  I went upstairs, her room is dark and the door is closed.  Knock in the door and she opens it, like nothing.  I took the phone from her.  This is ridiculous.

Only one of my kids uses his device responsibly, and the other one is grounded from just about every device available with internet access.  And then there's the girl, who is losing herself in the interwebs and the fantasy world of fan fiction. The limits will be adhered to, dammit!

So that's my problem.  It's hard, because of our schedules right now, and the fact that they're on summer break.  Normally during the year, they are given a 45 minute limit on the big computer. Their handheld devices have never been this much of a problem.  I'll have to figure something out.

On to the good Crafty Stuff:

Craftsy is having  a sale on their classes!  50% off until midnight tonight.

The Knit Girllls are doing stash dash, and things are going swimmingly for me.  I've signed up for the 3K.  Mostly this is because I do have a ton of UFOs, and I'm also using it as a time to learn new stuff and try new things. Remember to tag your projects stashdash2015 and #stashdash2015

The Geeky Girls are doing their Summertime and the Living is Easy KAL, which started 1 June 2015.  All projects must have been started 1 June or later, no WIPs!  Tag projects GGKSummertime and #ggksummertime

The girls over at the Chain 344 video podcast are doing a Sock A-Long which started 1 June. All projects must have been started 1 June or later, no WIPs.

Now, MY Stuff!


I finished a hat for my Father in Law.  It's made in purple, gold and white, and is not anything to do with the damn Lakers. It's for the Minnesota Vikings. I used the A Simple Hat pattern by Julie Grantz LaFrancois.  I did four rows purple, 2 rows white, 4 rows gold, 2 rows white, etc. It's very nice looking. I also used the jogless join in the round for the first time, and let me tell you, my rows have never lined up so nicely! I followed this video, and it clicked in my head.


I am still working on My Hitchhiker, "42".  I've sort of put it aside to work on that hat, and also for some other stuff I'll talk about next.

Hermione's Everyday Socks

And I started an infant sized Flax, by TinCan Knits. I'm about halfway done, I guess.  Or almost halfway done. I haven't separated for the sleeves yet.  Oh damn.  I forgot about sleeves.  I guess I'm not even close to halfway done then.  This is my first attempt at an actual sweater, so I'm pretty jazzed.

Some older WIPs: Baby Diamonds Blanket.  I have 6 squares, the pattern calls for 9.  Since I made that Vikings hat, I'm not sure I have enough to finish three more squares and also sew them all together AND make a border. I might have to axe this one from the stash dash list

The Team Spirit blanket is another one that might get the axe.  I'm not at all sure that I have enough yarn to finish it.  I might just call it finished now, as it's got 3 skeins of yarn in it.  These two projects might have to wait until I get a little more of my stash gone.


So far, I have 4 things on my queue.

The Ninja Turtle shell blanket.  I'm using Corina Gray's pattern Turtle Love for this one. I am trying to make it super debut series of the turtles authentic.  I am considering using brown instead of black, though. That is only if it becomes completely necessary, though.

$5 in Paris.  I have the yarn all ready to go, I think I might just need a US size 8 needle with a longer cord, though I'm not 100% sure about that. This one will be for me, so it will probably be one of the last ones I do.

3 Hour Sweater, it's a vintage pattern that my daughter went nuts for, so I'm going to give it a whirl after stash diving with her to see what I have that she'll like.

And finally (so far) Little Avery by Talia Hilliard Designs.  Again, lots of babies are coming around here, (someone put the Kool-Aid in the water supply!) so there'll be lots of baby stuff on the needles and hooks.

Well, here we are again. I hear a motorcycle rumbling in the distance.  That means it's time for me to go.  Have a great Sunday!


We were cracking jokes yesterday, both on Facebook and here in our living room, about the AccuWeather App on our smart phones. It has this thing where it tells you when the rain is going to start, and how long you have till the rain stops.

So the joke is, when it says it's raining, it never is wherever you are.  We also say things like, "Oh now, it's going to start raining in 52 minutes! I'd better get home quick!" Which is a joke because it'll either start raining 3 minutes after you start driving, or 2 hours after you reach your destination.

Last night, mine said we were going to have varying degrees of 'rain' (seriously, they call it rain, it's not rain.  I know rain. I grew up in San Francisco and lived for years in Tacoma, WA.  I know rain) for 120 minutes.  Looking outside, it was not raining.  It wasn't exactly sunshine and unicorns outside, but it certainly was not raining.

In fact, as the sun set and we hunkered down watching TV and knitting (OR CROCHETING, YAY!), it was gloomy looking, but there was not even sprinkling outside.

Early this morning (for some reason I've been waking up super early, though I was finally getting out of that) there was thunder and lightning.  Our shades are turned down in the window since we're on the second floor and I only turn them up when we're sleeping in or Hubby is going to bed in the morning. So, I woke up and got some water, and laid down.  Of course lightning flashes and since the shades are turned down, I'm getting flashed in the eyes. Hubs came to bed, and said, "I think it's starting to rain."  Then the rain started.  For maybe 30 minutes.

Now, it's about 2 hours later, and the sun is coming up.  The skies are still gloomy and there are dark clouds south of us (I think it's south) and there is thunder.

The dog won't go outside, he's a big baby.  But he also may have spent some time outside before The Husband came to bed.

Yay rain. HA!

So, I started my commission yesterday.  I have tons of green yarn and brown yarn.  I needed orange yarn and found a small ball of acrylic orange (Red Heart Super Saver or With Love...probably SS).

Once I put my stash back and started figuring out which shades I was going to use, I found that I couldn't find my ball of orange yarn. I went through all the stuff I had take out of the stash boxes and it's gone. So, I'm freaking out because the oranges that are left are way too bright or way too dark.

Then I remembered that I had an entire ball of Cascade 220 Superwash!  My house looked like this:

Yes, I was very excited.  It's perfect for the project I'm doing, which is a cute Ninja Turtle set I'm making for my friend.  Here's what I've done so far:

One thing I noticed making this beanie:  I don't know anything anymore about the sizes of baby heads!  I got to the point where you just dc around and I thought, "No way, man! That's way too small!" so I made it another round larger (the 3-12 mo size) and of course that looked like it could fit on a watermelon.  So I pulled it out and made it as the pattern said to for the newborn size (0-3 mo).
I got the pattern from Butterfly's Creations, and it comes in a variety of sizes, including adults  Really.  You should check out the project pages, lots of grown up dudes wearing these hats.  It's very cool!

Here's what's keeping me sane now:

Awesome Ninja Turtle hat
22.5 Degrees shawl

A Turtle-esque Diaper Cover
42 my Hitchhiker Shawl
Hermione's Everyday Socks
Souffle Girl Socks
Spoilers Socks
Ninja Turtle Shell blanket
Baby Diamonds Blanket (way behind on that)
Corner 2 Corner blanket (for my hubby to take hunting)
Super Masculine Wool Tube Socks for a Manly Man


A Minnesota Vikings knit hat (to go with the Baby Diamonds Blanket)

LOTS of ideas in my head!
 I'm going to try for a crocheted version of the arm warmers with a bit of a twist.

So that's my list of projects.  Whew!

Other stuff I'm doing is: Starting Podkayne of Mars while I'm at work today (maybe) Friday is a funky day for me at work.  We'll see.

It's that time again.  I hope your weekend is great and that your summer vacation is starting off well!


So many awesome things have happened, and in just the last few days.  June is turning out to be a great month!

First, I wrote a pattern.  Nothing huge, some long arm warmers (no thumb hole or gusset) for my daughter.  I wasn't finding anything that she liked and that I could do, so I went ahead and decided to just wing it.  It's fairly simple and easy enough to do if you can knit and purl and change colors.

I had some awesome friends and family test it out for me, and then went through and gussied it up a bit.  It's now sitting in my Ravelry Store waiting to be purchased!

They have since take up residence on my daughter's arms, though it is over 90 degrees outside.
There they are, and there they'll stay.

There is also a free dishcloth/washcloth pattern in my Rav Store.  The story behind it is awesome.  I'm currently looking for the picture that goes with that pattern for a little nostalgia/whimsy. Since it was published, it's been downloaded over 100 times, which is exciting, even if the pattern is a free one.

Also, I was asked to make some stuff for my friend who is due to have her first boy soon.  They are two really cool things that I am super excited to get started on! More on that later, once I get everything situated with patterns and the yarn.

Which reminds me...for this commission, I went stash diving!  I meant to do it last night, but I was so excited about being able to send the kids to bed early, I just sat here and knit for 90 minutes by myself.

I was surprised when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:30 PM.  It sure didn't feel like it, and this is from the woman who thinks 9:30 is staying up late. I may have been extra jazzed about all the awesomeness that's happening around me.

I have a garden.  Well, it's a 4' x 4' raised garden bed full of 9 cu. ft of fertilized dirt and a couple of seeds I picked up for it.

I have been so focused on making sure that things are watered and not dying from the heat, I have never thought to check and see if any of the stuff that stays in the dirt has sprouted.

As I watered the seeds yesterday, I noticed some red stuff in the dirt, and got really close to standing in my backyard in my pajamas mumbling about people leaving crap around to get into my garden bed.

Upon closer examination, I discovered that things had indeed started growing in my garden.  These are one bunch of radishes.  I believe there are two bunches right now, but these were the red things that were starting my mumbling rant. According to my charts, these should be ready to be harvested next Friday, 12 June.

Today, the excitement continued.  I found most of the yarn I'll need for my commission in the stash.  What I didn't find is more than likely in there somewhere, but if not, easily accessible (I don't count buying yarn for a job as me breaking my promise, since I won't be paying for it).

I was also able to go into Mesa to visit my favorite used book store, Half Price Books.  I LOVE shopping there.  Not only do they have great books, they have music, audiobooks, comic books, some movies, GIFTS!  Really cool, awesome stuff. And everyone that works there is SO amazing.  Every single one is kind, caring and helpful, always.  I've never had a bad experience there.

The boys got comics and some video games, the girl got a book she thought looked like it might be a good book, and I was able to find a book I'd been interested in finding for a few years.

A few years ago, I read a novel by Dean Koontz called From the Corner of His Eye.  It was very interesting, how everything came together at the end.  All this stuff happens and you sit there thinking it makes no sense, and then slowly, all the pieces fall into place.  The main character is a boy named Bart.  Bart grows up and it turns out he's pretty damn smart.  He's so smart that he reads all these books and I think he was like not even in Kindergarten yet.  Everyone refers to him as a prodigy.

Well, Bart's favorite author is Robert Heinlein, and there's mention often of Pod of Mars or Podkayne. For some reason, out of everything that was talked about as far as books Bart read in the story, Podkayne of Mars is the only one that sticks out, and now, I can't find my copy of the book.  So, occasionally, when I was in a book store and thought about it, I'd look around for Heinlein books.  I found some, but I wasn't ever able to find Podkayne of Mars. Until today.

I found a buttload of Heinlein books.  I perused the titles, nothing jiggling in my brain at all, until VOILA!  There it was sitting on the shelf Podkayne of Mars by Robert Heinlein.  And at a price of $1.49, I couldn't pass it up.

I'm hoping June continues to be the same great month it has been so far.

Since I have taken the leap to become a pattern designer (It's very odd to try to consider myself as a designer of anything) I'm getting more and more ideas that I'd like to try out as far as creating patterns.  Which is scary!  I've never considered myself very creative. I think it stems from when I was a kid and I'd bring up ideas and my peers would brush them off or ignore them (I was shy and never spoke up for myself if I felt someone had wronged me or anything like that).  So it's a process.  Even if no one buys my first pattern, it's seeming as though it's opened a door in my brain where I'm beginning to think my ideas for designs could be something.

OK, other stuff:

I'm participating in Stash Dash 2015 by the Knit Girllls on Ravelry.  I have opted to do the 3K, since this is my first.  I'll attach the ticker to the bottom of posts from now until the end.  So far I'm up to 447 meters of yarn.  I really need to re-calibrate my scale so I get more accurate measurements.

FO's this week:

The arm warmers from up top
22.5 degress

Hermione's Everyday Socks
Spoilers socks
Souffle girl socks

Queued projects:
Super Mario Bros baby hat
Ninja turtle infant set (Michaelangelo)

Those last two are my commission and will be started shortly.  I'm very excited to do these, not only because they're going to such a nice family, but also because of the challenge they might present.  If you've noticed, I've mostly been sticking to knitting lately.  My crochet work has been kept to a minimum.

Lots of work to do, so I'd better get started!

Into The Panic Room!

Have you ever had a time when your parents called and said, "We're around the corner see you in 5 minutes!"?

We're in that situation right now.  Only not that bad.

I found out yesterday that my father in law was driving down.  He's staying with his daughter, so we don't have to worry about getting the bed ready, which is good because the sheets are staring at me from across the room right now.

My husband spoke with his sister and it sounded like they made a plan.  But he didn't say anything to me.  So I asked him when he was trying to leave, and he said basically, we MIGHT go over there today OR they'll come over Wednesday.  This resolves NOTHING!!!!

I have been enjoying this first full week of summer vacation immensely.  And it only just started yesterday.  Yesterday, we did our crazy errands run- paid the rent, got some milk, oil changed in the car, possible sunburns from walking to the store from the parking lot.  I spent the rest of the day sitting on my butt knitting on my Hitchhiker.

Today was going to be pool day, but now, I don't know if we're gonna go, and more than likely what'll happen is that we'll go over there today, and they'll come over tomorrow anyway.  Only I'll be at work, and my children have been instructed to open the door for NO ONE.  Not even Jesus (because Jesus will knock, but he'll know he can come in and he'll just come in). I'm just afraid they're going to pop over TODAY without calling. That has happened before.  I hope they bring donuts, because:  DONUTS.

That's what is happening here. I have vacuumed part of the living room, mostly because I was tidying up my knitting and crochet stuff that has gotten out of hand. Today is also my last day to do laundry before my work week starts, so that's happening.  Mostly that's what is going to happen in the rest of the house.  Tidying up.  The house is in no way in a shambles, but my husband is very particular about how he thinks the house should be when we have company (and yes, anyone visiting your house, family or not is considered company). There are two major things that need to be done, and I'm almost done with those.  Everything else can wait for the kids to show up.

I have organized my project bags.  These are my current WIPs:

1) Arm warmers for my daughter who could get cold sitting at hell's fireplace. The pattern is forthcoming, as soon as I hear back from my testers

2)Worsted weight man socks.  Not following a pattern and still haven't decided if I'll make them with a heel or not.  They are in Cascade 220 paints

3) Hermione's everyday socks for my niece, in Patons Kroy Socks in Bramble Stripes

4) Souffle Girl Socks for my daughter in Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn in the Aquamarine colorway

5) Spoilers Socks for me in Cascade Heritage in Jade

6) 22.5 Degrees shawl in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Petunia

7) Super Simple Short Sock in Frolicking Feet...I'm using left overs of Irish Moss and Southwest Gem

8) In a bag are 4 balls of Caron Simply Soft that I am meaning to make a sweater with.  It's just so warm now, I don't want to think about making something that'll make me sweat.

Also, while I waited for my car to be serviced, I shopped around for some supplies for making stitch markers.  I keep seeing all these wonderful stitch markers people are selling, but none of them are what I was looking for, as far as the part that's around the needle, so I thought I'd spend a few bucks and try to make some of my own.

They came out nicely.  The rings are in 3 different sizes...4 are smaller, for socks. Then I did two of the middle size and two of the larger size.  They are made with lovely blue and white charms that I got at Walmart for $3 (there were 8 charms, 2 of each color). Instead of getting regular jump rings, I got twisted jump rings.  They're pretty neat.  I'm going to use them in my 22.5 degree shawl.  I just have to knit them in to replace the plastic ones I've been using.

Very fast and easy to make.  There'd be more pictures, but my phone was dying and my daughter took my camera to a party and hasn't given it back yet.  I seem to always forget that I have that camera anyway.

Well, laundry and dust mops are beckoning!  I must continue on with my Cinderella-esque day!