A Day of Infamy

Well, today is something of a red banner type day.

Sometime in December of 2014, I decided that I had the moral fortitude to make it an entire year without buying any yarn.  During the last 5 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, I got yarn as gifts and I got money specifically to buy yarn, but I haven't actually gone to the store and chosen a skein or ball to buy.

That ended today.

It's for a great cause, I guess.  And truthfully, I probably could have dragged David out to buy the damn yarn himself, since it is because of him that I bought the yarn.  I began a Flax sweater a few days ago, and am almost finished with it (I chose the infant size since it's my first real sweater that I'm knitting).  Seeing how it was knitting up, and the pictures included with the pattern, David decided he really liked it and asked me to make one for him. But he just got off of work this morning and has to go to work in the morning.  I probably could have waited to buy it until the weekend, BUT, the stores that carry it around here didn't have that much left.  In fact, our local JoAnn's didn't have any in the color David wants.  And the next closest store only had nine balls left, which is how many I need...well, I only need 8, but I obviously don't want to get all crazy with dye lots. So we went and bought the yarn. And I thought since I was breaking my vow, I'd get yarn I needed to finish something else.  So, yea. Not more yarn diet. I'll probably just start over and not buy any until next year or something.

In actuality, I think I did fairly well, considering at the end of November last year I was getting new yarn at an alarming rate (to me it was alarming, so it must have been bad).

On to other stuff.

I started reading Podkayne of Mars by Robert Heinlein. I'm on page 4, so we're still 'meeting' everyone and learning about humans living on Mars.

I've been watching Wayward Pines with Matt Dillon. It's a weird show, but I like it. The newest episode is One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire, which I might watch tomorrow morning.

This morning, I chose to watch the first episode of Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay on Investigation Discovery channel. Very good show! I'm going to try and re-watch the pilot episode, because I think I missed some stuff. Essentially, there are these girls that are killed and police in five different places end up looking for the same guy. It takes place in the 1970's so it's very retro looking.

We're still watching Texas Rising, about the events after the Alamo.

All my knitting projects are the same, except now we've added an XXL size Flax sweater into the mix. Since he wants it in 100% wool ( he said something about not wanting it to melt because he'd be wearing it around fire- I guess he does listen when I talk about acrylic yarns), and it has to be done by the end of November (hunting trip in December), it is bumping everything else down a notch on the queue. I'm naming the sweater Daddy WarFlax  (instead of Daddy Warbucks).

Also, my friend asked for a baby hat for her baby due to arrive also in December. I've decided to add a Barley hat to the list. Barley is part of Tin Can Knits Simple collection, along with Flax.

So that's it. I do have one bit of bad news. My computer has been telling me for a while that my battery was wonky and that I should change it other wise the computer could shut off suddenly. Well, COULD means it also couldn't, so of course I ignored the warnings (the warning comes and goes). Today though, could became a reality. My computer is exactly where it's been for months, plugged into the same outlet. And then I moved to the table. All of a sudden, the battery is dying and I have 7 minutes of battery life left. And it will not charge. So, I think my battery is down for the long sleep. Naturally, I will keep an eye on the situation, and look into replacing the battery, but for now I'm using my phone or my Next book Tablet. If I must, I will lower myself to use the PC which always leaves me feeling twitchy.

Know this... I'll keep on crafting, and so should you!

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