And Then There Were Nine

So I just finished a row of my Flax sweater for my husband.  A row.  Not the first row or the last.  But it's the last whole row that'll be completed with the first skein of yarn. I think there's maybe 12 inches of yarn left of it.

The sweater is going well.  There've been a few mishaps.  I have managed to fix all but one of them, and I can't say I think it'll be a huge deal for my husband for what he's using it for-to help keep him from freezing his ass off while hunting.

Flax has a garter panel on the sleeves.  I keep losing my place when it comes to the garter panel.  and there has been plenty of tinking back to fix it. Including one that had me tink back an entire row, only to find that I was doing it correctly in the first place.

There are about 5 rows of the garter panel that I purled every row on.  The only way it's completely obvious is if you look on the 'inside' part where it's all knit stitches.  I think if I pulled it out to fix it now, after I've discovered it, I might just scrap the whole thing and go buy him a sweater at the Army Surplus store.  He has one of those, and let me tell you, they are NICE sweaters.  I love them.  There's even a button closure at the neck and ribbing and OMG I should totally just make one!  They're amazing, and for what I paid in yarn, I probably could have gotten him at least one.

So I am trying to be more careful for the rest of the sweater.  I honestly know he'll wear it no matter what sort of mistakes I make.  BUT we all need to remember, this is the largest garment I have ever attempted, and though I'm through a good portion of the top of it, it's still pretty daunting, especially knowing that he's going to USE it in a way that seems more than normal wearing of a sweater.

I finished ONE of the Hermione's Socks.
This pair is in Patons Kroy Socks in the Bramble Stripes Colorway. I did a Fish Lips Kiss heel, with 1/2 inch of stockinette instead of a whole inch.  Which, by the way, I had been neglecting to do in all the socks I've made with the FLK heel.  I thought the inch of stockinette was just for toe up socks.  I guess I should actually read stuff before I start project, eh?

I've been spinning a LOT lately.  All to practice for the class.  Tomorrow is part two, where we'll be plying yarn.  I have two balls ready to go, and I'm working on another bunch of fiber.  That'll be 3 plys, if I can finish.  BUT I was thinking more along the lines of, since with each bunch of fiber I spin, I get better, I might do a 2 ply of the two good ones, which will obviously be the one I'm working on now and the one that I haven't started yet.  OR I might just wait and do a 4 ply of the four together (that wouldn't work though because with each spin I do, I lose less fiber to stray tufts  or breaking, so they're uneven lengthwise).

I really do think I'll get something nice from the blue and purple yarn and who knows I might re-ply it with the orange and yellow.  My big huge plan was the do the orange and yellow with red and call it Good Morning, Sunshine.  We'll see how that goes.

All the plying will be done on the wheel, though and Lord knows I'm still not too good at using the wheel.  It'll take some practice with using my feet and hands at the same time.  Which sounds so lame!

My Stash Dash hasn't moved one tiny bit.  I'll change that when I ply my yarns and measure them.

On the homefront:  My garden is still suffering.  We're trying to keep it watered well, and I cleaned out all the dried up dead leaves, which makes my garden look pathetic.  Like a desert scene in a movie.  Not very far off, considering where I live, but still.  It was going well, and then someone tripped and turned up the heat.

We cleaned up the backyard some today.  It was just after 10 am and 95 degrees out already. So when we finished, we washed up and went to Sonic.

Now we're just sitting around doing whatever.

We HAVE NOT watched Falling Skies yet.  I was hoping that we would this morning before the husband went to bed, but he thought the kids would be interested in watching so we watched The Last Ship instead.  It was pretty good.

Well, that's about it here.  I'm just biding time until it's time to start cooking dinner and watch Falling Skies and trying to figure out which way I'm going to start using the new skein of yarn on this sweater.  Once I get that done, I'll probably just keep working on it instead of putting it aside.  I'd really like to separate for the sleeves today.  My daughter looked at me like a lunatic and asked me, "What are you supposed to be making there?"  She said she thought it was a hat, so finishing that much would be good.

I hope your week goes well, and Happy Crafting!

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