Sometime last year, I got interested in spinning fiber. Then I found out a wheel to spin fiber into yarn could cost beaucoup bucks.   This lead me to search for other ways to spin and create yarns.

This led me to getting a HUGE Painful bruise on my right leg.  Seriously.  It was about 5 inches long, and hurt when I walked for a couple of days.  What came out of those attempts was less than stellar looking in my eyes.

I had gone to the Hobby Lobby and gotten some wooden wheels and dowels, glued them together and added hooks to the ends.  There I had my Top Whorl and Bottom Whorl spindles for hand spinning. And I thought I was on the verge of something big.  The soreness and the bruise dampened my excitement for a long while, and I packed them away.

Today, for some reason, I did one helluva stash dive and went in search of my bag of fiber and spindles.  I found the fiber and the Top Whorl spindle, and a large hole in the bag they were all kept in.  I'm assuming that the Bottom Whorl spindle has sunk into the bottom of the container they were all in and that I may need to call in the Coast Guard to rescue it.  Otherwise, I might just have to wait until the morning when everyone is asleep, which also could end up with the ambulance being called, because let's face it, the stash closet is a hazard.  I'm just being honest, here people!

I was tempted to take the rest of the supplies and make another, but then I remembered what a bitch it was to try and get the hook screwed into one end of a dowel:  It's not the business.  Also, the glue.  You cannot glue your spindle together with Elmer's School Glue or Crazy Glue (I still call it Cra-Gl in my head-Everything is Awesome!)  The wood glue, which I bought last year specifically for this project, has absconded off somewhere.  It's probably with my daughter's house key. In the Bahamas.

So, I have my Top Whorl Spindle, and I'm using it, nowhere near my leg, and of course things are coming out as well as they did last time:  Like crap.

Now, I am a big fan of shopping locally, and in fact frequent two of the four yarn shops (that I know of) around here as much as possible.  There are things that I give to people though, that, even though I love them, I don't think what I'm making for them SHOULD even be made in wool that has to be specially taken care of-no agitation or dryer for fear of felting.  Because, BABIES!  They are the reason you can't have nice things! BUT there are thing that simply SCREAM for the awesomeness that is found in a local yarn shop.  And let's face it, who else is going to be excited about what you make with woolen yarns?  Anyways, big box yarns are handy because you can wash them and they come in bigger rolls than what you'd get in an LYS for less and sometimes that's what counts the most. (just know, If I had a million dollars, my husband would be pissed because I bought so much damn yarn shop yarn.)

In any case the yarn shops I visit and know how to get to around here, all offer one class or another on spinning on a spinning wheel (which I forgot the name of this morning when I was searching, like really!  Hello!!).  So, yes, I'd love to take those classes and support my local businesses and make pals that are spinning with me hopefully.

The thing is, all the classes happen while I'm at work, and those that don't, I have things that I'm going or realize that that's a pretty long distance to drive for a class on a day that that's the only thing I'm driving out there for.  I don't know, it makes sense in my head, when I tell myself that.  I should probably just tell that voice to shut up.

Anyway, I decided today that I'd give a Craftsy class a try.  I love Craftsy!  So much stuff.  Patterns, kits, yarns CLASSES.  My first big thing from Craftsy was that they were beginning to offer Workshops.  I was lucky enough to be one of the first ones to sign up, so I got a free workshop.  The problem was, it was a knitting workshop and I was solely crocheting at the time.  That Workshop, with Stefanie Japel was one of the big reasons for me picking up the sticks again.

I've enrolled in all the free crochet and knitting classes, and a bunch of the free sewing classes, and I love them all.  One of the free crochet classes was even taught by Drew Emborsky The Crochet Dude! It was great!

So I know the value of the class programming at Craftsy is great.  And I decided to take the plunge today and try my hand again at spindling.  I'm just at the beginning part of the class, but I'm pretty sure I have the basics down, except that the instructor, Drucilla Pettibone, said we should spin our spindles clockwise and I'd been rolling mine counterclockwise.  But I'm staying the heck away from my leg.

To celebrate, I bought 4 oz of Merino Fiber from Arizona Yarn and Fiber this afternoon.  I'm saving that for when I think I might have gotten pretty good at it.  For now, I'm making some really cool looking yarn with some Dyelicious Fiber that I had gotten last year.  It's pink, red a little orange and white.  It looks AWESOME and in my head, it's fantastic all spun out.

So look for more on that front.  Either that or look for some drunken postings ranting about how I can't spin for beans, with every other word misspelled.

OK, onto other crafty stuff:

I finished a sock yesterday.  It's a manly tube sock with a 3 x 3 ribbing around the leg and the top of the foot.  There's a fairly large 2 x 2 cuff, which is only as large as it is to make the height decent.  The real worry was making the sock long enough in the leg so that it wasn't completely sitting in the leg of a boot.  I was told I had succeeded.

I have started on the 5th of 6 balls on my Go Team Blanket, made with Red Heart Team Spirit.  I get on these kicks where I'm super jazzed about how fast it's coming together and how fast I'm getting through each ball of yarn, and other times, I'd like to melt it down and create some kind of sculpture I can trap myself in to keep me from getting ideas about making things.

This is all that's been accomplished since my last post.

Right now, this table is a mess of mini Baby Ruth wrappers, and tufts of pink fiber.  Somewhere in here is a glass of water and a Coke with the name Kirk on it. I think I'm going to go look for my Top Whorl spindle or tear the garage apart to find the damn wood glue.

I hope your week is going well, and that you're going to have a most amazing weekend!  Happy Crafting!

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