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A little about the set up at Chez Moi.

My chair that I sit in in the living room is a chair that a lady I worked for gifted me.  She was clearing out some of her stuff and asked if I wanted them.  Sure why not.  They're old school living room chairs.  I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me.  Anyway, there were two.  Somehow I got them both into my Pontiac (RIP, Bessie), and managed to drive home without incident.

My daughter immediately stole one for her room, but I took it instead and put it in my room.  The other never made it upstairs.  I decided that since my husband was basically ruling the house from the chair that is part of the living room set, I needed my own throne.  So it's down here.

It fits me perfectly.  Normally, when I sit in a chair, any chair, even the one I'm sitting in now, my feet are not flat on the ground, unless I sit in an uncomfortable unnatural way.  My chair is low enough that I can sit with both feet flat on the ground and be comfortable.

My table that the laptop sits on, is higher than it should be for anyone to type on when sitting in that chair, though.  So in order for me to comfortably sit and blog or type anything at all, I either have to just use my smartphone (which makes me feel like an a-hole for doing stuff on my phone on the same page that the computer right next to me is on) or I have to move the entire laptop and try not to forget the mouse (because I hate using the navpad on this damn contraption.  It is completely disabled because I will end up with the cursor all over the place otherwise.)

That being said, a lot of times, when I have planned to blog, it becomes a decision to move all this stuff over or continue to sit right where I am and work on a project.  95% of the time I chose to not move.  So that's the real reason why things get so quiet here for so long.  Because I'm lazy.  There, I said it! Are ya happy now?

OK good.

Alright.  Here's some personal stuff I wanna share;

Yesterday my youngest son turned 15!  He's an awesome kid and got spoiled. He ate so much, he decided to wait to have his birthday cake til today.

In crafty news:

I had been thinking about taking a spinning class.  For spinning on a spinning wheel.  My LYS, Arizona Yarn & Fiber in Gilbert, AZ has a class in August.  It's perfect- Two Tuesdays for 2 hours each day.  I am off on Tuesdays and am likely to be wanting to go the AZ Yarn anyway (truthfully, I want to go there every single day of the year).  Then I got the brilliant idea to check and see what their sister store Tempe Yarn & Fiber had to offer.  Tempe Yarn is on University Drive and I almost always get lost when I drive over there, because I'm worried about finding the place and then I always drive into the driveway before or breeze right past it to McClintock.

Tempe Yarn offers a spinning class, also on Tuesdays at 11 AM.  And they have a class that starts on this coming Tuesday 23 June.  I made a decision to just do it, and registered for the class.  I am every excited.

In other spinning news, I did about 2 (ish) ounces of Merino on my drop spindle and it was pretty freaking awesome.  It's my first that's pretty consistent all the way through.  I went and ruined the hell out of it though, wrapping it on the Niddy Noddy.  It was twisted and loose and I tried to fix it and broke it all to pieces.  So I'm pretty pissed, because now, it's not as awesome as it was when I was finished spinning it.

Here are some things I've finished in the last few days:

Turtle Shell, to complete the Ninja Turtle set. I haven't put any information into the project page yet, but it's all acrylic yarns and is super cute!

Turns out, that's the only thing I've finished.  Yay me.


My Go Team Throw is now on ball 6/6, and well on it's way to being finished, hopefully by the end of the year (if my track record is any indication).  The pattern is easy to remember, which is nice, but sometimes, I just get bored with it and want to make all the other things. That's why it's taken over a year to finish it.  It will be awesome though, and ready to go hunting in December.

I'm STILL making the yoke of my Daddy War-Flax sweater for my husband.  Summer vacation is really cramping my style.  I think the kids being around the house a lot more is part of why there isn't a lot of finished stuff, because they are distracting.  I keep getting lost on the garter part of the sleeve, I can never remember what I'm supposed to do.  I think the sleeves are halfway done to being set up.

I'm doing Malt, by Tin Can Knits.  I really think I'm going to end up having done every pattern in the Simple Collection at least once. It's going well.  It's my travelling project, so it goes with me to work.  I got to the point where all the markers are added, so I've got a pretty good rhythm going.
I started the 3 Hour Sweater yesterday.  I'm trying to knit it as the pattern states, even though I HATE seaming things.  I am the worst seamer ever!  Every thing I seam look like Freddy Krueger did it with his knives hand.  I am not making any mods at all, so we'll see what happens.  I might end up giving it to my daughter who really enjoys wearing the stuff I make. I think this might take me more than 3 hours.  I'm using straight needles instead of circulars, which is an odd feeling for me.

That's really it.  I work on the baby blanket at work, and go back and forth between the big blanket and the sweaters while I'm home.

Stash Dash update:  1137 meters are done, and when I finish the Go Team Throw it'll be over 2400 meters done.  If I finish the Flax sweater, it'll put me over my 3K finish line, but I may not finish by then, simply because there are things that I have to start working on again before the end of this month.

So you're aware, there may be some spoiler-ish things about books and TV shows and movies coming up.  Continue if you dare!

OK Books stuff:

I purchased Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, because yes, I need more books to read all at the same time.  I wanted it, and got a good deal on it.  I am pleased.

I am still reading The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. LeGuin, though I moved the books and haven't touched it in a while. It's pretty good, but I've been concentrating on knitting and other stuff so I haven't read much of anything.

I am considering re-reading the Game of Thrones books, though not the first one.  I don't want to relive Ned being parted from his head. I'll start with the second book, and actually finish the rest, then get  A Dance with Dragons

I've still got Dark Places queued up on my iPod, but haven't finished it. My daughter took the iPod to listen to Taylor Swift and have headphones on so she could ignore the world, so basically my iPod is dead and needs a recharge. I will have to get back on the ball though because I saw that the movie is going to be on DirecTV soon, and I need to see that, even though Charlize Theron is set to play Libby Day and I don't think she's anywhere near the age that Libby is in the book.  But I Haven't finished the book, so what do I know?

On the Telly:

Watched the Season Finale of Game of Thrones.  All I have to say is I certainly hope that Sansa didn't just commit suicide with Theon Greyjoy, because NO! And what the hell...The Mountain Zombie.  Really.  He looks awful, even with the helmet on.  Hooray for Brienne killing the crap out of Stannis!  My husband and I were both in agreement that it was good that Jon Snow let Sam leave with Gilly and baby Sam, because they'd all be in the same boat as Jon if they'd stayed.  Oh and I wish that what's her name that got tossed over by Theon had landed on Ramsay's head and that they were both dead.  The Husband thinks that Dany has run into her old Khalasar, which would be something, though I am not sure if that's something good.

Wayward Pines:  I haven't watched the last episode that was on last week.  I started it, but then found out that the video was up for the Chain 344 Podcast so I shut it off and watched that instead. So far, Matt Dillon had climbed the cliff face and was shooting randomly into the dark woods.

I think that's all.  We're waiting on the season premieres of The Last Ship (I once had a dream that my husband was my husband but he had Eric Dane's body.  It was weird, same voice and mannerisms as my husband, but it was Eric Dane), and Falling Skies.  Those should be fun, though I don't really pay attention to The Last Ship.

OH, the husband was lent a copy of Planet Earth by a friend from work, so we'll probably end up watching that, which will make the Daughter happy.

So that's it.  I'm planning a sweater for myself, but I keep changing my mind about which one I want to make.  I have time though because the needles I need are in the husband's sweater now anyway.

Here's to Friday! I hope your weekend's a good one, and Happy Crafting!

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