Family Meeting

Ok, not exactly a family meeting.  A meeting of the minds, perhaps?  It's my daughter and I sitting here having a conversation about sweaters that I am going to make for her.  First it was going to be the 3 Hour Sweater, a vintage pattern that reads like the Handbook for the Recently Deceased in Beetlejuice.

Now, It's going to be the $5 in Paris sweater, which is cool.  Even though I bought the necessary needles to make the 3 hour sweater already.  Whatever, though.  Who couldn't use a size US 15 24" circular bamboo needle set?  Yeah.  Neither can I.  I'm sure I'll find some use for it, eventually.

Things that are finished are sparse around here.  In fact, I don't think I've finished anything in the last few days...

WAIT!  I finished the Baby Flax Sweater!  That was a few days ago, though, so I may have written about it already.  It went fast, I think it was about a week altogether, and I didn't work on it everyday.

It gave me courage and I cast on for the adult (XXL) size.  Three or four times, I cast on for the adult size.  Yowzah! I'm doing well, though.  I'm well on my way to making the yoke of the sweater.

I have almost decided on my own sweater, though I keep changing my mind.  My first thought was that I'd make myself a Flax, but then the husband saw what the baby one looked like and said he would like one.  And I don't want to be one of those people that dresses like their spouse on purpose.  When that happens it's completely accidental and I drag my ass upstairs to change my top.

Now, my choices have been narrowed down to Harvest by Tin Can Knits and February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne.  I am leaning towards Harvest more, simply because it'll be a TCK sweater like my husband's, but not twinsies.  I'm leaning towards the February Lady simply because I like it.  I keep changing my mind and may even decide to make one then frog it and make the other.

Let's see...Here's my crafty line up of WIPs:

I am finishing up skein 5 of 6 on the Go Team Throw with Red Heart Team Spirit.  It's crocheted with a size J hook, and goes pretty fast...there's a 9 stitch pattern repeat that makes ripples, and at the end it should be large enough to cover someone while he's hunting.

I started Malt (another Tin Can Knits pattern, from the Simple Collection).  It's my first KNIT blanket, using Red Heart Super Saver in Cornmeal (I almost cleared out the stock of cornmeal at my local Walmart last year to make a totally different blanket that I frogged)

My Daddy War-Flax, as you know, is almost an entire yoke of a sweater.  I like it.  It's in Paton's Classic Wool in Navy.

And I'm going Corina Grey's Turtle Love, in Loops and Threads Impeccable and a Mystery Stash Yarn (green and brown respectively).

Everything else is virtually shelved right now.  I need to finish the Turtle blanket thing, for my friend. (Gosh crochet hexagon motifs are a pain in the rear end!) I am going REALLY slow on this and it should go fast because it's crochet and small, but honestly, I hate making hexagons in crochet.  I'm about halfway done with the hexagons which you would think would light a fire under my butt, but no.

If I finish the Go Team throw, that'll put my VERY close to my Stash Dash finish line of 3,000 meters. less than 700 meters, whichI could easily do.  I do not know why I am so worried about it though.  I know it's supposed to be about stash diving and finishing things, but I keep starting new crap and leaving the old stuff.  I am really trying to balance it and do work on the old stuff that I want finished and start new things that are neat and I can learn from. I'm taking it more as a personal challenge than any kind of contest.

I started the drop spindle course on Craftsy with Drucilla Pettibone.  It's pretty neat, and she gives instructions on making a Niddy Noddy out of PVC.  I'm going to try that today.  Yep, I'm gonna use a saw.  I'll let you know if I'm in more than one piece.

SO I have some handspun that's needing a Niddy Noddy.  It's pink and Looks like a cotton candy machine threw up.  I must practice, practice, practice!

I'm gonna get to it, since it's warm outside and that's where I'll be sawing.  Have a great one, and happy crafting!

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