We were cracking jokes yesterday, both on Facebook and here in our living room, about the AccuWeather App on our smart phones. It has this thing where it tells you when the rain is going to start, and how long you have till the rain stops.

So the joke is, when it says it's raining, it never is wherever you are.  We also say things like, "Oh now, it's going to start raining in 52 minutes! I'd better get home quick!" Which is a joke because it'll either start raining 3 minutes after you start driving, or 2 hours after you reach your destination.

Last night, mine said we were going to have varying degrees of 'rain' (seriously, they call it rain, it's not rain.  I know rain. I grew up in San Francisco and lived for years in Tacoma, WA.  I know rain) for 120 minutes.  Looking outside, it was not raining.  It wasn't exactly sunshine and unicorns outside, but it certainly was not raining.

In fact, as the sun set and we hunkered down watching TV and knitting (OR CROCHETING, YAY!), it was gloomy looking, but there was not even sprinkling outside.

Early this morning (for some reason I've been waking up super early, though I was finally getting out of that) there was thunder and lightning.  Our shades are turned down in the window since we're on the second floor and I only turn them up when we're sleeping in or Hubby is going to bed in the morning. So, I woke up and got some water, and laid down.  Of course lightning flashes and since the shades are turned down, I'm getting flashed in the eyes. Hubs came to bed, and said, "I think it's starting to rain."  Then the rain started.  For maybe 30 minutes.

Now, it's about 2 hours later, and the sun is coming up.  The skies are still gloomy and there are dark clouds south of us (I think it's south) and there is thunder.

The dog won't go outside, he's a big baby.  But he also may have spent some time outside before The Husband came to bed.

Yay rain. HA!

So, I started my commission yesterday.  I have tons of green yarn and brown yarn.  I needed orange yarn and found a small ball of acrylic orange (Red Heart Super Saver or With Love...probably SS).

Once I put my stash back and started figuring out which shades I was going to use, I found that I couldn't find my ball of orange yarn. I went through all the stuff I had take out of the stash boxes and it's gone. So, I'm freaking out because the oranges that are left are way too bright or way too dark.

Then I remembered that I had an entire ball of Cascade 220 Superwash!  My house looked like this:

Yes, I was very excited.  It's perfect for the project I'm doing, which is a cute Ninja Turtle set I'm making for my friend.  Here's what I've done so far:

One thing I noticed making this beanie:  I don't know anything anymore about the sizes of baby heads!  I got to the point where you just dc around and I thought, "No way, man! That's way too small!" so I made it another round larger (the 3-12 mo size) and of course that looked like it could fit on a watermelon.  So I pulled it out and made it as the pattern said to for the newborn size (0-3 mo).
I got the pattern from Butterfly's Creations, and it comes in a variety of sizes, including adults  Really.  You should check out the project pages, lots of grown up dudes wearing these hats.  It's very cool!

Here's what's keeping me sane now:

Awesome Ninja Turtle hat
22.5 Degrees shawl

A Turtle-esque Diaper Cover
42 my Hitchhiker Shawl
Hermione's Everyday Socks
Souffle Girl Socks
Spoilers Socks
Ninja Turtle Shell blanket
Baby Diamonds Blanket (way behind on that)
Corner 2 Corner blanket (for my hubby to take hunting)
Super Masculine Wool Tube Socks for a Manly Man


A Minnesota Vikings knit hat (to go with the Baby Diamonds Blanket)

LOTS of ideas in my head!
 I'm going to try for a crocheted version of the arm warmers with a bit of a twist.

So that's my list of projects.  Whew!

Other stuff I'm doing is: Starting Podkayne of Mars while I'm at work today (maybe) Friday is a funky day for me at work.  We'll see.

It's that time again.  I hope your weekend is great and that your summer vacation is starting off well!

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