Into The Panic Room!

Have you ever had a time when your parents called and said, "We're around the corner see you in 5 minutes!"?

We're in that situation right now.  Only not that bad.

I found out yesterday that my father in law was driving down.  He's staying with his daughter, so we don't have to worry about getting the bed ready, which is good because the sheets are staring at me from across the room right now.

My husband spoke with his sister and it sounded like they made a plan.  But he didn't say anything to me.  So I asked him when he was trying to leave, and he said basically, we MIGHT go over there today OR they'll come over Wednesday.  This resolves NOTHING!!!!

I have been enjoying this first full week of summer vacation immensely.  And it only just started yesterday.  Yesterday, we did our crazy errands run- paid the rent, got some milk, oil changed in the car, possible sunburns from walking to the store from the parking lot.  I spent the rest of the day sitting on my butt knitting on my Hitchhiker.

Today was going to be pool day, but now, I don't know if we're gonna go, and more than likely what'll happen is that we'll go over there today, and they'll come over tomorrow anyway.  Only I'll be at work, and my children have been instructed to open the door for NO ONE.  Not even Jesus (because Jesus will knock, but he'll know he can come in and he'll just come in). I'm just afraid they're going to pop over TODAY without calling. That has happened before.  I hope they bring donuts, because:  DONUTS.

That's what is happening here. I have vacuumed part of the living room, mostly because I was tidying up my knitting and crochet stuff that has gotten out of hand. Today is also my last day to do laundry before my work week starts, so that's happening.  Mostly that's what is going to happen in the rest of the house.  Tidying up.  The house is in no way in a shambles, but my husband is very particular about how he thinks the house should be when we have company (and yes, anyone visiting your house, family or not is considered company). There are two major things that need to be done, and I'm almost done with those.  Everything else can wait for the kids to show up.

I have organized my project bags.  These are my current WIPs:

1) Arm warmers for my daughter who could get cold sitting at hell's fireplace. The pattern is forthcoming, as soon as I hear back from my testers

2)Worsted weight man socks.  Not following a pattern and still haven't decided if I'll make them with a heel or not.  They are in Cascade 220 paints

3) Hermione's everyday socks for my niece, in Patons Kroy Socks in Bramble Stripes

4) Souffle Girl Socks for my daughter in Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn in the Aquamarine colorway

5) Spoilers Socks for me in Cascade Heritage in Jade

6) 22.5 Degrees shawl in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Petunia

7) Super Simple Short Sock in Frolicking Feet...I'm using left overs of Irish Moss and Southwest Gem

8) In a bag are 4 balls of Caron Simply Soft that I am meaning to make a sweater with.  It's just so warm now, I don't want to think about making something that'll make me sweat.

Also, while I waited for my car to be serviced, I shopped around for some supplies for making stitch markers.  I keep seeing all these wonderful stitch markers people are selling, but none of them are what I was looking for, as far as the part that's around the needle, so I thought I'd spend a few bucks and try to make some of my own.

They came out nicely.  The rings are in 3 different sizes...4 are smaller, for socks. Then I did two of the middle size and two of the larger size.  They are made with lovely blue and white charms that I got at Walmart for $3 (there were 8 charms, 2 of each color). Instead of getting regular jump rings, I got twisted jump rings.  They're pretty neat.  I'm going to use them in my 22.5 degree shawl.  I just have to knit them in to replace the plastic ones I've been using.

Very fast and easy to make.  There'd be more pictures, but my phone was dying and my daughter took my camera to a party and hasn't given it back yet.  I seem to always forget that I have that camera anyway.

Well, laundry and dust mops are beckoning!  I must continue on with my Cinderella-esque day!

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