I have a bit of a problem.  As far as problems going, it isn't very terrible.  My problem is, my daughter is using her wi-fi enabled device way too much.

A few summers ago, while visiting my parents, she and my second son were given my mom and dad's old cellphones, which are basically mini Samsung Galaxies. Except smaller than the minis.  If that makes sense?

I'm fine with it, really.  She's been using it to watch youtube videos and read fan fiction about her favorite books.  But that's all she does.  Plus, she's got music on it now, so basically her entire day is spent in her room staring at this thing with her headphones on and only coming out if she has to eat or pee, or one of us bangs on the door screaming her name.

I hit my limit last night, when she had disappeared from the kitchen, while it was getting cleaned.  See, each night, one of them washes the dishes, then the younger one cleans the table and wipes the counter and makes sure that all the dirty plates are brought over to be washed.  Except her.  She gets the oldest as her helper.  This makes sure that no one is exempt from any duties in the kitchen, and you sort of get to exact revenge on your siblings by piling things up, (this is how we did it growing up, except I washed the dishes every night and my sister did the rest).

I got up to get a snack and I see there's all sorts of crap out on the counter still, and she is nowhere to be found downstairs.  I called her name 4 times.  FOUR TIMES.  And nothing.  I went upstairs, her room is dark and the door is closed.  Knock in the door and she opens it, like nothing.  I took the phone from her.  This is ridiculous.

Only one of my kids uses his device responsibly, and the other one is grounded from just about every device available with internet access.  And then there's the girl, who is losing herself in the interwebs and the fantasy world of fan fiction. The limits will be adhered to, dammit!

So that's my problem.  It's hard, because of our schedules right now, and the fact that they're on summer break.  Normally during the year, they are given a 45 minute limit on the big computer. Their handheld devices have never been this much of a problem.  I'll have to figure something out.

On to the good Crafty Stuff:

Craftsy is having  a sale on their classes!  50% off until midnight tonight.

The Knit Girllls are doing stash dash, and things are going swimmingly for me.  I've signed up for the 3K.  Mostly this is because I do have a ton of UFOs, and I'm also using it as a time to learn new stuff and try new things. Remember to tag your projects stashdash2015 and #stashdash2015

The Geeky Girls are doing their Summertime and the Living is Easy KAL, which started 1 June 2015.  All projects must have been started 1 June or later, no WIPs!  Tag projects GGKSummertime and #ggksummertime

The girls over at the Chain 344 video podcast are doing a Sock A-Long which started 1 June. All projects must have been started 1 June or later, no WIPs.

Now, MY Stuff!


I finished a hat for my Father in Law.  It's made in purple, gold and white, and is not anything to do with the damn Lakers. It's for the Minnesota Vikings. I used the A Simple Hat pattern by Julie Grantz LaFrancois.  I did four rows purple, 2 rows white, 4 rows gold, 2 rows white, etc. It's very nice looking. I also used the jogless join in the round for the first time, and let me tell you, my rows have never lined up so nicely! I followed this video, and it clicked in my head.


I am still working on My Hitchhiker, "42".  I've sort of put it aside to work on that hat, and also for some other stuff I'll talk about next.

Hermione's Everyday Socks

And I started an infant sized Flax, by TinCan Knits. I'm about halfway done, I guess.  Or almost halfway done. I haven't separated for the sleeves yet.  Oh damn.  I forgot about sleeves.  I guess I'm not even close to halfway done then.  This is my first attempt at an actual sweater, so I'm pretty jazzed.

Some older WIPs: Baby Diamonds Blanket.  I have 6 squares, the pattern calls for 9.  Since I made that Vikings hat, I'm not sure I have enough to finish three more squares and also sew them all together AND make a border. I might have to axe this one from the stash dash list

The Team Spirit blanket is another one that might get the axe.  I'm not at all sure that I have enough yarn to finish it.  I might just call it finished now, as it's got 3 skeins of yarn in it.  These two projects might have to wait until I get a little more of my stash gone.


So far, I have 4 things on my queue.

The Ninja Turtle shell blanket.  I'm using Corina Gray's pattern Turtle Love for this one. I am trying to make it super debut series of the turtles authentic.  I am considering using brown instead of black, though. That is only if it becomes completely necessary, though.

$5 in Paris.  I have the yarn all ready to go, I think I might just need a US size 8 needle with a longer cord, though I'm not 100% sure about that. This one will be for me, so it will probably be one of the last ones I do.

3 Hour Sweater, it's a vintage pattern that my daughter went nuts for, so I'm going to give it a whirl after stash diving with her to see what I have that she'll like.

And finally (so far) Little Avery by Talia Hilliard Designs.  Again, lots of babies are coming around here, (someone put the Kool-Aid in the water supply!) so there'll be lots of baby stuff on the needles and hooks.

Well, here we are again. I hear a motorcycle rumbling in the distance.  That means it's time for me to go.  Have a great Sunday!

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