Things Are Getting Real

Alright...We're about at the halfway point of the year.  Which is always something of a surprise to me for some reason.  I always feel like, "What the hell happened to May?" Because there isn't a lot going on in May, besides whatever shenanigans might pop up on any given day.  It's like May is the only month of the year that whatever happens has the potential of being a surprise.

So it's June.  As of right now, in 8 days, my youngest son (I do only have two) will turn 15 years old. This seems insane to me.  He won't think it's insane to me, though, because I keep asking him if he is 15 already or what. (And as my son he potentially has evidence that I might be insane already.)

It'll be his first birthday in many years that he'll spend at home, as the kids are more than likely not going to California this year.  I am very excited about this, as we always miss having time with them in the summer, because potentially, they are leaving shortly after school is out and coming back just a few days before school starts.

His birthday list, as usual, is exorbitant.  He is of the mindset of "Go big or go home" when it comes to birthday presents, although this year, one item is something that would benefit everyone that uses the console.  Since we've been burned trying to save a buck by buying an off brand, we'll really have to shop around for a good price to get the 'real deal' and still get a deal.

Tomorrow, he'll get part of his birthday present/graduation promotion gift: his dad is taking him ONLY to the firing range.  So today they'll clean their guns and then tomorrow go off to shoot at empty boxes and milk cartons.

Let's get down to business:

How my garden grows:

This year's mother's day gift was a 4' x 4' raised garden bed and 9 cu ft of fertilized dirt (referred to around here as poopy dirt).  I was left to my own devices as to what exactly I'd get to plant.  I chose tomatoes, basil (two things we use a LOT around here) oregano, cilantro, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, and green beans.

Everything is sprouting up nicely, as it should be.  The thing is, when I planted the stuff, I forgot to label what was planted where.  So for sure, I only know where two things are planted.  Everything else has been a crap shoot and we've been spending time searching up plant leaves to figure out what is growing where.  My next crafty project is going to be to make some signs to help keep track.  Also, I'll be looking into some stuff to try and protect my plants, since I can't move them and the monsoon season is coming.  Last year it seemed pretty tame, though there were days I wasn't sure I'd be able to get my car out of my neighborhood. But we always have to be prepared.

Where's The Clicker?:

Let's see, we're watching:
Game of Thrones:  STILL have not seen Sunday's episode. Generally we watch on Mondays, but with summer vacation and a training schedule, things haven't worked out, though I know the biggest plot points.

Texas Rising:  For some reason, our DVR and DirecTV are conspiring against us to watch this.  We watched an episode OnDemand, and it 'expired' from the list, so it just stopped before the end, which kind of blows. I understand expiring, but, damn!  If someone's watching it, you could let them finish for goodness sake! THEN, the entirety of the last episode didn't record, so just as Sam Houston was calling for some guy to be brought to him, the damn recording ended.

Gilmore Girls: I started watching this because my friend Beth said it was great and C.C. and Damaris talked about it a lot when I first started watching the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast.  I like the show, I don't LOVE the show, and I seem to get to a point where I remember why I didn't watch the show when it first ran.  Lorelai and Rory are freaking annoying and other things I don't want to get into.  I've skipped entire episodes and halves of episodes just to get to Season 3 episode 10,  And I started watching in March.

We are also watching various shows about living in the Alaskan Bush/Wilderness.  These are interesting shows, just for the fact that the lives these people are living are in such contrast to our own, but in the end, they are a family that loves each other like any other family.  And, yeah, I know it's reality TV so that means it's mostly crap TV, but still.  I find it fascinating.

We finally watched the season finale of Outlander. That was ROUGH! My husband probably thinks it bothered me because Jamie is so cute (which he is), but it's more because when I read books like that, in my mind, I am the woman and he is the man. So Jamie is strongly associated with my husband in my head. It's hard to think about the man you love being so broken inside and out.

Turn: Washington's Spies season finale. OHMIGOSH! I think Anna is developing feelings for the Major, besides feeling as though he offers some protection from Simcoe.  And can I just say, SIMCOE needs to get dead.  Really. Abe is going bonkers shooting people on horses, "You shot me!", "You shot my father." BANG! Wow!

I'm waiting for Friday, when Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix!  Two more days!

Crafty Stuff:

I finished a Ninja Turtle Diaper Cover, which is awesome looking! It's going to be part of a set.  The pattern was the Diaper Cover pattern by Belle Tracy, and it's crocheted in one piece.  I obviously changed colors through the pattern to get the look I was going for.

I have gone through 3 of 6 skeins of yarn for my Go Team Throw from Red Heart Yarns free pattern page.  I am using the Red Heart Team Spirit yarn in Orange and Navy. It's long enough now that it almost reaches the floor when it's on my lap.  Just the toes are peeking out now.

I have started working again on my Manliest Woolen Tube Socks for the husband.  I feel like I'm outfitting him for his hunting trip.  Basically I am.  Almost all the 'warm' stuff he's taking will have been made by me, and there are things that he hasn't heard about that I'm making for him. Maybe.
These socks are from Cascade 220 Paints in Blues and I might have to grab another skein of yarn to finish them.  I split the skein into two balls (mostly equal weights) and am getting dangerously close to the end of this ball.  HOWEVER, I am using the length of a tube sock he owns that I know fits his leg like he wants the socks I'm making to fit, and I think I might be able to finish the body of the sock with what I have and then switch yarns for the cuff, as I had planned.  Then I'll make something else with the yarn I use for the cuffs.

My Manliest Flax sweater, affectionately called Daddy War-Flax, has most of the neck done.  I've been rotating things around because I have my size 8 32" circulars in the arm of the baby Flax (I HATE DPNs!!). I'm almost done with the sleeve (and then I'll let it rest while I knit the man sweater) but I also have a  TON of other things I want to work on too. So the sweaters didn't make the cut  yesterday.

The sun is up now, and soon people will be up or getting home from work. So I should go.
I'm still plugging away at projects for Stash Dash 2015, and every item I finish is being logged on my Raverly page, Page 4 of the Knit Girllls Stash Dash 3K finish line board, and on the Geeky Girls Knit Summertime and the Living is Easy FO board.

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