So many awesome things have happened, and in just the last few days.  June is turning out to be a great month!

First, I wrote a pattern.  Nothing huge, some long arm warmers (no thumb hole or gusset) for my daughter.  I wasn't finding anything that she liked and that I could do, so I went ahead and decided to just wing it.  It's fairly simple and easy enough to do if you can knit and purl and change colors.

I had some awesome friends and family test it out for me, and then went through and gussied it up a bit.  It's now sitting in my Ravelry Store waiting to be purchased!

They have since take up residence on my daughter's arms, though it is over 90 degrees outside.
There they are, and there they'll stay.

There is also a free dishcloth/washcloth pattern in my Rav Store.  The story behind it is awesome.  I'm currently looking for the picture that goes with that pattern for a little nostalgia/whimsy. Since it was published, it's been downloaded over 100 times, which is exciting, even if the pattern is a free one.

Also, I was asked to make some stuff for my friend who is due to have her first boy soon.  They are two really cool things that I am super excited to get started on! More on that later, once I get everything situated with patterns and the yarn.

Which reminds me...for this commission, I went stash diving!  I meant to do it last night, but I was so excited about being able to send the kids to bed early, I just sat here and knit for 90 minutes by myself.

I was surprised when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:30 PM.  It sure didn't feel like it, and this is from the woman who thinks 9:30 is staying up late. I may have been extra jazzed about all the awesomeness that's happening around me.

I have a garden.  Well, it's a 4' x 4' raised garden bed full of 9 cu. ft of fertilized dirt and a couple of seeds I picked up for it.

I have been so focused on making sure that things are watered and not dying from the heat, I have never thought to check and see if any of the stuff that stays in the dirt has sprouted.

As I watered the seeds yesterday, I noticed some red stuff in the dirt, and got really close to standing in my backyard in my pajamas mumbling about people leaving crap around to get into my garden bed.

Upon closer examination, I discovered that things had indeed started growing in my garden.  These are one bunch of radishes.  I believe there are two bunches right now, but these were the red things that were starting my mumbling rant. According to my charts, these should be ready to be harvested next Friday, 12 June.

Today, the excitement continued.  I found most of the yarn I'll need for my commission in the stash.  What I didn't find is more than likely in there somewhere, but if not, easily accessible (I don't count buying yarn for a job as me breaking my promise, since I won't be paying for it).

I was also able to go into Mesa to visit my favorite used book store, Half Price Books.  I LOVE shopping there.  Not only do they have great books, they have music, audiobooks, comic books, some movies, GIFTS!  Really cool, awesome stuff. And everyone that works there is SO amazing.  Every single one is kind, caring and helpful, always.  I've never had a bad experience there.

The boys got comics and some video games, the girl got a book she thought looked like it might be a good book, and I was able to find a book I'd been interested in finding for a few years.

A few years ago, I read a novel by Dean Koontz called From the Corner of His Eye.  It was very interesting, how everything came together at the end.  All this stuff happens and you sit there thinking it makes no sense, and then slowly, all the pieces fall into place.  The main character is a boy named Bart.  Bart grows up and it turns out he's pretty damn smart.  He's so smart that he reads all these books and I think he was like not even in Kindergarten yet.  Everyone refers to him as a prodigy.

Well, Bart's favorite author is Robert Heinlein, and there's mention often of Pod of Mars or Podkayne. For some reason, out of everything that was talked about as far as books Bart read in the story, Podkayne of Mars is the only one that sticks out, and now, I can't find my copy of the book.  So, occasionally, when I was in a book store and thought about it, I'd look around for Heinlein books.  I found some, but I wasn't ever able to find Podkayne of Mars. Until today.

I found a buttload of Heinlein books.  I perused the titles, nothing jiggling in my brain at all, until VOILA!  There it was sitting on the shelf Podkayne of Mars by Robert Heinlein.  And at a price of $1.49, I couldn't pass it up.

I'm hoping June continues to be the same great month it has been so far.

Since I have taken the leap to become a pattern designer (It's very odd to try to consider myself as a designer of anything) I'm getting more and more ideas that I'd like to try out as far as creating patterns.  Which is scary!  I've never considered myself very creative. I think it stems from when I was a kid and I'd bring up ideas and my peers would brush them off or ignore them (I was shy and never spoke up for myself if I felt someone had wronged me or anything like that).  So it's a process.  Even if no one buys my first pattern, it's seeming as though it's opened a door in my brain where I'm beginning to think my ideas for designs could be something.

OK, other stuff:

I'm participating in Stash Dash 2015 by the Knit Girllls on Ravelry.  I have opted to do the 3K, since this is my first.  I'll attach the ticker to the bottom of posts from now until the end.  So far I'm up to 447 meters of yarn.  I really need to re-calibrate my scale so I get more accurate measurements.

FO's this week:

The arm warmers from up top
22.5 degress

Hermione's Everyday Socks
Spoilers socks
Souffle girl socks

Queued projects:
Super Mario Bros baby hat
Ninja turtle infant set (Michaelangelo)

Those last two are my commission and will be started shortly.  I'm very excited to do these, not only because they're going to such a nice family, but also because of the challenge they might present.  If you've noticed, I've mostly been sticking to knitting lately.  My crochet work has been kept to a minimum.

Lots of work to do, so I'd better get started!

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