Week End

Aah, Friday.

It means absolutely NOTHING in this house, except that Dad gets to stay home at night instead of going to work.

It's today.  Yay.  I have to work tomorrow, and so does the Husband (thought he's working at night).

Nothing is going on today.  I just felt like typing, really.

I had planned on going to spin a little at Arizona Yarn, but I realized I'd left home without any fiber, and seeing as how there's 2.5 bundles of unspun fiber here, I decided to skip it, and try to go tomorrow, or Sunday at Tempe Yarn.

Instead, I sat here and was spinning with my Schacht Spindle, which is awesome.  And heavy.  It's the big 3 oz size, which I thought would be perfect since I have 4 oz bundles of fiber. (I do not...I just keep thinking they're 4 oz because my first fiber bundle WAS 4 oz.  The ones I have now are 2 oz.)

So, I got a bunch of the blue fiber done.  In fact there's only tufts of it at various locations of the house.  I'll have to clean them up, since the Husband is bound to make the kids vacuum tomorrow and I don't want to get in the way of that.

I did some of the purple fiber yesterday, but it kept breaking on me, so I just have these little purple balls of yarn.

Today, though, something clicked.  I was doing really well until a little while ago, where I was spinning at the size I think you're supposed to spin fiber at if you're going to ply it.  Mostly it was even, though there were a few spots things got thicker.  It looks really cool.  I'm going to finish the purple up, maybe tomorrow night, and then try to keep it up with the 2 oz of yellow and orange so that I can ply those on Tuesday. I think if I go into spin whatever I spin up on the wheel will be what gets plied with the blue I did Wednesday.

On My Needles:

I'm almost done with the first Hermione Sock for my niece's pair of socks.  I did a 6.5 inch leg, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, and am almost done with the foot part.

That's all I've been working on since I got to the point where I started the heel.
Everything else is feeling lonely and crying for me.  Just listen very closely and you'll hear it.

On The Telly:

We watched the season premiere of The Last Ship last night.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  What an episode!  It was more like a season finale episode than a premiere.  And can I just say, Adam Baldwin and Eric Dane are so HOT! Especially Adam Baldwin.  I heart him.  Big puffy heart him.

We watched Life Below Zero, the episode after Sue's accident.  That was scary! Sue is my favorite on the show, I love her hats! Anyway, it was good to see her back, I was scared and almost cried.  The Hailstones are awesome!  I love that they took two snow machines and made a good one.  That was awesome.

The Husband and The Boys watched American Sniper last night.  The Husband approves.  He said they did it right, and did right by Chris Kyle.

Today at work we watched Out of the Dark with Julia Styles, Scott Speedman and Stephen Rea. I liked it, and might watch it again on Monday (since, you know, I was at work and missed a bunch)

Our second movie was Lee Daniels' The Butler with Forrest Whittaker, Oprah Winfrey and OMG was everyone in this movie??!!  I forgot how many 'faces' were part of this film.  It's was excellent, and I was sorry that my time to leave arrived before the end of the movie.  Cecil was reading to Caroline Kennedy when I left.  I might suggest we watch it together this weekend.

In the Books:

I began the novella There's No Place Like Oz by Danielle Paige.  It's from Dorothy's point of view after her return from Oz.  The Kindle says I'm at 2% of the book, so I'm not too much into it, but it is good.  It'll be interesting to see what Paige does with the return to Oz and all that happened in the next books of Oz.

Out of Doors:
My garden is falling to bits.  It's just too hot out, and things are dying.  I know they need more water, so I'm trying to get everyone to pitch in in taking care of that while I'm not here.  Most days I don't get to water it, after the first watering in the morning, until the hottest part of the day. I went and took all the basil leaves of and put them in paper towels then froze them in a bag.  There's cucumbers popping up, though they aren't supposed to be ready until next month.  I'm waiting to see what happens with the tomatoes.  Cross your fingers!

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