Woe is Me

I had a day, a few days ago.  Sunday, I think.  It must have been, I remember being glad that I'd have two days off when it was finally over.

There's stuff going on I can't talk about.  Nothing truly huge, but it could have been.  I'm pretty sure it's over and nothing came of it.  On  top of all of that, on Sunday, the house was attacked by a large swarm of ants.

Can ants be called a swarm?

Anyway, it took about an hour to get past the ants that were on the surface-mostly because ants just kept coming from where they were coming from.  I hadn't even gotten a chance to look at where they were coming from.

I was angry.  No one wants to take up to THAT many ants in their kitchen. I got a lot of them and put down some stuff behind the stove and that kept them from coming in (for a time).  Then I said screw it.  I hadn't even gotten a chance to make coffee, and it was close to 6 in the morning.

So, I went into the stash closet, and pulled out my bag that basically is holding seven skeins of Berroco Vintage yarn. I rewound most of them, for figuring out which I'd like to use in sweaters.  Baby sweaters specifically.  Who knows what I'll do. I have seven skeins after all.

Then, when my husband got home from work, he said he wanted actual grits for breakfast.  I made the grits and when I opened the lid to stir the pot, the grits bubbled up and got me on the thumb.  Damn, that hurt!  With everything that's going on, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I stood in the kitchen and cried.  So, I was very glad when 1:30 rolled around and I could come home.

I finally finished my Wool Many Socks for my husband.  They're pretty awesome, and he wore them for about 30 minutes after we took pictures of them.

A far cry from the first hot mess of woolen socks I made for him.  Thank God.

The are Cascade 220, all 220 yards of one skein and about a quarter of a skein for the cuff. One looks stretched out a bit more because that was the first and it got tried on a lot to check for length and that it'd fit around his foot in a way that he liked.

It's a 3x3 rib on the instep and leg, and a 2x2 ribbing on the cuff. done toe up with a Turkish cast on, which I think I will never do again for a pair of socks like this.  Definitely buying two skeins of yarn and using one for each foot and just doing it in one solid color.

That's my one FO for the week.

My WIPs are:

Hermione's Everyday Socks in Patons Kroy Socks Stripes in the Bramble Stripes Color way.  Miraculously, I think the pair might be actual twin socks, at least that's what It seems like to me so far.  I'm still working the leg of the first, but the beginning ends match as far as I can see.  Going to do a Fish Lips Kiss heel and they will be for my niece when she gets home from California.

The Baby Diamonds Blanket in Red Heart Super Saver yarns in the Amethyst, Gold and White colorways.  This is to go with the Simple hat I did in the same colors for my Father in Law, when he brings my niece back from California.  I have 6 of 9 squares done and I think almost 3 are put together so far.

Everything else has been on pause trying to finish the socks.  All the woolen stuff is priority, especially the sweater since it's so large and I only have basically to the end of November to finish it.  BUT I want to get these two things finished so I can give them to who they are for and be done with it. So I am going back and forth between the two while I'm sitting here.

Today, I will NOT be doing any sitting here because I'm going out to Tempe Yarn & Fiber to take the Learn to Spin class! I registered last week on Wednesday and have been chomping at the bit waiting for today.  I was such a schmoe yesterday when Candy called to confirm the class.  What a dork.

For the class, I need 4 oz of fiber in 2 different colors.  I had blue, purple and tangerine on hand already, so I'm thinking I might use two of those, though I don't want to use the tangerine with any of the other two.  I'm figuring today we'll be actually spinning and then next week plying?  But I'll find out today.

Father's Day was on Sunday.  We surprised my husband with a gun case, some of his favorite candy, some field dressing stuff, and a movie-American Sniper.  I figured he kept bothering me about finding it in the Redbox, and it was, but I am thinking this would be one of those movies that he would definitely go out and buy, even without seeing it.

I'm sure he'll watch it on Friday while I'm at work.  I have no desire to watch movies about modern wars anymore.  My brain just cannot handle it now.

Other stuff:

*************~~~~~~~There May Be Spoilers From This Point On!!~~~~~~~**********

I'm reading an actual book.  Yep.  Pages and everything.  This book is Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. It's about Amy Gumm of Kansas who is whisked away in a tornado and lands in her mobile home on a crumbling precipice in the land of Oz.  I am on page 256, and it's NOTHING like L. Frank Baum's books.  In fact, it's sort of ignoring some of it,

DirecTV is showing commercials that Dark Places will be on while it's playing theaters.  This is exciting for me, because I want to watch it. It's what's queued up on my iPod.  I think.  It also might be Taylor Swift, but that's cause my daughter took it.  I'm pretty sure it's the audiobook though.

TV wise...I have no idea what we've watched the last few days.  We have Last Ship on the DVR list, but honestly, I don't care to watch that.  Every time I see Eric Dane, I remember that I had a dream that my husband had Eric Dane's head...I mean, it was my husband but his face was Eric Dane's face.  Which all in all is not a terrible thing, but now that's all I remember when I see him.  And I'm sort of lost when it comes to the show, since I don't think I saw the entirety of the end of last season.

I'm really waiting to see the season premiere of Falling Skies, I think that's this week.

I DVR'd the series (I think) Premiere of Michiko to Hatchin, to watch with my daughter.  She's really in to Anime and Manga these days and wants to read all the things and watch all the shows that go with what she's read..

That's it.  I'm super jazzed about my class today, and woke up before 4 AM, which I wish I could say was unusual lately.  Also, as you can see, I am under 300 meters from my Stash Dash Goal, thanks to those silly man socks I finished.  Hopefully I'll have some good stuff to report later on my Facebook page.  Go on over and check it out later today.

Happy Crafting!

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