Le Tour Begins!

So, we're 4 days into the Tour de France, and because the crafty community is completely awesome, someone thought of having a big spinning extravaganza during the tour and calling it Tour de Fleece. I don't know when the Tour de Fleece started, but it's HUGE.  Just about every podcast/videocast I watch is participating.

I've been watching posts for years talking about TdF (as in Fleece, not France (no offense, France)) and thinking, "wow, that's crazy that people are spinning their own stuff.  I'd never be able to do that!"

Joke's on me, I guess, because I'm shopping around for a wheel to bring home.  Daily, I get discouraged, because DAMN they are expensive! It makes me crazy, and it also makes me want to see if there's someone that's made their own.  Of course someone has and of course I've found one that's within an acceptable price range for me, but it's not what I thought it would be, as it's a spindle wheel.  I think that would be OK though because I've only really spun on an actual wheel twice, so I'd still have about the same learning curve.

I am however, getting pretty awesome spinning on the spindle.  My home made spindles aren't that awesome, but they'll do.  I sanded, stained and sealed one of them- the top whorl and have been using it for my second color for my TdF spin.  I found that while the whorl part is pretty big, it probably could use more weight on it.  Of course, this has been discovered AFTER I've gotten a bunch of fiber spun on it.  It's about 2 oz though, so I think adding the weight of the fiber to it should make the spin better soon.

My 'goal' for TdF is to spin for as much as possible each day-at least 10 minutes a day (which I did today...exactly 10 minutes, I'll explain).  Each day of the tour, I've done at least 30 minutes, with yesterday being an hour long spin (I'm getting faster, though so I'll be able to do more each hour, I hope).  The thing is, my house can get pretty warm in the room I am spinning in.  Even with the air conditioning on.  During the day, we have the ceiling fan running, but if I spin with the ceiling fan running, I hate myself, spinning and the entire world in general, because things get ruined for me.  Spinning without the ceiling fan on, though, also makes me hate the world.  Honestly, I should just bring all my stuff up to my room.  My room gets the warmest, but it also gets the coolest.  That's why I get to frustrated.  Because I'm up in my room, freezing my butt off, laying in the bed actually considering putting the second blanket on my bed before I get up for the day.  Then I come downstairs and it's like the Sahara compared to my room.

I have considered lowering the temperature on the air conditioning, but then I run the risk of freezing the teens out of their rooms, and that sort of defeats the purpose of me spinning early in the morning alone, where no one is diverting my attention and focus with questions about who would win in a fight Superman or Wolverine.  (Which I have been getting a LOT lately.)

OK, onto everything else:


There's a billion of them, it feels like!

Flax for Men:  Still going strong.  I have separated for the sleeves and am now at the tedious part of knitting the body.  BORING!  It's the worst.  I think I'm close to halfway done, though, so that's something.

Hitchhiker:  I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do last night, so I knit a few rows on this, finally.  I'm not sure how many teeth are on it now.

Malt: this is sort of on the back burner, just because I've been spinning and I started something else so I've been ignoring it, though I did knit 2 rows of it watching a movie.

Campside: I started this, then found out that they're doing a KAL in the designer's group, which worked out well, because I screwed it up anyway and had to frog the entire thing and start over. I'm using Cascade Cherub DK in the Ruby colorway (25 is the color number)

I also am starting on Christmas/Birthday gift knitting/crocheting. First up are some birthday gifts for a couple of kids that are having birthdays soon.  I'm doing the Kid Hero buddy patterns from Mary Smith.  I haven't exactly chosen all of the ones I'm going to do, but right now I'm doing the "Arachnid Buddy"  who happens to be my least favorite hero, simply because we don't need to have that many movies about that guy. For reals. So I want to get him out of the way because I don't want to look at his face.  The other thing is, the Hulk.  His particular color of green is Red Heart Super Saver Tea Leaf Green.  Which is just very ironic to me.  Hulk Smash does not remind me of tea at all.  But, I must get some.  A little girl told me her favorite was The Hulk.


I finished 2 oz of yellow merino on my Schacht 3 oz Spindle.

Then I started on the blue.  It's gorgeous, and while I'm spinning each piece up faster everyday, today I just gave up.  It's too warm and I was too lazy to go upstairs and change


We actually went to an actual movie theater!  We saw Terminator Genysis.  It is excellent!  And Matt Smith!  YAY!  I heart him.  He had a larger role than I had anticipated when I heard about him being in this movie.  

Then we got two movies from the RedBox.  Jupiter Ascending and Chappie.  I liked Jupiter Ascending, though I didn't pay attention to a lot of what happened in the beginning.  I was assisting with cooking dinner and then eating dinner.  Chappie, I had no interest in watching at all, and since that got put on last, I went to bed.  Hugh Jackman's face and those damn shorts just really bothered me.  


I haven't really read anything at all, not even the stuff that I had already been reading. But I did download something onto the Kindle.  Oh, I got There's No Place Like Oz by Danielle Paige.  It's a Dorothy Must Die Novella that's a prequel.  I finished it fast and I'm going to get the next one this weekend.

Also I downloaded Dark Places by Gillian Flynn onto the Kindle.  It was like $2.99. My iPod is in dire need of a charge, I keep forgetting to charge it and currently have no idea where the hell it is, so I figured I'd just read the damn thing.  Also, it's playing in the theaters and on DirecTV ($12.99!!!  Are they bonkers!?!)  I want to watch it, but I'm thinking I will just go watch it in the theater for $7.50 by myself.  Hopefully, it won't scare the crap out of me.  At the point I have gotten to in the audiobook, it hasn't been scary, just sort of weird.

OK, the husband will be home soon, so I'd better wrap this up.  It's Wednesday, so I'll be at work today, but I'll still be working on projects.  Mostly, I'll try to get some pictures up onto my project pages so you guys have something to look at besides my project notes which aren't that good to begin with.  Have a great hump day and Happy Crafting!

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