So, Hey

I sort of fell off the Earth.

Just kidding.  I've been meaning to get on here and blog, but it's always really late at night and I'm worried that if I start a post at that time, I'll end up doing something that seems really brilliant at the time but ends up ruining people's lives or something.  So then I don't.  Then the whole cycle starts again.

However, I have been looking into just doing a weekly video segment to at least get something out there.  I know in the beginning it'll just be me talking to myself, but I hope that it'll at least get a few views.  The thing is, when I bought my webcam, I just got a cheap-o one from Walmart, and the one that's built into the laptop, well, I can't figure out how to get the picture un-inverted and it's just really odd to watch myself upside down.

Also, I reserved my Windows 10 upgrade and that should be happening in a few days-probably when I'm at work (I hope!) and not wanting to use the computer for anything life shattering. It SAYS my computer is ready and compatible, but the webcam isn't always attached (and the other one just makes me look like I'm floating upside down).

So, Tour de Fleece is ending today.  I have not spun in weeks. I finished the yellow, and started on the blue on my home made spindle, and damn if that doesn't keep breaking on me.  I have never had fiber break as much as this one is.  So I decided to use my good Schacht Spindle and I barely got any fiber one before it broke again.  I put it aside.  I'm doing lots of knitting that has to take precedence over spinning right now.  There are so many things I've started.

First off, though, let me say what a mess my knitting area has become!  It's so crazy, I can't find needles.  Yesterday I started going through everything and putting the circulars back into their packages just so I could make sure I had everything, and of course, I found some were lost.  When I go out, all my stuff stays in it's individual project bag which when I'm not knitting are sitting in another larger bag. I think I have four project bags in my big bag currently.  One project I may end up frogging.  I have been thinking about it a lot. Here's what's currently on almost all of my needles:

$5 in Paris-though it cost a bit more here in Arizona. Doing size small with Caron Simply Soft in Black and Neon Green

Flax- XXL size in Patons Classic Wool in Navy

Hermione's Everyday Socks in Patons Kroy Socks in Bramble Stripes

Hitchhiker in Gherkin's Bucket Spring Step Sock in Dream Coat colorway (this is the one I might frog, just so I can make some GB socks)

Campside in Cascade Cherub DK in Ruby

Socks on a Plane in Deborah Norville Serenity Sock in Violas

Wool Tube socks in Paton's Classic Wool in Forest

Malt in Red Heart Super Saver in Cornmeal

I'm test knitting some socks

And there are two other pairs of socks that are somewhere in limbo, one pair will get finished if it kills me, the other I believe one sock will have to be frogged completely because I stole the needles to make something else.

Then of course there's something else I was looking to make that needed a size 8 needle for and I couldn't find...and I don't remember what it was, but of course I found the size 8 needles.

I've been practicing my sewing.  I'm still awful.

Life here is great.  School started last week (Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus!) I'm glad for it.  Because of wanting to do stuff or hang out with the kids we've been slacking on actual grocery shopping, and it's mostly been popping into the store every few days to get something we need.  First day back at school, I went shopping and I have only been to the store twice this week and I think one of those was for something that we had in the pantry already but didn't remember was there. So, another trip to the store tomorrow.  It's nice to sit and be able to make a list and think about what I'm going to buy instead of just grabbing a few things to throw something together.

That's it around here.  I will probably be recording Mondays or Tuesdays, most likely Tuesdays since Mondays are going to be shopping days and I'm hoping to get a better camera to record with and to quickly figure out the editing side of making a video.  I may end up giving production credit to my 13 year old.  We'll see how that goes.

Have a great Sunday and happy crafting!

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